One reader sent this comment:

“I had a difficult childhood which makes for a difficult relationship with my parents. My father is an alcoholic and my parents are divorced”

It is said that when one member of the family overcomes a family issue that it opens the door for everyone else to enter.

As you walk in your entrance to your feng shui home the wall on the far left of the home or room is the family life station.

It is here where you will create the energy field for acceptance, forgiveness and allowing for your family.

To be able to release the control your parents have over you, you must first release your control over your parents, control of how and what you want them to be.

Create the energy of allowing for your parents.

Put it all in writing in the present tense.

Place a picture of your mother and your father in the family life station of your feng shui home.  Read this statement of forgiveness, acceptance and release on a daily basis.

Soon, you will begin to feel a freedom to do and be what every your heart desires.

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