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Dear Friend,

We live in an abundant overflowing world and it is yours for the asking.       

  • make wealth, abundance and plenty part of your way of life,

  • attract a tender, adoring and devoted partner,

  • become a magnet for loving, supportive and compassionate  friends and family

  • receive the appreciation, respect and recognition you deserve

  • become lucky in life, always in the right place at the right time with the cards falling in your favor,

  • become know as the specialist, expert in your field or the go to person,

  • do the work that you love and love the work you do

  • enjoy your success with vim, vigor and vitality,

  • become the master of your life situations, scenarios and outcomes,

  • create opportunities for  your family and children that you only dreamed of for yourself

All this and more can be yours!

How I Created Overflowing Abundance in My Life

I was in junior high, living with a feeling like I had lost something as valuable as life itself.  Yes, everyday I got up went to school, played after with my friends, made it home in time for dinner, then home work, and If I was lucky a little TV and then off to bed to get up and do the same thing over again the next day.

Now I am not complaining, because to some this might seem like the ideal life.  But something just was missing.  It felt like this whole inside of me and I had to find out what it was.

One Saturday I had my mom drop me at the library.  I thought this is the place I would find what I was looking for.  I remember standing just inside the reception counter looking into the library wondering where I would find my answers. 

I spent the whole day searching through the rows and row of books, not  finding one morsel of information that would put the feeling to rest.  I left there feeling discouraged and defeated.

There must be something wrong with me to feel this way.  I looked around and everyone else seemed just fine.  So I stuffed these feelings deep inside to forget them.  I adopted the beliefs of  my family, friends, teachers, society.  This was life. 

I made it through high school playing the roles that were carved out for me by my role models.  I appeared to be happy, played sports was a cheerleader, very active in school events.  But there was still the feeling deep inside that there was something missing. I kept pushing is down.

Still in this zombie like state I took the next steps, went to college, got married, bought a house.

Listening to My Gut Feelings

It was almost 10 years after I first stuffed this feeling down in my gut when the pressure of marriage began to bring it back up again.  I was trying to live the fairy tail life and it was not working.  These feelings were screaming to get out.  I knew  that there was more and I was going to find it.  The marriage ended in divorce and I began by life long journey in search for knowledge.

I started with all of the classic self help books, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Greatest Salesman by Og Mandino, As a Man Thinketh by James Allen.  I found some answers here but I was still missing something. 

Then I moved on to study the different religions, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism.  They too had many answers but still nothing added up. 

Then I found and studied classics writers like, H.P. Blavatsky, Leadbetter, Alice Bailey and the I Am Masters.  This period of my life brought my many new insights and understandings but still I was missing something.

The Meeting That Changed My Life

It was 10 years later when I met this very odd man.  At that period in my life I had a very high paying status job with a Major National Corporation.  A little full of my self, I looked down at this disheveled man thinking he was a little odd.  But something about him intrigued me so I went to the talk he as doing that evening. 

It was if he was speaking directly to me.  My life was full of puzzle pieces from all of my studies. With his words all of the pieces of knowledge were starting to come together.  I was overwhelmed with joy and understanding.  The picture that I had been seeking was starting to come into view.   I suddenly realized that I just need the right pieces to connect the dots.

My next steps seemed radical to my family, friends and co-workers but I quit the job that so many sought to have and became the very odd man's student.  He helped me to see the world differently. 

It is now 18 years later.  My friend and mentor has passed away and I have stepped into his footprints.  What I have learned and want to share with you sounds so simple and it is, but will take some thinking differently than you do today.  

You see, it's all about energy. 

Everything Is Energy

 Absolutely everything in the world is energy; there is obvious energy in nature like:

  • heat rising off a desert road in the middle of summer - visual energy
  • the roar of an ocean wave breaking on the sun lit beach or the sound of wind rustling in the autumn leaves - noise energy - ,
  • the biting cold of a winter wind against your face or the fragrant smell of flowers blooming in spring - sense energy   

 And then there is energy that is invisible to the senses and naked eye.

These energies are called  Electro Magnetic Fields or EMF's.  An EMF is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects and it affects the behavior of other charged objects near its field. 

You are a charged object, the chair you sit in is a charged object, the television or computer you sit in front of is a charged object, the structure you live in is a charged object, the power lines to your home are charged objects,  your neighbors homes are charged objects, the cars on the street in front of your home are charged objects.  Unaware you are being negatively impacted by invisible EMF’s in your environment every day.

“I have used your techniques in Relationship, Career, and Health. The results have been amazing. My husband and I have been more passionate, more caring, and we spend a lot more time together doing things that we both love. My career has also taken a turn for the better. I was just promoted to manager and got a large pay increase, which has changed our lives in a great way.”
Shalee Lalli, Utah


Every electric appliance or every piece of equipment has an electric field. A magnetic field is created when the electric current flows. This electric current does not stop flowing until the equipment or appliance is unplugged from the electric outlet; however, the electrical field continues to exist around the cable behind the wall.

 Electromagnetic fields are found around: high voltage power lines, neighborhood transmission lines, grounding systems that protect residents from lightening, grounding systems that protect residents from electric shock that can result from faulty appliances, the operation of common electrical appliances, including microwave ovens, electric ranges, aquariums, table fans, electric space heaters, computer monitors, electric clocks, clock radios, heated waterbeds, electric blankets, hair dryers and cellular phones

Many Doctors have brought attention to and believe that EMF's pose serious hazards to human health.

Human beings are a microcosm of the earth. The compass is a device that divines the polarity of the earth.  Check out this video and see what a cell phone does to the compass.  Then, imagine what it is doing to you.


“My husband and I were experiencing a time when we were like two ships passing in the night. We were drifting apart and I couldn't seem to get us back on track. He had a late night meeting, I went to dinner with friends, he fell asleep on the couch and I read in bed. I thought about how long it had been since we kissed goodnight and felt very sad. So I looked at the bagua and set out for the romance area of our home which happens to be our office. Now this was going to be challenging, to fit romantic Feng Shui cures into an office environment. But, I love a good challenge and looked at the decor. It wasn't immediate but slowly we began to seek each other out, eat out together, spend time playing cards together or just chatting over coffee. Call me crazy, but it worked! Oh, and we kiss a lot more too!”
Sallie A. Rodman, California

Man Made Structures

In the cities, buildings have replaced mountains and roads have replaced rivers. 

  • On the north side of a sky scraper you will always find yourself in the shadows void of life giving sunlight. 

  • Congested roads are like blocked arteries that slow and stall the flow of life force energy. 

  • Subways are hidden flows of energy that undermine the foundation of life.

  • Overcrowding of housing, streets and commercial centers creates an energy similar to everyday overindulging in your favorite food, wine or desert. 

Crime and violence are more prevalent in some communities and less in others due to placement and EMF's.  The energies of the structures, neighborhoods and communities you live in and surround yourself with are draining and cutting your personal energy field every moment of every day.

“I had a problem getting along with my son. He was rude, disrespectful and disruptive. I placed a Feng Shui Cure in the relationship corner of the house. It wasn't too long after that my son and I were communicating better and his tone of voice and actions were changing.” 
                                     Sharon C. Ferguson, Louisiana


Trains, Plains and Automobiles

The ingenuity of man is awesome. Planes move at the speed of light. Products and goods move around the world faster than ever in history.  Automobiles make business and life more accessible than ever.  The EMF's these machines produce are like an invisible Tsunami.  Imagine the tidal wave made in pond of your life by just one of these.  The need for speed has come at a price to our environment, to our health, to our prosperity and to our happiness.

“I am 28 and just got married last year. I have a good job and my husband does, too. Both of us are still going to some courses to improve our possibilities. These courses require quite large fees and this winter we had difficulties paying a last fee for my master’s. I have read all your tips and decided to improve the prosperity corner. Meanwhile, my mother who knew what problems we had, did the same thing at her house. In about a week, my father-in-law phoned and said I should drop by because he had something to say.  I went there and he gave me an envelope with all the money I needed, saying he received a bonus bigger than he expected and he was giving me the money. I was very impressed. On the other hand, Mother knew all along it would work out. Thank you… Maybe you are the Feng Shui good luck charm.”
                                                     Despina Stroe, Romania


Tweaking Your Home

I know that it’s hard to believe that changing the direction of your bed or putting up a mirror can transform your life but when you read the stories it’s harder not to believe. The adjustments are painless, uncomplicated and make it so easy to transform your life.  It’s easier than therapy and cheaper than moving! 

You are in charge. You choose what you want, you make the adjustments and your life transforms. It’s that simple and this process will help you get there.  Whatever energy you choose to create in your home you will create in your life.   

“My auto repair business was about five years old and not growing like I thought it would. I read up on feng shui and bought a Ba-qua and did my office like it said. Now mind you it was noon and the phone had not rung and nobody came in all day. As soon as I cleaned my money corner the phone rang and two people drove in to get work done. That made me a believer and I did my house, too. Thanks!”

Donald Pulicicchio, New Jersey


If it is so great why isn’t everyone doing it? 

The principles of energy and placement have been used successfully for thousands of years by the elite, rich and powerful.  

Emperors and Kings were using these principles and its variations to earn fortunes and conquer kingdoms in the ancient world.  Hawaiian, Native American and South American cultures all have their own form of energy science. 

The architect, L’Enfant, used the European form "Geomancy" when he created the design and layout of Washington, DC

Successful business people like Donald Trump, Ruppert Murdock and Oprah are using Feng Shui, or The Art Of Placement. 

The Los Angeles Times reported that News Corp., Coco-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Hewlett-Packard and Ford Motors are also using Feng Shui. 

Robert T. Kiyosaki, author of New York Times Best Seller, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and host of CNBC's show "The Millionaire Inside: Your Guide to Wealth" says:

 "It's easier to change your life if you change your environment first".

So what do these multi-billionaires and Major Corporations know that you don’t?  Managing the invisible or subtle energies in our environment and placement of these energies are the key to overflowing abundance, wealth, health and happiness.

Get the Most Out of Your Efforts 

You owe it to yourself to get the most out of all the efforts you put forth in your life.  Why would you want to put forth 100% effort and only get 75%, 50% or only 30% for your sweat, hard work and endeavors?

You don't. This is why you must uncover these invisible energies that are hiding in your life and home.  You can't possibly get the most out of your efforts until you can understand and identify what they are and where these assets and opportunities are hiding.  And everybody has them!

      Just for a moment let's talk about assets.  When we talk about assets most people think about the standard items you would find in a credit application or a balance sheet.  People think that the only assets they have are the concrete things like money in the bank, an automobile or a home and if they don't have these things they have nothing.   But, this is a mistaken belief. 

       Your real assets and opportunities and most valuable possessions can be found in the intangible energies you create in your home.  What you will find is that these things have far more value and impact and substance in connecting you to the outcome you seek to accomplish than you ever imagined.

      You can attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want by simply modifying your environment. With only 20 minutes each day you can secure the wealth and opportunities and riches that lie right beneath your nose.

Mine Your Hidden Assets & Opportunities

           While subtle energy and placement itself is a massive study and complex art, the beauty of it is that “every little bit that you do helps.” There are many simple things you can do around your home or office to set the foundation for an enriched life full of possibilities.  Everything you apply will bring you that much closer to the outcome you desire.  The more you do the better your life becomes.

              That’s why I created the 20-Minute Feng Shui electronic course (pronounced fung-SHWAY) You do not have to study the entire complex art and science.  With this e-course you can begin to start reaping the benefits with only 20 minutes a day.  The 20-Minute Feng Shui e-course will show you step by step how to mine those hidden assets and create incredible opportunities for abundance, for bliss and for riches in your life.

20 Minute Feng Shui
If you have 20 Minutes a day
 Feng Shui will work a Miracle
in your life!

I Guarantee it!  and you
get a Completion Certification

"You never have to read another Feng Shui book"
Ellyn Davis, The Home Schooling Expert
Sedona, AZ


"I loved your 20-minute Feng Shui!!!  Excellent job. The home school expert was right- you will never have to read another Feng Shui book.  You have made this very simple and fun." 
~ MJ Pangman, author "Hexagonal Water, The Ultimate Solution"


Turn Your Problems into Your Greatest Opportunities

There are energies in your home and on your property that you have no idea even exist that are creating obstacles and problems in your life.  It is these energies that have been keeping you from achieving the life your desire, holding you back from abundant prosperity, stopping you from having the relationships your desire. 

The good news is that tremendous opportunity is always present where these obstacles and problems lye.  These obstacles and problems are your greatest opportunity for growth, prosperity, and happiness.  The 20 Minute Feng Shui e-Course is a tool that will help you leverage these obstacles and problems and turn them into your greatest opportunities subtly, easily and automatically.

Feng Shui is the art of placing the objects in your life, home and office in such a way that their energy fields modify the energy already in place to give you what you want more of, and to compensate for energy drains that bring more of what you want less of. Hence, in its simplest terms, feng shui is the art of placement.

What Makes This Course So Unique?

In this course you will learn about Energy because it is Energy that addresses the First Cause of your problems. You will be dealing with the cause of your problems not the effects that many professionals might have you do.

You will learn the why, the when, and the how of Feng Shui.  When you are done with this Home Study e-Course you will know how to apply Feng Shui to every situation. This is not another one of those books that just gives you examples that do not apply to your particular situation.  This course gives you solutions.

In this e-course you will learn how to deal with your entire property.  You will learn where to look and how to identify energy that is damaging you and holding you back from financial success, joy and happiness.  You will also learn how to fix or "cure" these energies and protect your home, your family and your life.

This Home Study e-Course will teach you how to make    Feng Shui work for you, your friends and your family.

”All of the artwork I had always enjoyed featured women alone. When I discovered through Feng Shui that this did not promote what I wanted in my marriage, I removed the artwork. We are so close and enjoy a more loving relationship since I did this one small thing.”

                                    Lynn Holloway, Parksville, BC

 Knowledge is Power 

Sir Francis Bacon said “Knowledge is Power”.  So access to successful information and a comprehensive knowledge base is critical to developing the life you are entitled to.  This Home Study Course will provide you with the knowledge to create your ideal life full of wealth, opportunities and riches. 

“If you work Feng Shui, Feng Shui will work for you."

Your Action Plan for Success

           I have taken this tremendously complex art and science and created a simple and easy action plan that streamlines the process.  Getting you from start to completion in just 101 days and on to drawing into your life and manifesting your goals and dreams.         

           The 101 “cures” in this Home Study e-Course will open you up to joy and happiness and enrichment and fulfillment and financial success—and bring you whatever you choose—without expensive consulting or mumbo jumbo. It isn’t complicated. In fact, for many people it quickly becomes intuitive.

After a brief explanation of feng shui, there are 101 “cures”—techniques that show you "how to" and take you step by step in…

  • identifying and fixing the parts of your environment that are being attacked by outside energies,

  • identifying and fixing the parts of your environment that drain your energy and reserves,

  • enhancing and adding energy to your property, home and life

  • manifesting your goals and dreams.

20 minutes is a small price for guaranteed success in your life.

“I have been using your Feng Shui tips only a few weeks and I look Forward to reading them everyday!  It absolutely amazes me at how much better I sleep at night since I rearranged and cleared "stored" items from under my bed”

Louise A. Svadeba

You Can Profit with Grace & Ease

          Through the 9 sections of this Home Study e-Course you will learn how you can create the life you have always dreamed of having, the love, the home, the car, the connection to family, the travel, all of it.  Once you have completed these sections you will have created a whole life. 

           What do I mean by a whole life?  When your life is energetically whole, everything comes with grace and ease.  Energetically, when your life is not whole, it is like driving your car with a flat tire.  You can get where you want to go but you struggle to get there. 

           When your home is whole, your life will become whole. Living in grace and ease will become your way of life.  By implementing the simple principles in this Home Study e-Course you can have everything that you have dreamed of having in your life.

            The course will help you pin point the areas of your life you want to improve, enhance or develop.   From there you will learn how to energetically protect and advance the following areas of your home and life. This is an outline of the volumes in this course.  Protecting, developing and enhancing each one of these areas is the recipe for creating a whole life.

 When you complete all 9 volumes you can receive a Certificate of Course Completion.

”Candace has an amazing Feng Shui service.  The first thing she noticed at my place was that all the money coming in my front door was going out my back door. So, I put a cure in place and my bank account has since swelled to six figures! Since then, I’ve had many notable successes, including generating nearly a half million dollars in sales in one hour (a personal best). Does this stuff work?  I don’t know but I’m not changing a thing!”                      
              Carl Galletti, Arizona


I Guarantee it will work for You!

         I am so confident that these quick feng shui techniques will so dramatically change your life that I am putting a full, 100% money-back guarantee in writing.

         Do the beginning and ending inventories and all 101 of these techniques and I absolutely guarantee your life will be much improved. You may not notice a dramatic difference day by day, but by the time you’ve completed all the cures, if you do not have more peace and prosperity in your life, I must insist on returning what you paid for the Home Study e-Course.

“I am single, 40 and never seemed to find the right man to marry and start a family with.  I was very near giving up on the chance to find true love.  I followed advice you offered others looking for love.  I concentrated all my efforts on my "romance" corner in my bedroom.  Six months later I met the most wonderful man ever.  We're engaged and I am a firm believer in Feng Shui.  I practice it at home and at work.  Thank you for your help!"

Lisa Blumetti, Connecticut

What is it worth to you?

           What is your financial success, joy and happiness worth?   It's priceless!  What would you give to have it? If you knew that you could take a specific course and it would give you the outcome you wanted, wouldn't you take it?  Of course you would!  Well, I have just guaranteed you that if you follow and complete this course, your life will change and improve.  You have everything to gain by purchasing this course and taking the daily actions now.

          What is this e-course worth  (besides your happiness)?   Hiring a consultant to come out to your home and just make all the assessments I teach you in this book ( that is assuming that they have all this experience, knowledge and expertise) could cost you as much as $1,000.00 or more for just a One Time assessment.   

          With this e-course you are purchasing knowledge and wisdom. It becomes yours to use over and over and over for the rest of your life.  Not only can you help yourself but you can impact the lives of your friends and family.

“When I read Candace's "20 Minute Feng Shui", I realized I never have to read another Feng Shui book.  She has written the final word on the "Art of Placement".  Her course takes you step by step through making the changes, explaining each treatment ("cure") holding your hand through the entire process."

Ellyn Davis, The Home Schooling Expert
Sedona, AZ



Access to Unlimited Questions & Answers

           The e-Course consists of  9 segments. The first segment is priced at $24.95 and each of the other segments are priced at only $14.95 a total of $144.55. But if you purchase the entire e-Course (all 9 segments) you get it for the discounted price of only $97.00.  That's a $47.55 savings or like getting 3 volumes for FREE! 

          There is more!  I know that if you complete the whole course that you will have more success, abundance and prosperity in your life, so I have added in more bonuses if you purchase the whole course.  Check them out!

Help is on the Way

         I am dedicated to helping you learn and implement Feng Shui successfully, so to  support you in your quest for reaping the rewards you are entitled to, I have create a Feng Shui Membership site to support you.  I don't care how "new" you are or how silly your think your questions may be, you can ask it and know that help is on the way.  You can even submit pictures of your questions if you feel the question is really complicated.

In this site you will rub internet shoulders with World-Class Minds and know that help for your life issues is only a question away.  This  Feng Shui Membership site is a private site and only open to those who have purchased the entire Feng Shui e-Course or those who are committed to growing their knowledge of Feng Shui. 

          In this site you will have access to:

  1. Ask unlimited questions and receive unlimited answers to your questions by Feng Shui Professionals, (others sites charge as much as $69.96 per question),  You can also submit pictures of your home for review and comments.

  2. Find out what your Heaven Luck has to say. Receive a copy of your Personal Natal Astrology Report (this will give you a greater understanding of yourself, your assets and your liabilities, a $19.95 value)

  3. Receive a copy of your unique and personal Heaven Luck report every month.  Find out what universal energies are are impacting your daily life.  Receive your Personal Monthly Astrology Aspects  (these detailed descriptions are based upon your personal birth date, time and birth place a $19.95 value every month)

  4. Unlimited access to all  the articles on Feng Shui and Energy.  These articles are  valued at $227.27,

  5. Unlimited access to the Feng Shui Professional Spotlight Interviews with the author of the 20 Minute Feng Shui Course and other professionals (these downloads and transcripts are a $47.00 value for each interview total value is $235.00),

    You will receive 2 months free  membership to this site when you purchase the 9 volumes.  The monthly cost of the Membership site is normally $31.97.  But after your free first 2 months your membership will only be $15.97 a month  and  will automatically renew at the $15.97 bonus price rather than the normal $31.97   This special price is only available to those people who purchase the 9 Volumes and you can cancel at any time before the next billing cycle.

So, What's Included?

 With the purchase of the 9 Volume 20 Minute Feng Shui e-Course you get:

  • 20 Minute Feng Shui 101 Cures e-Course,

  • Two months FREE to the membership site as described above and

  • $100 off coupon on the Average Home Feng Shui Cures Starter Package.  This package include all of the physical cures needed for the average home.

  • $37 off coupon on the Feng Shui Enhancements Package.  This package includes enhancements to create the energy you want in your life.

 When your purchase the Average House Cures Starter Package it's like getting the 9 Volumes of 20 Minute Feng Shui for FREE!

Look at Your Savings



Your Cost

9 Volumes of the 20 Minute
Feng Shui e-Course 


$  97.00

2 Months free to the Feng Shui Membership site @ $31.97/mo  (and only $15.97 per month automatic renewal, for those who purchase the 9 volumes)

$ 63.94

$    0.00
Personal Heaven Luck Natal Report $19.95 $    0.00
Personal Heaven Luck Monthly Aspects $19.95 $    0.00
Feng Shui Reports $227.27 $    0.00
Spotlight Interviews $235.00 $    0.00
Savings on the Avg. House Starter Package $100.00  
Savings on the Feng Shui Enhancements Package $ 37.00  

Total :                        


$  97.00

That's a $650.66 Savings!

Have the life you have always dreamed of

          A better life is waiting for you.  It is within your grasp. Click the Join Now button and your 20 Minute Feng Shui download will come almost instantly!  You can be living the life you have always wanted! 

After clicking on the Join Now Button you will be taken to a page to sign up for the Membership site for your first Free Two months.  When you have completed that you will be taken to the shopping cart where you will complete the order process.   Get started on your new life Now! 

Click the Join Now button.


International Customers can order using PayPal Click the Join Now button



Blessings & Prosperity,

Candace Czarny,  CFM, LEED AP, ASID
Feng Shui Expert
Wind & Water, Inc.











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