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 5 Tips for Making More Money
with Feng Shui

 It has long been lamented that it takes two incomes to support a family in this day and age.  For most working families, that is true.  Of course we don't want to leave out the single family head of households, married with no children, and even free and single people.  The truth is that it is rough all over.  There are many people who often feel the financial pinch and are on the look out to find a way to make more money.  The good news is there is a way to improve your finances without spending any more money or taking on three extra part time jobs to do it. 

 The ancient Chinese art and philosophy of Feng Shui is one of the most effective means available to make more money.  It is based on the principles of using the elements and organization in your home and environment to create balance and harmony.  The overall concept dictates that by creating balance with all of the major life aspects, you will improve each and every one of them.  The decorating part of Feng Shui is responsible for enabling the flow of positive energy or chi, to help stabilize the various forces each one of us has in our lives.  Here are some useful tips for using Feng Shui to make more money.

 Tip 1.  Any Feng Shui project starts out with one all important rule.  It is vitally essential to clean and organize every room and nook and cranny of your home and work space.  The work area is important because it will directly influence the amount of money you make as well.  By clean and organize, it doesn’t mean a quick clean and straightening up.  It will involve more intensive cleaning than that.  You will need to get into every closet, under the beds, and eliminate any unused or broken things you may be holding onto.  If the items can still be used, go ahead and donate them.  This act will also promote positive energy.  In this case, your office space is just as important and it may be necessary to spend a little extra time at work organizing your belongings.  Think about how impressed the boss will be with your pleasant work environment.

 Tip 2.  Now that you have clean, refreshed environments to work with, it's time to add in some Feng Shui elements that will help you to make more money.  One of the most useful additions is plants.  Think about it for a second.  You want to make more money, which symbolizes growth.  Nothing encourages growth of any kind quite like a growing, healthy plant.  At home, you can put plants wherever they will get the sunlight they need.  At work, you don't have to go over the top with the greenery.  Just have a small fern or variegated plant on your desk.  It is very important to keep all of your plants watered and healthy.  Be sure to remove any dead or dying leaves.  You don't want decay or death to in any way touch your Feng Shui attempts to make more money.  If live plants aren't for you, it's okay to artificial.  Remember to keep them dust free and clean. 

Tip 3.  Nothing says success like having things and belongings in good working condition.  Broken or dirty items encourage negative energy and that's the last thing you need to interfere with your Feng Shui and making more money endeavors.  Now is the time to replace your broken desk chair.  If you can repair an item, great.  If not, replace it as soon as possible.  This tip needs to be followed both in your home and at work.  You will be more productive with good equipment and the positive energy that is always there has a better chance at doing its job when things are in good working order.

 Tip 4.  One of the most commonly made mistakes with Feng Shui and making more money is forgetting to maintain your needed level of cleanliness.  Let's state it again.  Positive chi is more productive in a clean, organized environment.  Keep your plants clean and healthy, make sure your carpets and shelves are vacuumed and dusted.  It may take a few extra minutes to maintain your hard work, but it will be worth it not to have to start all over again and clean from the beginning.  After all, cleaning up will become habit after awhile.

 Tip 5.  Another important aspect of Feng Shui and making more money is to remember that energy is surrounding you everywhere you go.  With that fact in mind, don't forget to maintain and clean your vehicle as well.  Especially if your car is used for transporting clients or moving work material, this is a vital part of encouraging positive energy. 

 While balancing the other aspects of your life, Feng Shui can be an essential part of helping you become a financial success.  Use these tips to improve the harmony in your life, as well as your bank statement.   

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Specific Feng Shui Cures for Increasing Your Money

Feng Shui wholeness cures tips

The Wholeness Formula
Jump Start Your Pathway to Wholeness, Peace and Happiness
Using 3 Feng Shui Wholeness Cures

For you to have peace in your life you must have everything you need to create peacefulness.  Your life must be whole. 

 Imagine driving down the road with a flat tire.  You can get where you want to go, but with a flat tire it can be difficult, so you stop and fix the tire.

 Creating a whole life is like stopping to fix the tire.  You would not think about driving with a flat tire, so why would you live a life that is not whole?

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 Volume 7
Feng Shui Kitchens
Create a Healthy Self Image & Prosperity

Includes 16 Cures

The kitchen is the center of your home in many ways, and its influence is far-reaching. Besides the station for food   preparation and the family’s nourishment , it may also be where you eat and talk with one another. Often a kitchen  is a de facto hearth where friends gather and relationships   are formed or deepened. Sometimes it is a hub of activity where projects are launched or completed. And it may even be a traffic control center where family members check in, messages are exchanged, bills  are paid, and mail is sorted.

How does a kitchen   collect so many responsibilities? It is actually quite the opposite. The kitchen is to the home as the sun is to the earth. It is the source of life, the source of prosperity, the source of relationships  .

First, a kitchen is about nourishment . The quantity and quality of the food  that you eat determines your health . Do you pay attention to taking care of you and your family, or is there never enough time? Do meals get the quick fix while other activities get non-negotiable attention? Or does the cook take care of everyone except him- or her-self?

Of course, a well-stocked kitchen  represents abundance, but not just physical. The kitchen is also a symbolic heart for your emotional and financial nurture. Taking care of and building your health represents looking after your life and your pocket book. The kitchen is your home’s ‘wealth  -and-well-being’ center.

The recipe for nourishment  is: eliminate sha (obstacles and opposing elements), add chi, protect good energy  and “stir with care;” that is, attend to the people who eat. Take time to carefully prepare the meals you and your family eat.

Care of this hearth symbolizes crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s of your financial plan. If your focus is creating and building wealth, this is the area of your home that you want to really put the details into.

E-book Price Cures 72-87 at $3.97 Each
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Volume 9
Feng Shui BaGua
Create the Life
You Dream of Living

Includes 3 of the Most Important Cures for
Making Money

The eight-sided feng shui bagua   is the basic map for locations of energy   by type. Do you want to know what part of your home holds the prosperity energy? Refer to the bagua. If you’re always at the office and never have time for your family, take your energy map—the bagua—to the office and use it to help you track down what is in the family and children  corners of your office (possibly piles of work!).

In addition to learning  to maximize these eight energy areas in your home, you will also learn how to magnify those energy fields using talismans combined with affirmations.

Consistent attention to using the bagua on your property, in your home, and each room of your home will help you create the life of your dreams.

E-book Price Cures 99-101
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Become a Magnet for Prosperity 

Are you looking for more money in your life?.  Have you had a difficult time drawing in satisfying work?  This beautifully packaged collection of money magic will help you in your quest for attracting love using the ancient science of Feng Shui.  With this kit you will learn how to create the finances you desire.  This kit utilizes the principles of Feng Shui and includes everything you will need to manifest money in your life and will help you to Identify your prosperity corner, clear the corner of the old and bring in the new, define what it is you are looking for, write clear affirmations, create and environment for acceptance, appropriately place symbols, use aromatherapy, and burn candles.  All of these elements are critical for creating what you desire instead of settling for patterns repeated from your past.

By  Candace Czarny Copyright © 2000


 The Money  package includes:  Affirmations Scrolls, Affirmation Pouch, Chinese Coin Talisman, Attracting Money Aromatherapy, Aromatherapy Money Diffuser, Candle and a  Crystal Programmed by a Feng Shui Master for Attracting Money.  Complete instructions on how to write prosperity affirmations and instructions on how to use each item.    

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Magnetize Your Affirmations
 with Crystals Programmed by a
Feng Shui Master

Your home is an extension of you.  These physical locations house the energy (the electromagnetic field) that you have created for that station of your life.  What you create in your home is what you will create in your life.   After you have created your life desire in your home, it will manifest in your life.  Be careful what you ask for, for as long as you believe that you will receive it, you will! 

Feng Shui programmed crystals

The  quartz clock is perhaps the most familiar device using the mineral.  A quartz clock uses an electronic oscillator  that is made of a quartz crystal to keep precise time.

If a quartz crystal can run a clock just think what it can do for you.

These crystals have been programmed for each of the life stations: health/family, prosperity, children/creativity, new knowledge, relationships, helpful people, career and fame.

Use them in any of these life stations to add powerful energy to help you in manifesting the desires of your heart.

$19.95 Each 

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Attract Money & Prosperity with Aromatherapy

Aroma is an important element in the manifestation of your desires.  Aroma will stimulate your senses to assist in the reprogramming of your subconscious.  The attracting Prosperity aromatherapy has been created using those elements that stimulate your subconscious to attract the physical manifestation of Prosperity into your life. 

“I gave my first bottle to a friend who had been struggling with money...Last week was her best week (sales wise) in 5 years! So, I'm ordering more for me!”

N. Weems, Mississippi


Feng Shui Love Aromatherapy

This aromatherapy was designed for use with a diffuser. Place 1-2 drops of the attracting Prosperity aromatherapy in a diffuser or on a tissue to vaporize or disperse the aroma into the air.  Place the diffuser or tissue in the wealth corner of your home using the instructions below.  1/4 oz. Bottle comes with complete instructions on use and placement.

Use it every 4 days  on checks, wallets or anything relating to wealth.

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8.50Click Here To Buy Now!  






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