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Basic Intro Cures a
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Feng Shui Interior Ailments and Cures

This report covers the 12 common ailments to look for and how to cure them.
$ 24.95
Crystal Balls and How to Use them E-Report
This is the Why, When and How of using Crystal Balls, everything you need to know about them
$ 15.95
Mirror Mirror-Know the Rules E-Report
This report  covers the four reasons you use mirrors and helpful tips on placement
$ 15.95
Making Your Life Whole -What's Missing in Your Life E-Report.   This is probably the most important cure that you will do to your home.  This report is a must! $ 24.95
How to use the BaGua and Write Affirmations.
Affirmations are one of the most powerful Feng Shui Tools.  Find out how to do it right!
$ 24.95
Total Value


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You will receive these E-Reports in a download link. 

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