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I highly recommend that you start with Feng Shui Fundamentals.  This e-book will explain the basics that you will need to complete a complete Feng Shui.  Then you can move to completing the different aspects of Feng Shui. 


Feng Shui Fundamentals - The eight must's  for Success
The first eight cures will introduce you to the basic tools of feng shui, the language of feng shui, and the meanings you will use throughout the rest of the home-study course.

It’s supposed to be fun! So, this section puts you into action quickly without extensive reading. These eight cures will quickly make substantial shifts to the energies in and around your home.

Feng shui is a path of lifelong improvement. Begin with these eight fundamental cures, then either proceed  to the part that is most important for you. The more cures you do, the more compatible with your ultimate objectives the energies of your home will be.

In any case, have fun, and remember, the whole point of feng shui is to balance energies. So don’t get so caught up in details that you create more imbalance!

The Eight Fundamental Cures are:

  1. Shame, Illness or Death 
  2. Are You Drained? 
  3. Excluding Interlopers 
  4. Chaos 
  5. Tornados in Your House 
  6. Dead/Dying Landscaping 
  7. Street Attacks 
  8. What’s Missing? 


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 The Best Offence for a Great Life is a good Defense -Feng Shui Protection Cures
Most people think of feng shui only as a way to decorate the inside of a home. What is overlooked by that view is the huge amount of energy   coming at the home from the outside.

We’re affected by traffic on our street; children  in our neighborhood; developments going in nearby; arguments among city, county, and state politicians; and more!

Our perimeter and approach to our home are our first lines of protection, not only against rodents and creepy crawly things, but also against imbalanced energy  from worldwide and even cosmic sources.

Outside forces affect our incomes, our social lives, and often our peace and quiet enjoyment. The cumulative energies of everything and everyone around us—whether people, zoning, or transportation—affect us.

Therefore, the most-important cures occur outside, to mitigate our constant bombardment by energies that are beyond our control, that is, until they reach our property lines!

Western developers, architects and builders rarely consult feng shui before laying out a neighborhood; marking off the lots; or siting, designing and building houses. Therefore, most properties need protective cures. Some properties have more problems than others do, but they are all fixable. So, don’t just pack up and move unless you have a life-threatening condition and its fixes require more time and energy than you think you have.

The Offensive Cures:

  1. Have the Wrong Number? 
  2. Pushed Out of Place 
  3. Grand Entrance 
  4. Wind Force 
  5. Overgrown Landscaping 
  6. Who’s Throwing Daggers? 
  7. Sleeping with Neighbors? 
  8. Tipping the Balance 
  9. Below Grade 
  10. Soaring Tension 
  11. Driveway Shooting 
  12. Looming Powers 
  13. Who’s Got Your Back? 
  14. Who’s Stealing from You? 
  15. Flyover Attack 

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Feng Shui Cures Setting the Foundation for a Successful Life
Most people think a person’s house says something about them. What is their social status? Are there clues as to what they do for a living? Any hints as to whether the inhabitants are old or young, winding down or raising a family?

All of this is true and more. Your home says a lot more about you than your social status. Does it have a strong foundation or does it look like it could blow away in the next gale?

How people perceive your house when they drive by is how they perceive you—not just the strangers driving by who don’t know you, but also the people who come to your door who do know you.

Your reputation  and even your career  are symbolized by your house and its approach. People can tell whether you are an open and welcoming person or hard-to-get-to-know just by walking up to your door—possibly even by just driving by. They can tell whether you respect yourself and whether you respect others.

Play a game with someone you enjoy conversing with (or grab a notepad and do it alone). Go to a neighborhood other than your own, to a street on which you don’t know anyone—in town or out of town. Pick a house, and see how much you can figure out about the people who live there. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can come up with a whole scenario about those people’s lives, or even 20-30 ideas about them. They may not all be true, but they will all be true about how the inhabitants are perceived—their reputation.

Success Foundation Cures:

  1. Spending All Your Money 
  2. Weight of the World 
  3.  Brokenness 
  4. Off the Merry-Go-Round 
  5. Vaulted Ceilings 
  6. What Are You Venting? 
  7. Gutter Mouth 
  8. The Welcome Mat
  9. Avoiding Accidents 
  10. The House Speaks 
  11. The Whole Life Formula 

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Create a Great Life - Feng Shui Room by Room
We will zero in on particular aspects of your life, going room-by-room to make your life more harmonious and flowing.

Some ailments are generic to every room of your home. We will cover these in this section of the course. They will include the element of family, how to treat angled walls that have become so popular in architecture, the cause of arguments and the use of color   to name a few.

What about the location and operation of the bathroom? Do those banging doors  bother you—in more ways than one? What about the fireplace ?

For the most part, “room cures” are treatments that can improve the effect of any room on you, not just specific rooms, such as the kitchen   and bedrooms, which we’ll get to later.

        There was your whole property….

                Then your whole house…

                        Then your home’s interior as a whole….

…And now the rooms. 

Room by Room Cures:

  1. Off-Balance 
  2. Have the Right Angle? 
  3. What’s Not Working? 
  4. Eaten Alive 
  5. Arguments 
  6. Life Is Colorful
  7. Clutter Cutter
  8. Your Children’s Future 
  9. Fireplaces Start It!
  10. Welcoming Furniture 
  11. Light Up Your Life 
  12.  Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
  13.  Stairs and Steps 
  14.  Sagging Structure 
  15. Broadcast Interruption 
  16. Bric-a-Brackish 
  17. Taken by Surprise 
  18. Going with the Flow  

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Feng Shui Bedrooms - Create a life with more energy and better health

Lets get to the heart of what keeps you going day-to-day: rest and rejuvenation—what relaxes you and makes you young again! We could even add another R to this set: romance.

You spend at least 1/3 of your life in the bedroom . So this room is one of the most important in your home. The energies in this room will affect your life more than any other.

Because the bedroom  may be the least-visible when people come to visit or even come to the door, you may have developed the habit of using it as a catchall for items having no other home.

Your bedroom may also be a home-office  : the center of commerce in addition to the center of consummation! That isn’t bad, because both require fastidiousness in the creativity corner of the bagua . But there is a great divide between romance and business  —tenderness in lieu of tender, expert not export, sensuous not sold!

Though you may have addressed some of the following concerns in house and room cures, it is essential for your youthfulness and success of spirit that you walk through these bedroom  cures.

I guarantee: you will sleep better, have fewer aches and pains, and enjoy greater social satisfaction!

Cures for Energy and Health:

  1. Bedroom Function 
  2. Bed Placement
  3. The Mattress 
  4. The Headboard 
  5. Weight Overhead 
  6. Patterns and Textures 
  7. Closets 
  8. Electrified Bedroom? 
  9. Mirrors in the Bedroom  
  10. Inside the Walls 
  11. Is a Bed Bugging You? 
  12. Removing Blockages 
  13. Bedroom Windows 
  14. Color in the Bedroom  

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 Feng Shui - Purge your life of unwanted Emotions

There are few daily events more important to wellbeing and overall health  than those that occur in the bathroom. They are personal and they are powerful. They should be honored as the basis of vigor that they are, because without appropriate distribution within the gastro-intestinal system, there cannot exist calmness of communication, clarity of thought or concentration of health.

“Perfect circulation equals perfect health  ,” said 19th Century mystic Ellen Gould White. Disruptions of digestive flow could lead to gout, anal-retentiveness, cancer and other ailments too grievous to mention.

Processing and purging occurs with emotional issues, as well. But if your bathroom is backed up, so may be your emotions. If you find yourself behind in your work, or if you are holding on to old hurts and emotional pain, this section is for you.

It is important for your stress  control and a sense of well-being to keep things flowing.

Make sure you do “whatever it takes” to process and purge daily!

Release Unwanted Emotions Cures:

  1.  Worn Out and Tired 
  2. Shower and Tub 
  3. Keep the Pipes Flowing 
  4. Peek-a-Boo!
  5. Money Out of the Toilet

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Feng Shui Kitchens  - Create a Healthy Self Image 
The kitchen is the center of your home in many ways, and its influence is far-reaching. Besides the station for food   preparation and the family’s nourishment , it may also be where you eat and talk with one another. Often a kitchen  is a de facto hearth where friends gather and relationships   are formed or deepened. Sometimes it is a hub of activity where projects are launched or completed. And it may even be a traffic control center where family members check in, messages are exchanged, bills  are paid, and mail is sorted.

How does a kitchen   collect so many responsibilities? It is actually quite the opposite. The kitchen is to the home as the sun is to the earth. It is the source of life, the source of prosperity, the source of relationships  .

First, a kitchen is about nourishment . The quantity and quality of the food  that you eat determines your health . Do you pay attention to taking care of you and your family, or is there never enough time? Do meals get the quick fix while other activities get non-negotiable attention? Or does the cook take care of everyone except him- or her-self?

Of course, a well-stocked kitchen  represents abundance, but not just physical. The kitchen is also a symbolic heart for your emotional and financial nurture. Taking care of and building your health represents looking after your life and your pocket book. The kitchen is your home’s ‘wealth  -and-well-being’ center.

The recipe for nourishment  is: eliminate sha (obstacles and opposing elements), add chi, protect good energy  and “stir with care;” that is, attend to the people who eat. Take time to carefully prepare the meals you and your family eat.

Care of this hearth symbolizes crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s of your financial plan. If your focus is creating and building wealth  , this is the area of your home that you want to really put the details into.

Self Image Cures:

  1. Dirty Money 
  2. Crowded and Limited 
  3. Not Enough Attention 
  4.  Burned Out—Eating Out
  5. Expanding Prosperity 
  6. Life at War
  7. Indulgence or Neglect
  8. Finances on Ice 
  9. Empty Coffers 
  10. Foul Odors 
  11. Chopped Life Stations 
  12. The Money Machine 
  13. Under Attack 
  14.  The Colors of Your Life 
  15. Stir Up the Chi
  16.  Losing Money 

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Home Office Feng Shui - Success can be Yours
 Did you know improving your work can also improve your play?

There is much you can do to improve your business   management, whether you have a home office   in your profession or simply manage the affairs of your house.

The position of your desk, your chair, and your telephone contributes energy  . Even the position of each item on your desk has energy. You can improve your financial matters significantly and add ease and pleasure to your work by applying principles of feng shui to your workplace.

Creativity, follow-through and even your enthusiasm for your work are all addressed in the following cures.

Office Success Cures:

  1. Take Charge 
  2. Clearing the Cobwebs 
  3. Out of Balance 
  4. Under the Hot Light
  5. Co-Mingling 
  6.  Too Many Distractions 
  7. You’re Talking To Who? 
  8. What Are You Creating? 
  9.  Storing Your Data 
  10. Slippery Fingers 
  11. Going it Alone 

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Feng Shui BaGua - Create the Life you Dream of Living
The eight-sided feng shui bagua
   is the basic map for locations of energy   by type. Do you want to know what part of your home holds the prosperity energy? Refer to the bagua. If you’re always at the office and never have time for your family, take your energy map—the bagua—to the office and use it to help you track down what is in the family and children  corners of your office (possibly piles of work!).

In addition to learning  to maximize these eight energy areas in your home, you will also learn how to magnify those energy fields using talismans combined with affirmations.

Consistent attention to using the bagua on your property, in your home, and each room of your home will help you create the life of your dreams.

Create the Life of your Dreams Cures:

  1. You Can Have It All
  2. The Eight Life Stations 
  3. Magic in Your Life 

E-Book Price $29.97  Click Here To Buy Now!


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