Heat Up the Romance with Feng Shui 

So you and your spouse or significant other have been together a long time and the spiciness you crave just isn't there anymore.  Or maybe you have both been stressed for so long that the idea of romance seems like a long ago dream.  It is normal for these things to happen.  The most important thing you can do is something about it.  There isn't any reason to continue to live with a lackluster love life.   

Believe it or not, Feng Shui can help add some heat and romance back into your relationship.  Before you go on a hunt for someone and something new, look at all of the ways you can use positive energy and chi to put the fire back in both of your flames. 

Setting the Stage for Romance

In terms of any Feng Shui revitalization project the key thing to do on your list should be to clean.  Since we are discussing Feng Shui and re-kindling romance, the room you want to focus on, is of course the bedroom.  That's the first place you notice the flames getting less intense, so it makes sense to start there.  Now, back to the cleaning part.  Go through your bedroom and de-clutter and clean your little heart.  Debris and dirt prohibit the good chi's ability to flow and improve the quality of your life.  It will certainly stand in the way of good loving as well.  Go through the closets, dressers, and under the bed.  Donate or get rid of any items you and your honey no longer use.  Organizing your things is another great way to make sure your bedroom stays at the ready for some spiciness.  Get your partner involved with the process and make it an opportunity to spend time together and explore what has been happening in a calm setting.

Fan the Flames of Love

 Now that you have a clean slate to work some Feng Shui, heating up the passion magic on, it's time to get into the specifics of creating the perfect love nest.  There's no need to be coy.  You are among friends.  Let's talk about the bed.  A neutral colored bed ensemble isn't going to do much for inspiring passion and romance.  Think dramatic.  Think sensual.  Pink is the Feng Shui color of affection.  Of course, you know that affection is the underlying element in any passionate relationship.  You don't have to go with a frilly, girly room, just add small touches of a tone of pink to inspire you and your partner to a more affectionate level.  Don't forget the red.  It isn't called the color of romance and passion for nothing.  Splurge on some seriously sensual sheets and comforter.  They should be soft and silky and feel great against your skin. 

 Don't forget about the little added extras either.  Keep some silky, great smelling lotion for a spur of the moment massage in your nightstand to inspire added romance.  Feng Shui also dictates that you never display pictures, statues, or items in the single tense.  In other words it is critical that you have two of everything, especially in the bedroom.  Try adding the touch of red or pink with two candles or a picture of both of you when you were happy or having fun.  The gentle reminders can go a long way in rekindling your romance.  Before you know it, the romance will flow into every aspect of your life together and the two of you will have an opportunity to more fully appreciate and love one another.

Setting the Mood

 When you are adding the extras, there are a few other things you don't want to overlook either.  With Feng Shui and firing up the romance, you want to have soft, luscious pillows around the bed to encourage cuddling, affection, and of course, passion.  Have some of your favorite music available to play while you are lounging in bed together or just having a conversation.  A light dimmer is another great way to set the mood and inspire the positive energy to do its work.  Details matter a great deal in utilizing the power of Feng Shui to heat up your personal relationship.

 No relationship can progress without growth.  Plants, especially fresh cut flowers or flowering plants are a great addition to the décor in your bedroom.  If you opt for fresh cut, make sure you never leave dead flowers in your bedroom or house.  Live plants must be cared for to be sure they are healthy and green.  Roses are a good choice, but you must be careful.  Regardless of whether they are artificial or real, don't display roses that have thorns. 

 You now have the perfect set up to use Feng Shui to rekindle the romance in your life.  A good cleaning spree, some new bed clothing, and strategically placed objects can take your love life from dreary to dazzling in a very short period of time. 


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