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 Welcome Feng Shui Professionals


Welcome to the Feng Shui Professionals page   This site is dedicated to helping people successfully use Feng Shui in their lives. 

I am Candace Czarny the President of  This site is consistently on the first page of Goggle and in the past several months has held the #1 rated Feng Shui site on Google. 

I am personally dedicated to creating a new paradigm where Feng Shui is a way of life for everyone.  This paradigm will create a better world for all and a demand for quality professionals.

" Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the World.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has"  

Margaret Mead

 I can not do this all by myself.  To this end we must all work together.  So, I have created a vehicle where the public has access to quality committed Feng Shui  practitioners.  That vehicle is the ArtOfPlacment Membership site.

Exposure to New Potential Clients

We often have members looking for professionals in their geographic area. On this site you will have direct access to our membership data base through our forum.  Your participation in the forum will help you to connect with potential customers, develop business and help spread the word about the benefits of Feng Shui. 

Free Advertising

As a Professional you will be able to post a 25 word advertisement of your site and services in our  Consultants Directory for all our members to see. 

Participation in the forum will also earn you credit toward  free and extended advertising.  You can choose from the base advertising of a 25 word advertisement,  bold listings  or banner advertisement in the consultantís directory. 

The base 25 word advertisement cost $29.95 a month, but wait.  If you help us spread the word about Feng Shui by making a minimum of  60 posts per month in the public forum  you will receive your listing in bold  for FREE! A post is just replying to a question that a member has about Feng Shui. If you are super dedicated and make over 100 posts you will get your listing in a banner FREE.



# Posts


25 word description




with Bold listing




with Banner advertisement




Free PR Exposure

The professional who makes the most posts every month will be interviewed in the Professional Spotlight.  This is an hour interview that is dedicated to your web site and practice.  This interview is recorded and will be available in the download section of this membership site.  A transcript is also created of your interview and you receive a copy of this interview for sale, use on your site or as a promotional piece.  This audio product and transcript is a $47.97 value.

Helping the Cause

 We have also set up a Feng Shui Professional Only forum for you.  Here you will be able to discuss ideas and solutions to business related issues with other professionals.  We will be able to brainstorm new ideas for making this paradigm shift a reality.

I look forward to you joining the cause.



Blessings & Prosperity
Candace Czarny, ASID, CFM, LEED AP
The Feng Shui Expert
Wind & Water, Inc.




















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