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How to get the most out of this Site. 
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Thank you for being part of the Professional Segment of the Feng Shui Membership site. Together we can create a better place for everyone and create a community of people that you can support with products and services.

Marketing your Business

Let's get your marketing up and running. Submit your 25 word advertisement in a Professionals Support Ticket in the Membership site and we will get it posted in the Professionals Directory ASAP.  Make sure that you include the following information.  We want to make sure that the members can contact you.

  • Name and tag line  ie:  Mary Barns - "Fabulous Feng Shui"

  • URL

  • Address

  • Phone Number

  • Testimonials help customers feel comfortable with you

  • 25 words about what you do.

Remember that participation in the forum will  earn you credit toward  free and extended advertising.  If you help us spread the word about Feng Shui by making a minimum of  60 posts per month in the public forum you will receive your listing in bold  for FREE!  If you are super dedicated and make over 100 posts you will get your listing in a banner FREE.



# Posts


25 word description




with Bold listing




with Banner advertisement




If you want to get started right away with upgraded listing, click one of the options below. 

I want to upgrade my marketing to a bold listing click this button

I want to upgrade my marketing to a Banner listing click this button.

Professional Spotlight

The professional who makes the most posts every month will be interviewed in the Professional Spotlight.  This is an hour interview that is dedicated to your web site and practice.  This interview is recorded and will be available in the download section of this membership site. 

A transcript is also created of your interview and you receive a copy of this interview for sale, use on your site or as a promotional piece.  This audio product and transcript is a $47.97 value. 

If you want to create this opportunity for yourself, it's easy, begin in the  Feng Shui Community.  Find some topics that you are passionate about and start building rapport with the members of this site.


The next way to gain exposure  is by contributing articles.  The members are here to learn and you can make a name for yourself by submitting quality articles about Feng Shui.  Click on the support button and submit a ticket with your article.  Make sure that you include a link to your web site.

The most important element of marketing

Creating rapport is the most important part of marketing your business.  The best way to create rapport is by communicating with the members.  In the Feng Shui Community you can respond to members questions and concerns.  When members read your responses they begin to feel that they know and feel confident in calling you.  Building rapport is the first step in building a long term business.  (Building rapport can also get your free advertising.)

The Professional Forum

Make sure that you check out the Professionals Forum.  Here you can work with other Professionals to get ideas on business related issues.  You will also find articles on business marketing and look for special topics from Marketing and Business Professionals

Astrology Information

As part of the service to our regular (not Professional Members) we provide a Natal Astrology Report with  a Monthly Calendar and Aspects Report (a $19.95 Value/mo.)  If you would like to be a part of this program we will offer it to you for only $14.95 mo.  Read the article in the Feng Shui Astrology section for more information.  If you would like to participate in this program click the button below.

Now, if for any reason you have questions or a problem with the site you can click on the support button.  Here you can submit a ticket to our support center.  Our support staff is here to help.

All of these sections can be found in the light blue tool bar at the top of the page so at any time during your visit you can use this navigation bar to move around the site.

Login now

At the top left side of this page you will find the log in box.  You will use the username and password that you submitted in the registration screen.  Click the remember me box so that you do not have to remember your username and password in the future.  Then hit log in button and you will have access all the sections of the site.  Now you can get started on building your business. Enjoy the journey!


Blessings & Prosperity
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The Feng Shui Expert
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