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Are EMF's Draining Your Energy
and Damaging Your Health?

If you stop to think about how many hours you are in the presence of  EMF (electromagnetic field) sources, you can begin to see how potential health effects are a cause for concern.

Many of us live our lives in front of a computer or near a telephone pole or with a cell phone to our ear much of the day. To think that electricity and the EMF that it generates might be affecting us is something that we need to study further. Things like thunderstorms don’t happen all the time, but the electronic devices that you use every hour upon the hour do make a difference.

You will also want to realize that your body is also a series of electrical processes in your nervous system. When your nerves ‘fire’ to send messages to other parts of your body or to your brain, there is a small electrical charge emitted. Consequently, it is not unrealistic to think that electrical energy in our environment might be changing this process. If you are interrupting the signals to and from your brain, that can lead not only to ‘message errors,’ but also to long term effects.

Take, for example, the idea of a stroke in the brain. When the blood is cut off to the brain for a long period of time, this causes certain functions to be removed from the brain because those portions of the brain are dead from a lack of oxygen from the lack of blood flow. If EMF waves interrupt the flow of electrical signals, what this does is makes the brain find other ways of transmitting the signals, which can disrupt other functions and capabilities.

Current studies from the WHO (World Health Organization) have demonstrated that there are several potential side effects to constant EMF exposure:

  • Possible association with increased risk of cancers � There have been some studies that have linked childhood leukemia and the increased presence of EMF in the environment.
  • Increased incidence of headaches � The electrical waves from appliances and other devices can begin to change the processes in the brain, causing pain.
  • Nausea � When the EMF waves alter the equilibrium in the brain, it can cause issues with nausea and feeling vertigo.
  • Depression � Again, the disruption of nerve activity can cause feelings of depression and even suicide
  • Anxiety � The altering of the nervous system can begin to show as changes in mood and anxiety levels.
  • Fatigue � The in ability to carry messages to parts of the body can slow down the processing of necessary information for energy production.
  • Loss of sexual libido

Just look at the effect of the electromagnetic field of  cell phone on a compass in this video 

Here is our solution to protecting yourself around these EMF's

The Gold Serenity Star Shield
Protect Your Aura From Chaotic Modern Energies!

Easy to use, effective energy tool safely helps you align with universal energy. Utilize Your deeper potential, express your higher self and fulfill your dreams.

  • Wear as protective stabilizing pendant.

  • Hold in hands as aura healing tool

  • Tape on cell phone or electrical appliance, such as air conditioner or TV to smooth the chaos energy

When my friend handed me the Serenity Star Shield Powerform, she said, "If you feel good about yourself, you'll feel better." I slipped it on over my head and sat back in my chair, feeling so relaxed, the sensuous pleasure of well-being. Then she said, "If you feel angry, it might make you angrier." I turned to the person next to me to tease her by barking something irritating, to test the premise, but I couldn't. I just felt so good I couldn't even pretend to be angry. 

Lin Ennis ~

 Since wearing the Serenity Star Shield my creativity has gone through the roof!  I am so much happier on a daily basis.  I have even started exercising again, something I have not been able to get myself to do since I can’t remember when. This shield has definitely increased my Joy & Happiness level.

 Char Thomas ~

 I was in need of money, the very day I began wearing the Serenity Star Shield, I received money to pay my rent. The Serenity Star Shield definitely worked for me. 

Scott Bailey ~ Cottonwood, AZ

 I do a lot of Psychic Reading and afterwards I usually have to dump all the stuff that I pull from other people. After doing 12 to 15 reading a day I put on the Star Shield and the peace just comes over me. I don't have all those mood swings that I used to.

Charles Lemley ~

As soon as I put on the Serenity Star Shield, I started feeling good about myself.  It’s energy is like a mirror shinning back on me eliciting peace and love.  Thank you for this unique device enhancing my self love. 

Kate McGovern ~

 The Serenity Star Shield has profoundly changed my time behind the wheel.  I am in the car most of the day and the inconsiderate idiots on the road used to drive me out of my mind!  Thanks to the Serenity Star Shield, I can now sit back and enjoy the journey!   Thanks for this incredible product! 

Joe Robinson ~  

When wearing the Serenity Star Shield I feel more happiness and joy in my life.  The ups and downs of daily life don’t seem to bother me anymore.  I can handle even difficult circumstances without it ruining my day.  This is one of the best tools I have.  I even sleep with it! 

Candace Czarny ~

 The Serenity Star Shield helps me stay focused and allows me to maintain and keep up with what would normally be overwhelming circumstances.  I have tried Q-links, charged crystals and various other energetic items none of which have had such a calming effect.  Regardless of what is going on in your life you will benefit from using the Serenity Star Shield. 

Skip Thomas ~

 "Wow.  When I put the Serenity Star Shield on the immediate and intense feeling was undeniably powerful.  I thought maybe it was just me, but my wife had the exact same feelings when she put it on too.  This is really amazing and  something that has to be experienced to be believed!" 

John R. Barker ~



The Gold Serenity Star Shield

  • Outer layer of 24K Gold helps raise your vibration to align with higher universal energies.
    Inner layers of Mu metal antennas help lessen EMF influences.
    Multi layers of specially tuned copper antennas smooth negative energy & harmonize incoming energy so that its more in alignment with your true self.

  • Proprietary blend of earth oxides harmonize your energy with the planet.

  • Layers of resin-impregnated fiberglass help separate the metal antennas so that they function powerfully & efficiently.  This create sa very lightweight device.

                   Price:  $58.77Click Here To Buy Now!  

EMF Balancing With The Neutral Space Plate

Your house wiring creates EMF (electromagnetic field) chaos that affects you, your family, and your pets. The appliances in the house, the wiring itself, and your city's utility grids combine to create scrambled energies that confuse body and mind. How can you receive the positive reference signals that help you remember your own healthful energy patterns? The Neutral Space Plate can help. . .

Use duct tape or masking tape to attach your NS Plate inside the metal door of your circuit box. The Plate will not actually connect with the house electricity, and so you are safe when you tape the Plate inside the circuit box. All your house wiring connects to the circuit box in your house, and that is where house transformation begins.

The Plate harmonizes the electrical signals flowing to the circuit box, in the same way that an energy healer can smooth your aura without actually touching your body. Your house feels cleaner, and this cleansing effect even extends to the furniture. The house feels more aligned with present time, and less affected by planetary negativity. Imagine the possibilities for your well-being, your creativity, and your spiritual growth.

The Neutral Space Plate

 The Neutral Space Plate exquisitely tuned harmonic-geometric copper antennas, gently and effectively protect you from unbalanced energies and help you cultivate divine order (the deeper balance energy of the universe). 

These are just a few of the things you can do with the Neutral Space plate.

  • Transform stuck energy by Releasing the past,

  • Operate at your highest by Cleansing your Meridians, the subtle-body’s “energy nervous system”:

  • Stabilize your energy in challenging situations

  • Take control of your environment by Re-patterning a room’s energy at home & work

  • Help you align with divine truth

  • Activate your soul’s higher potential

  • Comfortably and elegantly express your soul’s truth in your life

  •  Serve your spiritual needs for clarity, integrity, alignment and truth during our planets rapidly quickening spiritual evolution 

The Neutral-Space Plate

Your Personal Energy Tool for Transformation User Guide

The neutral space plate helps you have direct experiences that activate deeper wisdom.  bypass years of conventional learning with the precision-tuned miracle of cosmic technology.  The Neutral Space Plate helps you access essential qualities in these vibrantly evolving modern times:  Wise Neutrality ~ Present Moment Awareness ~ Personal Truth ~ Universal Truth ~ Clarity ~ Divine Peace ~ & Spiritual Attunement~

The Neutral Space Plate transmutes negative energy-patterns trapped in you energy-body that confine, limit or distort your true self.  As you release the energy distortions, you are freed to align with your essential truth.  You can use the alignment to deepen your meditation, to enhance creativity or as a relaxing way to nurture yourself.

Featuring exquisitely tuned harmonic-geometric copper antennas, the Neutral-Space Plate gently and effectively protects you from unbalanced energies, and helps you cultivate Divine Order (the deeper balanced energy of the universe).  This helps you align with your Devine Truth.  It activates your soul's higher potential, so that you can comfortably and elegantly express your soul's truth in your life.  The Neutral-Space Plate is ready to serve your spiritual needs for clarity, integrity, alignment and truth during our plant's rapidly quickening spiritual evolution.

                    Price:  $44.95 Click Here To Buy Now! 

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