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The representation of Feng Shui in the media depicts a somewhat mystical or mysterious idea that is difficult to study or prove scientifically.  Rather recently, however, laboratory research indicates that some aspects of Feng Shui have a measurable and positive effect on both outlook and mood. The intent of traditional Feng Shui practices is to try to create a harmonious environment that helps its occupants be happy and relaxed. Various studies reveal that a few Feng Shui techniques definitely are scientifically quantifiable.

Lighting Techniques

This is particularly true concerning Feng Shui and lighting. Some of the most effective and successful Feng Shui rules have to do with lighting, and there is every indication that using Feng Shui techniques as a way to light your home will prove to be a notable choice. If you are wondering whether lighting your home according to Feng Shui ideology will improve your quality of life, the answer is most likely yes. The scientific body of knowledge we currently have on the subject of lighting and emotion states that Feng Shui’s use of light offers a realistic and practicable system for enhancing your mood by creating a calming atmosphere.

Lighting Solutions

Feng Shui in making every effort to help you create a balanced atmosphere includes what is considered an important part of achieving that objective - finding lighting solutions that provide visibility without being brassy or obnoxiously bright. The lighting arrangements that Feng Shui experts often recommend multiple sources of soft light rather than a single source of strong, bright light. This system of lighting mimics the naturally multi-sourced light found in the outdoors. This is the type of lighting system humans have evolved to see best in. Science informs us that having multiple light sources in a room allows the eye to see depth and contour more with less difficulty, providing optimum visibility. 

Trust Your Instincts

When we can see everything in the area around us, we are more likely to remain tranquil and relaxed. It is a very natural response based on our evolutionary process. Today, few people consciously fear being attacked by a lion or other fierce marauder. Our brains, however, are wired to protect us by searching for predators. It is, therefore, conveyed through instinct that where no blind spots or dark areas exist nearby, there can not be any dangerous predators lurking hidden in the vicinity. The implementation of Feng Shui in lighting, allows us to relax and feel secure in our environment.

Layered Lighting

The art of Feng Shui dictates it is important to use a series of soft lights in different areas of the room to allow the unhampered flow of positive energy throughout the space. Currently, science is unable to evaluate whether or not this objective is achieved. Research, however, does inform us that the lighting setting Feng Shui creates allows for maximum visibility, which, in turn, encourages relaxation, calm and contentment.

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Free Feng Shui  Tips
Fill in your name, email and zip code to receive our FREE Feng Shui Tips.  

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