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Special 20 Minute Feng Shui Cures Offer

I believe so much in the power that Feng Shui has in creating financial freedom and love and health and more, that I have put together a Sampler of 8 cures from the 20 Minute Feng Shui 101 Cures E-course in a special offer just for you.  Each one of these cures comes from a specific volume of the course which address the different but very important aspects of a Feng Shui. It also includes sections on each one of the aspects of Feng Shui along with an introduction to Energy Fields and Balancing Two Energies. 

 I am so committed to helping you learn and put Feng Shui to use in your life to create abundant wealth, health, happiness and more that I am offering you this special volume at 50% off the retail price.  That's right, only $12.47 for the entire volume. This Volume of cures retails for $24.95.  This offer is only available the first time that you register as a member to our Feng Shui Community. 

Get it now!   It's value is $24.95 and it's yours for only $12.47

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