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Where Do I Begin?

You must understand that your home is a physical extension of you.  What is created in and your home is what will be created in your life.  The first thing you must do is, evaluate your property and home and determine what the ailments of your environment are, and them cure them.

Remember, every ailment can be cured.

  • If you have negative "Sha" attacking your home, you will feel attacked in the world by co-workers, bosses or people in general.  Your energy will  be depleted and it will cause arguments at home.  

  • If you live at the end of a "T" street or on a cul-de-sac, you could potentially get a divorce or have medical problems.  

  • If you live in a home that has a river or road that comes at your home and bends away, it will take money and energy away from you.  

  • If you live on a property that is an odd shape your life will not be complete.

  • If your property is below the grade of the road you will find your are always digging yourself out of problems.  This can also cause issues with health.

  • If neighboring structures or mountains are attacking your property you will always be at war.

  • If you life near high tension power lines you will always feel "frazzled".

The number one cause of stress and discord in the home (of course this does not include what you bring home with you) is "Sha".

  • A fireplace in your home will create arguments.

  • When you open the front door you create a vortex, sucking in the "Sha"  from outside.  This can create discord and stress in your life.

  • Ceilings with beams will put the weight of the world on you shoulders.

  • Sloping ceilings can have the same effect.

  • An angled wall will put a room to spinning and eliminate an aspect of your life.

  • Hallways can build up "sha".

  • Stairs effect the movement of energy and can cause falling accidents.

  • Ceiling fans can cause trouble in relationships and keep you environment in constant change.

  • An improper location of the stove and sink can cause war in you home.

Once you have identified and cured your environment ailments, the next thing you must do add "Chi" to your home.  "Chi" is energy that makes your energy grow, like the feeling of a babbling brook or a hug from someone you love.

  • Water Fountains are an excellent method for add "Chi" to your home.

  • Scientists now know that the quickest way to impact the workings of the brain is through smell.  Aromatherapy can be very uplifting in your environment and assist you in creating your desires.

  • Graphic representations of positive verses can add "Chi".

  • Programmed quartz crystals can energize your home with the energy you desire.

  • Using sound and symbols can protect you and your home.

The third area you must address, is to create in your home, the physical representation of what you desire in your life using:

  • written statements

  • talismans

  • aromatherapy

  • programmed quartz crystals

  • candles

This is one person's experience with Feng Shui:


"I had been in a stale lifestyle for close to 10 years.

I had seen Feng Shui articles and started with small changes trying to enhance my marriage. It led to my divorce almost two and a half years ago. Since then I had been by myself. I did everything to find a new man in my life, but I had not incorporated any of the Feng Shui tips.

About two months ago, I went on to clean out my bedroom, my closets, drawers, rearranged my furniture several times, put up a "love altar", bought two night stands and placed everything in pairs in the "love, romance/marriage" corner.

I continued doing everything else the same. On 20 February I met a man whom I like from the first hand shake. He is now a constant in my life. I went from pink sheets and pillowcases to red sheets and pillowcases. My life now is like never before. I am not a young person. I turned 60 on 2 February and all I can say is that I am glad I went back and read more and took the hints and added them to my bedroom because they have sure changed our lives, mine and Jim's.. he just keeps telling me, "I just can't keep my hands off of you", and I tell him "I don't want you to keep your hands off of me" my love life was never like this. We are very happy with each other. Thank you."

San Antonio TX 


Learning and practicing the art of Feng Shui will significantly improve your quality of life.  Let me tell you how to identify and cure these aliments and begin a life of joy and happiness. Click below to find out how...

Yes, I want to find out how to remove the stress causing  ailments in my environment.




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