3 Feng Shui Door Window Tips

3 Feng Shui Door Window Tips Feng Shui Door Window are very important for the free flow of Feng Shui energy. The relationship between the feng shui door window affects the free flow of energy. In feng shui if the energy is not flowing freely it is affecting you money, prosperity, happiness and life! Feng [...]

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Protect Your Home and Family

Protect Your Home and Family Take Charge of your life! Protect your home and family.  You no longer have to be a victim of your environment and your experiences.  Using the Powerform tool you can Feng Shui your own energy so that things in the outside world don't shake your tree.  With Powerforms, Feng Shui can [...]

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Money Corner

Money Corner Ailments I received this question on money corner ailments from one of my readers: "Recently I've started concentration on my wealth/money corner. The curious thing is I am experiencing more severe lack of funds. wondering if there some type of energy causing this.  Also wondering if this is common? Is this similar [...]

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