20 Minute Feng Shui Course

This 20 Minute Feng Shui Course
Will Change Your Life!

 I Guarantee it!

Don’t take my word for it…see what owners of the
20 Minute Feng Shui Course have to say:

“I have been trying Feng Shui for several years with somewhat small results…in just a few days I found the first 8 cures to be astounding in the turn around of my life…”

~Katherine Finnie, US Military

“You never have to read another Feng Shui book.  Candace has written the final word on the “Art Of Placement”.  Her 20 Minute Feng Shui course takes you step by step though making the changes, holding your hand through the entire process”

~ Ellyn Davis, The Home Schooling Expert Sedona, AZ

“The home school expert is right – you will never have to read another Feng Shui book.  You have made this very simple and fun”

  ~MJ Pangman, author “Hexagonal Water, The Ultimate Solution


Dear Seeker,

You owe it to yourself to get the most out of all the efforts you put forth in your life.  Why would you want to put forth 100% effort and only get back 75%, 50% or only 30% for your sweat, hard work and efforts? You don’t.

This is why you must uncover the hidden liabilities, assets and opportunities that are buried in your life and your home.  You can’t possibly get the most out of your efforts until you can understand and identify what they are and where these liabilities, assets and opportunities are hiding.  And everybody has them!

If you are stuck in a dead end job, having a difficult time paying your bills, not making enough to provide the things you want from life, in an unhappy relationship, alone and can’t find that right person or suffering with poor health or children with bad behavior then this course is for you!

Using the simple techniques included in this Home Study 20 Minute Feng Shui Course  you can:

067make wealth, abundance and plenty part of your everyday life,

067attract a tender, adoring and devoted partner,

067 become a magnet for loving, supportive and compassionate  family and friends,

067 enjoy your success with vim, vigor and vitality,

067 become the master of your life situations, scenarios and outcomes,

All these and more can be yours!

When I say hidden what I really mean is hidden in plain site.  Each and every day these real liabilities, assets and most valuable opportunities are looking you square in the eye but you don’t see them.

Once you find them you will see that these things have far more value and impact and substance in connecting you to the outcome you seek to accomplish than you ever imagined.

You can attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want by simply modifying your environment. It’s easier than therapy and cheaper than moving!

“I have used your techniques in Relationship, Career, and Health. The results have been amazing. My husband and I have been more passionate, more caring, and we spend a lot more time together doing things that we both love. My career has also taken a turn for the better. I was just promoted to manager and got a large pay increase, which has changed our lives in a great way.”

Shalee Lalli, Utah

Mine Your Hidden Assets
and Opportunities

While feng shui (pronounced fung-SHWAY) itself is a massive study and complex art of subtle energy, the beauty of it is that “every little bit that you do helps.”

There are many simple things you can do around your home or office to set the foundation for an enriched life full of possibilities.  Everything you apply will bring you that much closer to the outcome you desire.  The more you do the better your life becomes.

You don’t have to travel to take seminars or spend hours of your time on line in webinars.

I have created the 20 Minute Feng Shui course so that you can learn everything you need to know at your leisure and at your own pace right from your own homeI have designed this course so that you can focus on the things that apply directly to you and your life.

You do not have to study the entire complex art and science of electromagnetic fields. I’ve done the heavy lifting for you by refining over 25 years of study, training and experience into simple, easy and practical applications that will change your life.

With only 20 minutes each day you can begin reaping the benefits and securing the wealth, the opportunities and the riches that are yours for the asking.

The 20-Minute Feng Shui course will show you step by step how to remove the liabilities that are holding you back and uncover those hidden assets and create incredible opportunities for abundance, for bliss and for riches in your life.


“My husband and I were experiencing a time when we were like two ships passing in the night. We were drifting apart and I couldn’t seem to get us back on track. He had a late night meeting, I went to dinner with friends, he fell asleep on the couch and I read in bed. I thought about how long it had been since we kissed goodnight and felt very sad. So I looked at the bagua and set out for the romance area of our home which happens to be our office. Now this was going to be challenging, to fit romantic Feng Shui cures into an office environment. But, I love a good challenge and looked at the decor. It wasn’t immediate but slowly we began to seek each other out, eat out together, spend time playing cards together or just chatting over coffee. Call me crazy, but it worked! Oh, and we kiss a lot more too!”

Sallie A. Rodman, California


Turn Your Problems into
Your Greatest Opportunities

There are energies in your home and on and around your property that you have no idea even exist that are creating obstacles and problems in your life.

It is these energies that have been keeping you from achieving the life your desire, holding you back from abundant prosperity, stopping you from having the relationships your desire.

The good news is that tremendous opportunity is always present where these obstacles and problems lye.  These obstacles and problems are your greatest opportunity for growth, prosperity, and happiness.

With the  20 Minute Feng Shui Course you can leverage these obstacles and problems and turn them into your greatest opportunities subtly, easily and automatically.

Feng Shui is the art of placing the objects in your life, home and office in such a way that their energy fields modify the energy already in place to give you what you want more of, and to compensate for energy drains that bring more of what you want less of.

Hence, in its simplest terms, feng shui is the art of placement.

“I had a problem getting along with my son. He was rude, disrespectful and disruptive. I placed a Feng Shui Cure in the relationship corner of the house. It wasn’t too long after that my son and I were communicating better and his tone of voice and actions were changing.”

Sharon C. Ferguson, Louisiana


 Find Out How to Create
A Life Sought After by the Masses

The cost of poor advice is just more of the same.

There are those who have never done it, done it and failed and done it and succeeded.   If you want to succeed take the advice of those who have been successful.

In this 20 Minute Feng Shui course I share with you my secrets to creating a life sought after by the masses:

 066 abundance and prosperity beyond imagination,

 066 loving relationships that fill your heart to overflowing,

 066 personal happiness that brings joy and laugher to every moment of daily life.

I include over 25 years of scholastic and esoteric studies, 35 years of experience and 5 years as a Feng Shui Master’s Apprentice has given me a global perspective of the science of subtle energy.

I incorporate my training and experience as a Certified Interior Designer, Certified Facility Manager and  Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional.

My teachings are not limited to just the Oriental perspective nor do they use ancient methodologies developed for a different time and a different place.

I incorporate global philosophies that are applicable to the here and now, including Native  American, European, Hawaiian and South American.

“I am 28 and just got married last year. I have a good job and my husband does, too. Both of us are still going to some courses to improve our possibilities. These courses require quite large fees and this winter we had difficulties paying a last fee for my master’s. I have read all your tips and decided to improve the prosperity corner. Meanwhile, my mother who knew what problems we had, did the same thing at her house. In about a week, my father-in-law phoned and said I should drop by because he had something to say.  I went there and he gave me an envelope with all the money I needed, saying he received a bonus bigger than he expected and he was giving me the money. I was very impressed. On the other hand, Mother knew all along it would work out. Thank you… Maybe you are the Feng Shui good luck charm.”

Despina Stroe, Romania


What Makes This Course So Unique?

Many of the Feng Shui Tips that you find in books and free web sites only deal with the effects of your problems.  They don’t show you how to eliminate the problem and turn it into your asset.

This is not another one of those books that just dishes out band-aids for what ails you.  The 20 Minute Feng Shui Course is about Solutions!

Just applying generic Feng Shui tips to your home will bring you modest to no results.

“I have been trying Feng Shui for several years with somewhat small results….in just a few days I have found the first 8 cures to be astounding in the turn around of my life….”

 Katherine Finnie, US Military

It is Energy that creates the First Cause of your problems.  In this course you will become skilled at working with Energy.

This course gives you solutions. Unlike most of the Feng Shui books in the market place, in the 20 Minute Feng Shui Course will be trained in how to identify the issues causing the havoc in your life and how to cure them.

You will gain the knowledge of the why, the when, and the how of Feng Shui.  When you are done with this Home Study e-Course you will know how to identify the cause of each problem, how to identify the right cure and how to apply it to every situation.

You will be taught how to identify energy that is damaging you and holding you back from financial success, joy and happiness.  You will also discover how to fix or “cure” these energies and protect your home, your family and your life.

No other Feng Shui practitioner, professional, master will make you this promise. After completing this Home Study 20 Minute Feng Shui Course will be skilled at making Feng Shui work for you, your friends and your family.

I am single, 40 and never seemed to find the right man to marry and start a family with.  I was very near giving up on the chance to find true love.  I followed advice you offered others looking for love.  I concentrated all my efforts on my “romance” corner in my bedroom.  Six months later I met the most wonderful man ever.  We’re engaged and I am a firm believer in Feng Shui.  I practice it at home and at work.  Thank you for your help!”

Lisa Blumetti, Connecticut

Your Action Plan for Success 

Why is it that so many people have success with Feng Shui and others don’t?

Most people fail with Feng Shui because they don’t have an Action Plan.  They dabble around with it, a crystal ball here, a flute there.

If your work Feng Shui, Feng Shui will work for you

I have taken this tremendously complex art and science and created a simple and easy action plan that streamlines the process for you.  Getting you from start to completion in just 101 days or sooner if you choose and on to drawing into your life and manifesting abundant wealth, loving relationships, greater health and more.

This comprehensive course will open you up to joy and happiness and enrichment and fulfillment and financial success—and bring you whatever you choose—without expensive consulting or mumbo jumbo. It isn’t complicated. In fact, for many people it quickly becomes intuitive.

In the 20 Minute Feng Shui Course, after a brief explanation of feng shui, there are 101 “cures”—techniques that show you “how to” and take you step by step in…

 bul_05 identifying and fixing the parts of your environment that are being attacked by outside energies,

 bul_05 identifying and fixing the parts of your environment that drain your energy and reserves,

  bul_05enhancing and adding energy to your property, home and life,

 bul_05 manifesting your goals and dreams.

20 minutes a day is a small price for guaranteed success in your life.

“I have been using your Feng Shui tips!  It absolutely amazes me at how much better I sleep at night since I rearranged and cleared “stored” items from under my bed”

Louise A. Svadeba

You Can Profit with Grace & Ease 

Through the 9 sections of this Home Study 20 Minute Feng Shui Course you will learn how you can create the life you have always dreamed of having: the love, the home, the car, the connection to family, the travel, all of it.  Once you have completed these sections you will have created a whole life.

What do I mean by a whole life?  When your life is whole, everything comes with grace and ease. When parts of your life are not whole, it is like driving your car with a flat tire.  You can get where you want to go but you struggle to get there.

When your home is whole, your life will become whole. Living in grace and ease will become your way of life.  By implementing the simple principles in this Home Study 20 Minute Feng Shui Course you can have everything that you have dreamed of having in your life.

The course will help you pin point the areas of your life you want to improve, enhance or develop.   From there you will be trained how to protect and advance the following areas of your home and life.

This is an outline of the volumes in this 20 Minute Feng Shui Course.  Protecting, developing and enhancing each one of these areas is the recipe for creating a whole life.

  063Volume 1: The Eight Must Do’s for Your Success  
Feng Shui Fundamentals

  063Volume 2:  The Best Offence for Your Life is a Good Defense 
Feng Shui Property Protection Cures

 063 Volume 3: Setting the Foundation for Your Successful Life
Your Foundation and How You are Perceived

  063Volume 4: Creating a Great Life for Yourself
Feng Shui Room by Room

  063Volume 5: Create a Better Experience in Your Bedroom
Rest and Rejuvenation for Energy and Better Health Bedroom Cures

  063Volume 6: Purge Your Life of Un-Wanted Emotions
Processing and Purging

  063Volume 7: Create a Healthy Self Image
Feng Shui Kitchens

  063Volume 8: Success Can Be Yours
Home Office Feng Shui

  063Volume 9: Create the Life You Dream of Living
Feng Shui BaGua

And when you complete all 9 volumes you receive a Certificate of Course Completion.

”Candace has an amazing Feng Shui service.  The first thing she noticed at my place was that all the money coming in my front door was going out my back door. So, I put a cure in place and my bank account has since swelled to six figures! Since then, I’ve had many notable successes, including generating nearly a half million dollars in sales in one hour (a personal best). Does this stuff work?  I don’t know but I’m not changing a thing!”

Carl Galletti, Arizona

Your Purchase is Backed By…   

My Personal 100% Money-Back
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

GuaranteeListen, I want you to be as confident as I am and many other seekers are.  But just in case you wonder whether this e-course can really deliver the life you’ve been waiting for, let me reassure you. I want to make it foolproof for you

I’m so sure about what the 20 Minute Feng Shui Course can do for you that I will personally offer you a 100% money-back guarantee!

Do the beginning and ending inventories and all 101 of these techniques and I absolutely guarantee your life will be much improved.

You may not notice a dramatic difference day by day, but by the time you’ve completed all the techniques, if you do not have more peace and prosperity in your life, I must insist on returning what you paid for the Home Study e-Course.

The truth is, you NEVER have to worry about a refund. Why? Because once you actually put the ingenious strategies and techniques you uncover in 20 Minute Feng Shui to work for you, I’m confident you’re going to hardly believe  the jump in your life..

What is the Cost of Abundant
Wealth and Personal Happiness?

What is your financial success, joy and personal happiness worth?

It’s priceless!

If you knew that you could take a specific course and it would give you the outcome you want, wouldn’t you take it?

Of course you would!

What would you give to have it?

Almost anything as long as it was legal!

In less than two weeks if you skip your morning latte at Starbucks and bring your lunch to work you will save enough money to obtain the inside secrets to achieving abundant wealth and personal happiness.

Well, I just guaranteed you that if you follow and complete this course, you will dramatically change your life.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain  by taking action now.


What is Your Personal Happiness Worth?

What is this e-course worth  (besides your personal happiness)?

Hiring a Feng Shui consultant to come out to your home and just make all the assessments I teach you in this book (assuming that they have all this experience, knowledge and expertise) could cost you as much as $1,000.00 or more for just a One Time assessment.

With this e-course you are purchasing knowledge and wisdom. It becomes yours to use over and over and over for the rest of your life.  You can transform your life and the lives of those you care most about.

The 20 Minute Feng Shui Course consists of  9 download segments.  The Average segments is priced at $49  totaling $441.00.   But if you purchase the entire e-Course (all 9 segments) you get it for the discounted price of only $197.00.  That’s a $244.00 savings or like getting 5 volumes for FREE!

All of this is available to your for the One Time cost of $197.00 and remember that comes with a Certificate of Course Completion and a 100% money-back guarantee.   Click the Add to Cart button below to get started.


20 Minute Feng Shui E-course Download $197.00 


20 Minute Feng Shui E-course Download & CD  $207.00

But Wait! I have more for you

Feng Shui is all about earth energies. There are Cosmic energies in your environment that are external from your personal energies and earth energies.  This is important because what ails you may be a temporary planet alignment and not feng shui.  So you really need to look at earth and cosmic energies.

These cosmic energies include the Sun, Moon and all of the planets major and minor in our solar system and our Universe.  They are often called your Heaven Luck.

There is an old saying:

 “as above, so below”


It references the relationship between what happens in the heavens and what happens to us as individuals.  When there is turmoil in the heavens there is turmoil on the planet.  When the heavens are at peace, the planet is at peace.

At your moment of birth, the Sun, Moon and every planet in our universe was located in a specific constellation of stars at a specific degree.  It is this snapshot in time of the planets that makes up your Natal Astrology.

Many know this as their Sun sign, but, it is more than just your Sun sign that makes up who you are. The combination of planets and stars and their interaction, creates an electromagnetic field that influences who you are.  Initially in your life the location and interaction between the planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury) will influence how: you view life, you respond to life and others react to you.

These planets are called the inner planets and typically deal with your personal energy field. Knowing and understanding this energy field will help you  to gain control over these influences.

The external planets (Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune) their location and interaction will affect the things you draw into your life, the things and situations that are external from you. Understanding these influences will allow you to make quality choices as to what you let into your life and how your respond to it.

In addition to your Natal Astrology, you are influenced daily by the Transiting Aspects.  Transiting Aspects are the present time movement of the Sun, Moon and planets.

There are certain times in life that everyone will encounter major transits or windows of opportunity/challenge to gain control of their life.  Often people see these times as crisis, but they are truly gifts (if you choose to master them).

These transits come into your life to assist you on your journey thru growth.  Understanding these aspects arm you with the knowledge  to know when to act and not to act.

The Natal Heaven Luck report and every monthly Heaven Luck  aspect report cost $19.95 each.  That’s $259.35 but I am making this available to you for only $149.00

Your Heaven Luck Natal Astrology Report & 12 Monthly Heaven Luck Aspect Reports are only $149.  You can click the Add to Cart button below


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But Wait Again!

I am so committed to your success and the benefits your success bring to our planet that I am putting my own personal time on the line.  Yes,  I am including a 1/2 hour personal Feng Shui Consultation to help you navigate the troubled waters of your life.

This special offer includes:

pinthe 20 Minute Feng Shui Course Valued at $197.00

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Look at Your Savings

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Your Life Defining Moment

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