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Feng Shui Creating Love CD

Feng Shui I am Loved CD

Feng Shui I am Loved CD

Feng Shui Creating Love CD will attract the love you desire in your sleep!

“Subliminal/Binaural Beat Technology”

This  “I Am Loved” CD has been created using positive affirmations that will help bring love into your life.  These affirmations will re-program your subconscious to become a magnet for love.  Just look at some of the things that listening to this CD once a day will do for you:

  • re-program your subconscious for relationship or prosperity thinking
  • help you to be more confident
  • shift patterns of not good enough to I deserve
  • override the influence of out grown role models
  • help you create love in you life
  • and more!
    You will start to see subtle shifts in your prosperity consciousness.  Before you know it you will be on your way to feeling “I am loved”!
How does the CD work?

This CD works by playing “binaural beats” – these are sound patterns delivered in stereo.

Your mind synchronizes with the beat patterns and that creates a certain “brainwave state”.

If you’re in a “beta” state, your mind is highly creative and alert. Beta waves are characteristic of a strongly engaged mind.

If you’re in a deeply relaxed state, you’re likely in “alpha”. And that’s what you’ll experience in the demo.

When you can put on a pair of headphones and place your self into any brain state you desire within minutes, you can instantly relax – or turn on your creativity.

That’s where the subliminal messages come in.  In the “alpha” state your mind is ready to receive the messages of Abundant Prosperity.

It’s truly amazing.

Price:  $19.97