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Feng Shui Half Moon & Sun

Feng Shui Half Moon and Sun

Feng Shui Half Moon and Sun

The Half Moon & Sun is a powerful energy tool that gives energy to the space and represents the cycle of completion.

100% of our life force comes from the sun, whether it is directly from the sun, a reflection of the sun off of the moon or stored sunlight in food.  We have all heard the Phrase “the sunny side of the street”.  By placing a representation of the Sun and Moon in your space you will constantly be receiving sun energy.

The cycles of the Moon and Sun move the oceans, controls the seasons and cycles of life.  Subtly, we feel these powerful cycles daily and monthly.  Every day the Sun comes up and when the Sun goes down the Moon shines and when it recedes, the Sun comes up again in the morning completing the cycle.

Every month the Moon rotates around the Sun, another cycle of completion.

The Half Moon & Sun represent these powerful cycles and when place properly they will assist you in completing missing corners in your home or completing and finishing projects, goals and objectives in your life.

The Half Moon & Sun framework is 10” of copper wire. 10 is a higher level of completion and new beginnings and copper is a magnifying agent. The Moon crystal is 50mm and the Sun crystal is 30mm. The total height of the product is approx. 10”.

Price:  $65.95