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Feng Shui Mirror Squares

Feng Shui Mrror Squares

Feng Shui Mrror Squares

Feng Shui Mirror Squares can be just what you need to fix or reflect energy. Mirrors are one of the most utilized cures for Feng Shui ailments because they are so versatile.  Mirrors can be used to reflect and attract energy. They are also used to bring things together.  They are used to complete missing corners or reflect “sha” energy.

Mirror Square can be used to make your home and the rooms in your home whole.  They can also be used to reflect energy for any “Sha” element.

The Mirror Squares are used as cures for many ailments in Feng Shui. The package includes (4) 1″ square mirrors with adhesive backs for indoor use. These mirrors may be used outdoors but will require a silicone adhesive. A package of 4 mirrors will be sufficient to complete a missing corner of your home, reflect the sha energy of a waring cook top and sink, reflect energy back off of a step and cure many more ailments!


Price:  $4.95 package of 4