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The Gentle Cell Plate

Creator Joel Wallach talks about the Why and How of the Powerforms Gentle Cell Plate click here to listen to this free audio

These are just some of the things you can do with the Gentle Cell Plate:

Gentle Cell Balancer

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  • Clear blocked energy patterns from your body and mind
  • Activate greater focus and clarity,
  • Enhance your energy flow yourself up,
  • Activate your Higher Potential,
  • Activate deeper wisdom and bypass years of learning,
  • Cultivate a felt-sense of peace, aliveness, spiritual awareness, well-being and integration,
  • Gently and effectively align your cells with your Future Self’s Positive blueprint.

Gentle Cell Balancer exercises include:

1.  Integration Zones
2.  Cleansing Sweep
3.  Higher Potential
4.  Central Sun Zones
5.  Aura-Freedom
6.  Etheric Integration
7. Life-Force Fountain
8. Tides of Chi
9. Aura Body Unity
10. Cellular Bithday
11. Quiet Zone
12. Galaxy Light
13. Deep Galaxy Pulse
14. Calming Method
15.Energy Re-Patterning
16.Energy flow enhancement
17. Spiritual rejuvenation chamber

I have used the Powerforms intensively in meditation for transmutation and to solve many of my problems. I found it extremely useful to give up that worrying energy and the fear of failure.  Aurelienne D., AuraSoma shop owner, Spiritual Teacher




Receive a Free 3.5″ H Easel with every Powerforms Disk ordered!






Gentle Cell Balancer

Gentle Cell Plate

a smoother, nurturing approach to transformation 6” x 4.5” plate featuring tuned harmonic-geometric copper antennas that activate your cells’ higher potential. Instruction manual included.

Inner transformation you can feel…Use this precision-tuned miracle of cosmic technology to:

Restore the true unique blueprint of your divine nature,
Release layers of toxic and distorted energy vibrations,
Remember your timeless wisdom, waiting within for its activation,
Experience the joy of living that is your birthright.
Place your fingertips on the Gentle Cell-Balancer, as shown n the finger-position diagrams, to experience a Felt Sense of Cellular balance.  You’re an “in circuit” with the transformational energies.  Spiritual healing patterns of transformation flow through your energy pathways, directly into the spiritual cells of the body.  The Gentle Cell-Balancer transmutes negative energy-patterns trapped in your energy-body that confine, limit or distort your true self.  As you release the energy distortions, you are freed to access your true essence.

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Super Charge Your Gentle Cell Experience

In this audio class Joel Bruce Wallach walks you through each of the Gentle Cell Plate 22 exercises.  Learn the when, how and why to do each exercise and what kind of experience to expect. Joel shares with you his personal direction, ideas and  experiences on how to make your Gentle Cell experience more  powerful

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powerforms carry bag

Powerforms Velvet Carry Bag

These beautiful purple velvet bags are great for caring your Powerforms disks .  The divided insert allows you to carry 5 disks keeping them safe from scratching.  5.5″ x 7.75″

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 powerforms intro dvd

Powerform Instruction DVD’s

Introduction to Powerforms
Subtle Energy tools
by Joel Bruce Wallach

*Where Powerforms Come From
*Shape + Material = Effect
*Initial Reactions
*Ease of Use
*Your Experience
*Tools for Modern Time

Introduction to Powerforms is a comprehensive description of the Powerform products. You will learn about how these amazing products came into being. You will learn about the importance of shape & material, initial reactions to when using them yourself. It also includes information on using the disks for long distance work and children. These are state of the art tools for modern times.  Approx 1.5 hour

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powerforms workshop dvds
All the Powerforms

Get Your FREE Powerforms DVD’s

Buy a complete set of Powerforms disks and get “Putting the Powerforms to Use” a 2 DVD set for Free!

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powerforms intro dvd
powerforms workshop dvds
powerforms enchilada offer

The Powerforms Enchilida Offer

Get Your FREE Powerforms Audios & DVD’s

  • Putting Your Powerforms to Use 2 DVD set
  • 1  Intro to Powerfomrs DVD
  • 1 Soul Activator
  • 1 Neutral Space Plate
  • 1 Gentle Cell Balancer
  • 1 Super Cell Balancer
  • 1 Portal Plate
  • 1 Serenity Star Shield
  • 6 Powerform Audio MP3 Downloads

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