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Center-Point Stress Relief

Center-Point Stress Relief

Center-Point Stress Relief

Center-Point Stress Relief If you’re feeling frazzled lately, you’re not alone. When your emotions are going every which way, and your mind is preoccupied with so many matters, then your body will feel burdened by the pressure. This is happening to millions of people on the planet, and yet each of us can best address our own pressure by learning how to unite our emotions, mind, and body within our center. . .

Hold one of your Powerforms between your palms, prayer-style. You could position your hands in front of your heart, or rest your hands in your lap. This unites your left and right body energies, so that the energies actually flow to one of your main center-points: The amazing zone between your palms. As the Powerforms plate helps dissolve chaotic energy, it also helps your left and right sides unite peacefully.

Now you’re ready to release some of your concerns. As you sit with your Powerform between your palms, let one of your current issues come to your awareness. Let the energy of that concern flow out your arms, and into the center-point space between your palms. Don’t try to find a solution. Just be with this energy experience, so that the confused energy can transform itself. You may experience little jolts of energy or emotion as the energy vibrations of the problems smooth and transform themselves.

Now bring the centered energy between your palms up into your arms and into your spine– another of your center-points. The Powerforms plate will help you receive this centered energy easily, for as your palms become centered, they receive universal energy directly from the universe. As the centered energy returns to your spine, you feel renewed, refreshed, and ready to experience life, each wonderful moment by moment.

Affirmations for centering Sit comfortably, hands in prayer position, with your Powerform between your palms, and feel these affirmations resonating within your body and mind: It is safe for me to be present in this blessed present moment.  I breathe safely and easily in this present moment.  My mental energies return to my inner center-point now.  My emotional energies return to my inner center-point now.

Welcome to your center-point, your place of inner transformation. May your inner peace and wisdom bring you and yours blessings in wonderful ways!