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Grounded Feeling

Grounded Feeling

Grounded Feeling

Grounded Feeling begins¬†with a nice grounded feeling. You’re connected with the ground– the center of the earth– all the time. Yet, your ground connection quality becomes blocked through lack of attention, preoccupied thoughts, poor food, conflicting emotions, and other causes. Powerforms can help you clear the grounding blocks and regain your stability. The Powerforms are interactive– they unite your real world of the physical plane with the subtle plane of your mind and soul. This step-by-step technique combines gentle hand motions with your imagination:

As you hold one of your Powerforms, and make a slow sweeping motion from the center of the earth all the way up to the surface of the earth, and into your body. Then, slowly sweep back down again to the center of the earth. You’re actually holding the Powerform in your hand, and you’re actually sweeping it, yet you’re using imagination to access the center of the earth, and to imagine the Powerform sweeping through your body.

As you sweep your grounding connection, notice any subtle awareness of blocks, and slowly sweep through these. Take extra time and sweeping motions in any stuck places between your feet and the center of the earth. You are actually clearing blocks in your grounding connection. Whether from thoughts, emotions, or past karma, you are creating a good grounding connection in the present moment. . . your moment of power.

Activating your higher potential with earth energy:

The center of the earth contains advanced universal energy, as well as earth-plane energy. Use your intention to bring the universal or divine energy upwards from the earth, through your grounding cord, and into your body. Sweep energy between your body and the cosmic earth energy to activate renewal of body, mind, and soul. The infinite potential within the planet wants to help you. You are more capable of manifesting your higher potential than you may have realized. Let the higher planetary essence energies awaken your infinite essence within.

Welcome to 2009, your year to manifest your higher potential, starting with this moment!