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2004 Feng Shui Questions & Answers


My address is 2402 Albert Avenue. We live in a basement suite, so our entrance is in the back. When you walk in, you go directly downstairs. Do I use this as my main entrance? Is there a problem with the stairs? Is there anything wrong with the address? If I have to add numbers with clear nail polish, does it matter if they are in front of the others or at the end, and do I put them together if there is more than one to add. Thank you so much for your help you have a great website.

Put a mirror facing up the stairs. That will help. Address is fine. Basements are not the best places to live. 

I live in a 2-bedroom bungalow. The window is sealed shut in one bedroom. What can I do to bring good Chi into the room and what colors are best for a man born June 4, 1947, and a woman born April 15, 1951? I love your site your questions and answers are wonderful.

Add full spectrum light bulbs to that room. Yellow for him, Red for her.

The shape of our house is rectangular with the Relationship/Marriage corner located in our laundry/storage/mess area. My sister and I are past the marrying age and have never had any serious relationships. My brother is divorced and, likewise, does not have any lasting relationship. I live in our house with my mother and two of my divorced brother's kids. I want to marry someday and have a happy family. I was born January 25, 1962 at sunset in the Philippines, and would be very thankful for your advice on how I change things for the best.

Hang a heart in your Relationship corner. Clean up the area of the exact corner. Put up a picture of a couple on the wall. Put a Red envelope behind it with affirmations thankful for a good marriage and a happy romantic relationship one will happen for you. We have a brand new product that will be available in November. It's called "Attracting Romance." You can call us at 877 372 8737 for information.

I have just bought a small patch of land and want to build a workshop on it to carry out aircraft engine inspections and repairs. What would be the best direction to have the door, office and window facing? The building will be square on a quiet road beside an airfield; I can put the doors, windows and office on any of three sides East, South or West. North is blocked by a hanger. I am a Virgo, born September 15, 1955. Can you do a consultation over the Internet?

Call 877 372 8737 for full consultations. Door facing South is best.

My husband and I (2 children plus one more on the way) live in a busy apartment complex. Our street number is 6697, and our apartment number is 36. Since we moved into this apartment almost a year ago, we have all become frequently sick, grouchy, seem to lack creativity and inspiration, and we all have had trouble sleeping. On a few occasions, when we have gone out of town and slept somewhere else, such as a hotel, we slept pretty well. None of us have the foot of our beds directly across from the door; my husband and I have our bed's headboard on the North wall (same with the baby). Our 9-year olds room has a closet on the North wall and a big window on the East wall, so we have the head of his bed on the South wall for now. We are miserable in this apartment in spite of our best efforts, and we are not sure why. In case you need to know our birth dates, mine is February 22, 1969; my husband's is December 7, 1966; our 9-year old was born March 10, 1990, and the baby's birth date is 7/25/98.

Put a mirror facing the door in your bedroom. Keep all bathroom doors close when sleeping. Have bedroom doors closed, also. Add a "6" and a "1" with clear nail polish to your address. 

I hope you can help me with my bedroom, which is presently in turmoil. I moved the bed from the Northern wall (same side as door) to the Eastern wall under a window that boasts a view of fields and mountains. I have a good view out the doorway now, but moved my bureau, which has a mirror attached, so it didn't reflect the bed. It now reflects the door. My husband (Kua 2) wants the Eastern view back, instead of behind him, whereas, I (Kua 6) enjoy the present setup with the open space at the foot of the bed. The room is more rectangular than square. I need marital harmony in my life and hope you can set me right.

It can be helped by placing the bed in a corner catty corner. It is a safe compromise.

I was born August 9, 1928, and my wife was born November 24, 1932 that makes me from the year of the Dragon and her, the year of the Monkey. My understanding is that my front door should face South, hers should face North. What should we do? Our front door faces North, and our address is 222; the house was built in 1950.

Add two "1's" to your address with clear nail polish. Put a Ba-Qua mirror over your front door. Circle the three "2's" you have in your address with clear nail polish, and circle it clockwise. 

You can order the mirror from us at http://www.artofplacement.com/FengShui/product.htm.

I have been living in my house for two years with a roommate. I have always enjoyed my small room and feel good about the layout. However, a new housemate will be moving in October 1st, and I will be switching to the bigger room. The shape and size is complete different to my present room, and when I try to envision how it will be, I can't seem to come up with the right scenario. It's twice as big, and the windows are up higher. As you walk in the door (facing South), there is a long wall to the Left with no windows, a short wall in front with one low window, a long wall to the Right with two high windows, and to the immediate Right around a corner, there is the closet. I have a queen bed, small bedside table, large dresser, a bookshelf, one round mirror, many photos, and plants. I am wondering where to place my bed and other items to make it feel like a sanctuary for sleep and peace. My dog will also be sleeping in the room.

Put your bed with your feet facing the door. I can't tell by the way you have worded your question what the directions of each wall are. If you email me again and give me this information, I'll give you a more in-depth answer.

I moved across country to follow my job with my significant other. Since that time our love life has changed for the worse and so has our financial situation. Our townhouse faces NE, and the number is 181. I was born May 4, 1947. Is there something that we can do to change this situation?

Add a "6" and a "1" to your address in clear nail polish. For best results, book a full consultation with me by calling 877 372 8737.

I was born on February 2, 1947. Some books say if a person is born in January or early February to use the previous year as your actual birth year. Should I use 1946 or 1947?

You are correct in using the year before.

If the number of a house has a letter after it, e.g., 33a, would that add up to 7?

No, use the numbers only.

My question is about my sister and her children. She's a single mother living in Brazil with her two children, ages 5 and two. My sister's birthday is September 12, 1969; her son's is January 13, 1994, and her daughter's is August 3, 1998. They live in a one-bedroom apartment and all sleep together in a king-size bed. They are having a difficult time since her divorce months ago. Any suggestions?

She can put all three of their pictures in the Money corner. Put a picture of a fountain with a light shining on it in the Money corner, too. Things will improve.

I am new to Feng Shui. I have lots of problems where I currently reside. My son, husband and I have lived with my parents the last three years. We cannot seem to get enough money together to move out. I recently found out that our bathroom is in the worst possible place in the house the toilet is located in the Left corner. I was told to put a bottle and glass of rice on top of the toilet. Does this help? How do I keep money from flowing right out of my hands? I need to move out soon.

Put a picture of fish in your bathroom. Put a picture of you, your son, and mother together in the Relationship corner. Things will improve.

Thanks for a great website! I was born on October 6, 1967 in Brazil, and my husband was born on November 15, 1964. We rent a house address is 3563 and the outside is being painted White and Blue. Is this OK?

The colors are fine.

Our house faces South but is located in front of a "T" in the road. The house is slightly elevated about the "T." The door faces a straight road. What should be done?

Put a Ba-Qua mirror over your front door. Hang crystals in all of the windows facing the street.


One year ago, my husband (February 13, 1969) and I (May 5, 1967) and our two daughters (March 23, 1994 and July 2, 1996) bought our first home at 2507 Knighthill Lane. Was this a good choice? Is there anything we can do to promote good health and good fortune to be more in tune with life?

Add a number "3" to your  address  with clear nail polish. 

I was born February 2, 1957 at 6:14 p.m. in Atlanta, Georgia. My boyfriend was born April 11, 1955 at 5:50 p.m. twenty miles East of Atlanta. He has moved to the Caribbean to take a very good job and wants me to move to be with him. I found him after placing some specific cures and affirmations in my Relationship area. The relationship is fairly new but very intense, and I believe that we are soul mates. Is the move a good idea for me? What kind of a relationship will we have? I am very happy with the Feng Shui in my house right now, and I am worried about what may happen when I start to pack everything up to move.

I would go to the Caribbean on a trial basis for two weeks to see how you like it and how you two relate there. If it seems good, then go home and pack and move without worry. Just Feng Shui your new place and things should be fine.

I was born on March 31, 1951, and my former boyfriend was born August 5, 1945. I want to know if there is hope for restoring our relationship and what I can do to help it along. Or should I let it go?

Always, there is hope. Put your pictures in your Relationship corner. Contact him and see what happens.


I was born April 15, 1951, and my husband was born June 4, 1947. How do I activate all four corners of my 2-bedroom bungalow to bring prosperity?

I would add plants to my corner, either real or fake. In the corners you put Red envelopes with affirmations written as if they have come true already. I would put an Obelisk in my Money corner, a Heart in my Relationship corner. I would also order our programmed crystals for each corner. (http://www.artofplacement.com/FengShui/product.htm)

Thank you for all your help. How do I purchase your programmable crystals? Can I send a cheque? Who do I make it payable to? What is the address? How much in Canadian funds?

Please call 877 372-8737 for those answers, and we will get you the crystals.

We purchased our house some years ago, and I did not feel comfortable here. After a lot of talking, I agreed that we would renovate the house and we have done so. Generally, we seem to experience ill health and feelings of depression and despair. We have always been gregarious and happy in the past, and this is causing us some anxiety. How do I go about getting a consultation with you in Auckland, New Zealand? Is there someone you would recommend to help us through these difficulties? I have recently lost my job and things are becoming a little grim. Can you help?

You may call and book an appointment by using the US country code, then 877 382-8737. We can do it by your faxing a diagram, and then we can do the reading over the phone. I'd like to help you.

Thank you for your coming response. My birth date is February 1, 1962. I am looking to buy 10+ acres in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I plan to build a log home within five years. An at-home office is necessary as I work out of my home. I am looking for Southern exposure with some trees. I hope to be able to have a garden. Do you have suggestions to help me determine the right property?

I would look at Sarah Rossback's book, "Feng Shui Interior Design." You may order her book from us (http://www.artofplacement.com/books.htm). It has a diagram of the ideal home placement on your property.

I have constant pain in my neck. Have been to the doctor numerous times. Gives me tablets. How can I absorb the pain and just forget about it?

You can see a chiropractor and have him/her adjust your neck to put it back into place.

Am moving to a new home (875 #1) and was born in the year of the Horse (fire). My bedroom is located at the farthest right-hand corner of the house, and the water closet is in the Relationship area. I would like your advice on water closet's direction and where I should I put the headboard. The bedroom window is at the West, and the East side is a closet with the door located on the Left side and, beside it, is the bathroom door. I was hoping to have my bed with head pointing to the West. Is it ideal or not? Also, how will I enhance my personal life and work?

I would rather your headboard was up against the North. If not possible, make sure your feet face the doorway.

I have just finished reading my first book on Feng Shui, written by Simon Brown. He states that when moving to a new home, it is of great importance to choose the right direction and doing so at the right time of the year would be to one's advantage. Can you help us choose the right direction? My wife was born on December 9, 1955, and my birth date is September 8, 1948. Our youngest daughter was born on April 6, 1988. I hope this is enough information for you. When we have found our new location, we would like a consultation.

You want your front door to face South.

I have been diagnosed with a serious illness this past year, suffer financial difficulty, and am terribly unhappy. I was born August 6, 1957. My husband was born July 27, 1952. Our address is 104. Do you have any advice that might help me?

I would add a "3" to my address number on the house or mail box with clear nail polish. Your astrology shows a mineral deficiency. I would take a good liquid mineral. If you will like to book a consultation, call 877 372-8737.  Click on this link to find out more about the meanings of numbers and how to fix them,  

I am new to Feng Shui and have a read a few books on the subject. I am not ready to start arranging the items in my home to make for the flow of Chi. My Kua number is 6 West (birth date August 8, 1964), and my husband's Kau number is 4 East (birth date June 4, 1963. What is the best place to position our bed?

Number One, you should have your feet facing the door. I would have my head to the North for the best positioning for both of you.

My parents' house (#1193) is home to me (birth date April 21, 1961, my two daughters (birth dates January 25, 1992 and November 16, 1993. I am engaged to a man born March 14, 1959, and am just learning about Feng Shui. The house faces a "T" intersection, and I plan to place a Ba-Qua mirror outside above the entrance. I understand how to orient the Ba-Qua for the entire house, but how does that effect the second floor? Is the entrance considered at the top of the staircase or are the corners on the second floor of the same orientation as dictated for the first floor entrance?

All three floors are set from the front entrance of the house. Plus, you have the same corners from the entrance to each room.

Thank you for your great and informational site. I was given a Buddha Green with his arms outstretched and hands above his head. What is the proper and most auspicious placement of him in my home? What corner?

I would place him in the Wealth corner of the living room.

My birth date is February 6, 1962, and my husband was born April 1, 1960. Our address is 3425. The cash flow in the office has ceased since my family, as well as our business partners, moved into our new homes. Since our move I have not had any energy most of the moving clutter is put away except the home office, which is in the East. A family room downstairs (NE) and bonus room upstairs (NE) are not yet furnished. Our Master bedroom is in the SW on the second story; living room is downstairs at the SW. Front door faces East. Also, we have fireplaces on South walls of living room and master bedroom. Any advice would be appreciated.

Add a "3" to your address numbers with clear nail polish. I think it would be in your best interest to call for a full consultation. You can reach us at 878 372-8737.  Click on this link to find out more about the meanings of numbers and how to fix them,  

I purchased a ceramic Prosperity frog that holds a Jade coin in is mouth. Where should I place it in my home?

In your Money corner.

I am building a house. My office will be in the Wealth corner of my home. The Wealth corner of my office is the same corner. I am considering the placement of my desk diagonally so that I set in the Wealth corner with a small table and several plants behind me directly in the corner. I will have several computers on the desk and would be facing the door with a window on both the walls to my Left and to my Right. There is a second door in the Relationship corner of the room set in a small foyer, so it's not visible from the entrance. This second door leads to a large deck, also accessible from the living room and master bedroom, but not accessible from the outside. It is over the above-ground daylight basement. Would this be suitable arrangement? My birth date is January 4, 1950.

It sounds good for Wealth corner. I don't like a door in your Relationship corner of your office.

My daughter, born November 5, 1990, just signed with a talent agent and has finished all her classes now it's time to interview print and commercial agents. She really enjoys this so far. Will she do well and what can we do to help? Her long-range goals are to be a pediatrician (since she was 4). Is this a good field? We are hoping the acting jobs work out to save money for college.

On her career wall place the affirmations that "you are so thankful that she is in and successful of the career of her choice." Make sure there are plants in her New Knowledge corner.

I would like to buy a beautiful print of three swans in water for my East living room wall. It is done by a renowned wildlife artist. Is it good Feng Shui to have "3" swans?

It will be fine.

My husband and sister own and operate a business located between two streets. The front entrance, which is used only by the mailman, has an address that adds up to "5" this is the address that's used for the business. The back entrances there are 2, each entering from different directions have different addresses and lead to the parking area and are used primarily. The building, itself, is oddly shaped with parts of two corners missing, When placing the Ba-Qua, which entrance should be used?

Use the entrance that most people use to enter your business. This where you place the Ba-Qua.

My daughter is undergoing treatment for leukemia and will be hospitalized for a long period of time. Any suggestions?

Reflect all power poles away from the house. I would place a picture of her on your family health wall before she got sick.

What is the Red moneybox in Feng Shui and how should it be used?

I would use it in your Money corner. Me, I use an open bowel with Chinese coins in it.

Thank you so much for your help in the past. My husband and I try to implement what we've learned from reading Feng Shui books and from the questions and answers on your website. I am a Pisces, born on February 23, 1961, and my husband is a Cancer (July 18, 1961; our street address is 6936. My concern is that my husband is quite good at what he's doing (mechanical engineer), but seems to have difficulty finishing his projects because many of his coworkers run to him for help instead of their supervisor. We placed a Ba-Qua mirror and a Red tassel at the Success corner, plants all around his cubicle, and there is a water fountain we want to place but don't know where. Which is the best place Wealth corner or Career corner? If it's in the Career corner, it's the entrance to his office where would we place it? Thank you you've made a lot of lives happy and hopeful.

I would put it in my Money corner. Also, I would place a mirror facing out at the entrance to his cubicle so he is disturbed less.

I am part of a sacred music group (musicians and singers). We perform chant music of India. Recently, one of the other women in the group has begun to play and collect the same type of instrument I have been playing for several months. I feel her action is an encroachment on me, musically and physically. What can I do? I live in Los Angeles, California. I rent an apartment in a small 8-unit building. My front door opens toward the Southeast. Most of the time, we play at yoga schools that are close to the beach (Pacific Ocean).

I would put a picture of her in my Relationship corner, along with your own.

My bed faces a bureau with a large mirror. The bureau and mirror are attached to each other and cannot be moved to another location in the room. Everything else in my room is placed exactly where it should be, according to Feng Shui. Is there something I can do to offset the mirror? I can place a sheet over the mirror, but this seems very impractical. Would a large picture over the bed, facing the mirror help?

Put a mirror facing the bureau mirror that will fix your problem.



There is a bathroom located in my wealth life station. Since I've moved into this apartment I've had a problem with making and holding onto money. Moving is not an option right now and I also cannot stop using this bathroom. Is there anything that I can do to help solve this problem?

Hang a red tassel over the toilet front the ceiling. Keep the lid down when the toilet is not in use. Flush toilet with lid down. Put a hanging plant, real or silk in the money corner. Keep bathroom door closed at all times.

I am married by the legal part with my husband but I would like very much to get married by the church but since my husband had been married by the church 20 years ago he needs to request a "divorce" which is a difficult thing to go thru and my husband has not done anything and I don't know what to do because he told me that yes he would like us to married by the church but he has done nothing, please help me, I already put a pair of nice ducks in our room, a peony flower, a red heart, red bows in the four legs of our bed etc, what else should I DO? But something really effective please, also I put a cinnabar in the relations door.

Add red to the corner. Put your affirmations as to what you want to happen in a red envelope. Write affirmations in the present tense. The put them in your relationship corner.  Article on writing affirmations: http://www.artofplacement.com/how%20to%20use%20feng%20shui%20baqua.htm

I recently found your site on Feng Shui. I copied the section involving the setting of affirmations etc. While writing my affirmations I became aware of a tingly sensation in my hands and lower arms. Is this as a result of paying more attention to my Chi? I have also had nothing but good thoughts since adding red dots to my furniture and electrical equipment. Can I expect this to last, I am rather enjoying it!

It sounds like you were really focused on your affirmations so the tingling sensation might be from that. You can expect your thoughts to keep there harmony as long as dots are up and you don't make changes.

I'd like to apply Feng Shui to my life:

Place it over your front door facing out. It changes Sha to chi. The wealth corner is on the far left corner of the apartment. If this is not understandable send a diagram of your apartment. Put plants in all corners of the house. Read answers to other peoples questions on the web site for ideas on how to use mirrors.

link for Baqua Mirror:  http://www.artofplacement.com/feng%20shui%20mirrors.htm 

I live in an apartment which has been converted from a large house. The house number is 9 and the house faces North. There are only two flats and I live on the top floor. The main door faces North and the entrance into my area from the ground floor is through my door facing West. Immediately on opening the door there is a large window, which has curtains covering it, and is kept shut. From the door turn left, and upward via stairs is the main living area. Underneath the stairs, the ground floor occupant has a small toilet and bathroom. Going up the stairs there is a wall and to the right another large window. This wall is the wall of the toilet the entrance, of which faces the bedroom. How can I increase prosperity and improve relationship as both are suffering?

Put plants in your money corner and your relationship corners. Hang a heart in your relationship corner. Burn candles to both corners. Write affirmations in the present tense and put them in both the relationship and wealth corners.

Link for lifestations & affirmations:  http://www.artofplacement.com/how%20to%20use%20feng%20shui%20baqua.htm 

I have enjoyed visiting your site. It is very informative. I have suffered financial losses in my business. The wealth & prosperity centers are located in a bedroom closet. I have hung two photos of waterfalls in the closet. Any suggestions to make major improvements would be very welcome. I would like to book an appointment .

Put plants in the money corner with waterfall pictures. Put affirmations with red envelope on money goals in the present tense. Call Wind & Water for appointment by leaving your phone # and I will call you to schedule and appointment.  

Link for lifestations & affirmations:  http://www.artofplacement.com/how%20to%20use%20feng%20shui%20baqua.htm 

The Northeast corner of my house is not a complete square. There is a small concrete patio there. I want to plant a tree as close as possible to the true corner of the house to square up the house. I am wondering if there are any guidelines to what type of tree to plant, as well as should it be a small or large tree. I want to plant a smaller tree and am leaning toward a small cherry tree.

A small tree, such as a cherry tree will work fine.

I am unsure how to apply the Ba Gua to our L shaped apartment. The short arm of the L falls in the Knowledge sector, if we consider the Knowledge sector extended. Alternatively, if we view the front door as opening onto the Yin/Yang and the apartment as missing the Career and Helpful People sectors, then we have an octagon compatible with the Ba Gua. How should we view this?

Put two mirror square opposite each other on the walls where the "L" appendage starts to jut out. This will make two different rooms. Then apply the BA-Qua to each of them.

Link for lifestations & affirmations:  http://www.artofplacement.com/how%20to%20use%20feng%20shui%20baqua.htm 

Link for mirror squares:   http://www.artofplacement.com/feng%20shui%20mirrors.htm 

In the master bedroom in my townhouse I have a door to the bathroom, which is in the prosperity section. At present I have a full length mirror on it. My financial and other prosperity has not been the best. Any other suggestions?

Keep the bathroom shut at all times. Keep the lid down at all times. Flush the toilet with the lid down. Put red dot on ceiling above the toilet.

On this web site you show us the diagram of the 8 physical life stations and how to determine where they are in your building. Could you use the same concept with an apartment? The wall with the front door being career, etc.?

Yes. Place the career side of the Ba-Qua at the front door.

I'm studying Feng Shui from 6 o 7 different books and am confused as there is conflicting advice on this issue. How is the Baqua place on an upper floor particularly if the staircase is against the wall and the stairs end at a small landing before, say, the back wall or a small bathroom. I've read that the "front door" would be considered as:

Use the front door on the main floor as your orientation point.

This past fall you did my home. I gave you a picture of my blue house, before the additions and color changes. We are now putting up the open beam across the "great room". Do I put dragons on both ends, no dragons, dragons on one side, etc. Also, we are looking for end tables for the great room. I found a pair of antique weathered grey wooden Fu Dogs that came from the Philippines and possibly a temple or home. I could cut the bases down about 2 inches and put glass on them. I like them, but would they be good Feng Shui?

Hang two flutes at 45 degrees angle on both ends of the beam. No Dragons. Have Dogs face each other and it will be fine. Nice hearing from you.


We seem to be on the verge of bankruptcy all the time. It is very close to us again. I don't feel confident in doing or making suggestions to my husband about changing things inside our house. I would, however, like to know if the outer arrangement of our house has anything to do with our financial problems? It is situated on a hill, L-shaped with a lot of trees in the back, and the back drops down. We are putting a water pool in the front and I have put another walk from the house through the front yard, which is made up of flagstones (we don't have any grass). The veranda has some square posts and when you walk into our house the first thing you see is a bathroom. I try to make everyone close the door but they don't always do it. Can I do something about that? I would like to do something to help change things for my husband. He is a very hard worker.

Putting the water pool in the front will help, especially if you shine light on the water. The other things you are doing will help. With the bathroom entrance you must keep the door shut at all times. Make sure the toilet lid is down when not in use, this is a must. The "L" shape of your house can be fixed by shining a light back at the house from the missing corner to square off the house.

My teenage son is a west group kun, but must live in a southeast bedroom, his "difficulties" area of our Chien house. What can I do in his bedroom to deal with the negative energy? The door and closet doors are in the northwest and west.

I would add plants real or silk to the corners of his room or hang pictures of nature near the corners. Also, hang a sun and moon in his room and keep the closet door shut when not in use.

What is the financial/economic (and other) effects of living in a valley where there are mountain ranges spanning from southeast to west? The southeast mountains are 1-2000 feet high, and intermediate in distance (several miles). The south mountains are highest (6-8000 feet) and farthest away (about 10 miles). The southwest/west mountains are nearest (about 1 mile away), and 2000 feet high. These noticeably block the sun in the afternoon and evening (especially when the sunpath is low during winter).

It is best to live in the north or east of the valley for prosperity. If the valley is located in the northern hemisphere, it can drain you to live in the south of the valley.

Thank you very much for the answer about the back wealth slanted door. You told me not to open it, but that is the only door connected to the hallway leading to the restroom. I have to open the door. The front door of the store faces the parking lot with an arrow of a row pointing at our front door, plus there are parking spaces in front of our store's porch. Between the arrow and the parking spaces, there is a perpendicular row. For ten years, we haven't made good money in this store.

Hang a Ba-Qua mirror (which you can order through this site) facing out over the front door to the parking lot. That should solve your problem.

link for Baqua Mirror:  http://www.artofplacement.com/feng%20shui%20mirrors.htm 

What about exterior design? I'm in the process of designing a deck at the back of our house. The back of the house faces west and the back door opening is at the extreme right-hand side (facing out) along this west edge. The door opening is about 3 feet off the ground. I do not want to build your typical rectangular deck -- it just doesn't feel right. What do you suggest?

A half moon shaped desk will give you powerful energy while sitting on it. It will also send positive energy constantly into your house.

If a front door faces south (or any other direction), is the front considered north when entering it? In other words, is the entrance always considered north no matter which direction the entrance of the building is facing? Also, I assume this holds true when entering any other room -- the entrance of the room is always north?

When and only when your front door faces south are you entering from the south facing north. When you enter a room, the direction is whatever the door is facing. The BA-Qua shape or life stations are always oriented from the door.

I will be having some corrective facial cosmetic surgery in early August and would like to know if there is anything in Feng Shui to ensure a successful outcome and a faster healing time?

You should have an astrologer check to see if this is a good time for your surgery. Also, put a red envelope on your family wall. Put an affirmation in the envelope thanking the universe for having had such a successful surgery and fast recovery.

The street address of our new home adds up to 3. Our apartment number also adds up to 3. What does this mean? Is there something we should do because of this?

It means communications and is fine. It also represents the trinity.

My house directly faces a cemetery. What effect does this have on me and what can I do about it? I might add that it is a lovely cemetery where people are allowed to plant flowers, bushes & trees. My house number is 1313 and my house faces the east.

The Chinese will not live within 5 miles of a cemetery. It is a very negative situation. You can put up a Ba-Qua Mirror to reflect away the Sha. I would sell my house and move as soon as possible. The address, however, is very good. It means prosperity.

link for Baqua Mirror:  http://www.artofplacement.com/feng%20shui%20mirrors.htm 

You say the life stations are determined by the location of the front door. However, I have read several Feng Shui books that say they are determined by the direction on the compass. According to you, my relationship corner would be in the far right corner of my home, but according to the compass, it is in the southwest corner. How do I know which method is accurate?

The method I recommend has worked for me with wonderful results for over 40 years. Try it and see if it works for you. I feel sure it will. The Hawaiians say, "if it works, its 'Huna'."

Is Feng Shui of Asian origin? Do you advise people in California about their home decor? We are of Italian extraction and we are wondering how Feng Shui would coordinate with Mediterranean decor?

Yes, Feng Shui is of Asia origin, taught to Asian masters by immortals. Yes, I do advise several people in California on the home decor. You may email me for an appointment.

I do not have a specific question about Feng Shui to ask you, but I do have a question. I am very interested in learning the art of Feng Shui and was wondering what the best way to do this is? I am also extremely interested in studying Shamanism and other spiritual arts. Do you have any advice or guidance for me?

You can start by reading the books recommend on this site. I teach Shamanism & Feng Shui, so keep an eye on our Web site for announcements of future classes.


I am a student of architecture at LSU. My assignment is to design a meditation space and I want to incorporate Feng Shui. I am interested in any information you can send my way.

You want a very simple room, sound proof if possible, in a part of the house or building with the least distractions. It should also be well ventilated and have plants. There should also be a focus point in the room.

I have a question. I have two bedrooms, both with mirrored sliding closet doors. No matter where you position the bed you see yourself in the mirrors. I know there a many cures in Feng Shui but I have not seen one for this. Can I use crystals? Please don't tell me to remove the doors -- they take up the whole wall of both bedrooms.

My first recommendation is to replace the mirror doors with wood doors. If this is not possible, then put red dots where the mirror splits and put mirrors on the opposite wall counterbalancing cutting effects.

Hi there. I just found out about Feng Shui and I am totally taken by it. I love it and I want to live in a totally self-supporting spiritual community/center. I want to design it Feng Shui style. I also want to build my own home. I was wondering if there are Feng Shui floor plans for self supporting homes?

This would have to be accomplished by hiring an architectural firm that designs self-supporting homes and a Feng Shui Consultant. We are not aware of an existing source of information that contains both of these requirements.

I would like to decorate my wealth corner accordingly. I have read that color purple and number 4 are related to wealth. Please help.

The number 4 means death as does the color white. In some numerology schools it means hard work and responsibility. Put a plant in your wealth corner. The color purple can also be used. Burning candles to the corner and shining lights will help to ad chi to the wealth. Also, put affirmations in a red envelope in this life station.

My apartment building has been altered from its original design by having all the 1 bedroom units split into bachelors and singles. Mine is a single with the door that used to connect to the adjoining apartment located in my hallway. The bachelor unit is to the left of my apartment entrance and the sealed hallway door is also on the left. I currently have a clothes hamper there. Is there any negative effect from this and how can it be counteracted?

Put a mirror on the wall facing that door. Hang something red on the inside of the door.

I have been having very bad luck for quiet some time now and need help.

Put your picture in your wealth corner with the affirmation "I will be of service to all." Make steps to help others and your luck will change.

What are the colors and their meaning that will give positive results in the daily lives of people belonging to these astrological signs: Aries, Virgo and Sagittarius?

Virgos: deep blues increase your ability to communicate and work on your weakness of intestines and bowels. Sagittarius: deep blues work on weakness of the hips, thighs and muscles. Aries: reds work on weakness of head, face and brain.

I live in an apartment and neighbors complaint about the chimes -- is it OK to have chimes inside without the sound or is it the sound that is the activator? Also is it OK to have a plant in my northern sector, one book I read recommends having one but another book says that plant (wood) exhaust water.

Yes, the sound is the cure. You may use a mobile or wind sock in the place of chimes. A live plant with water will be good for the corner. A fountain with plants will also work.

I'm 29 and single. As many other singles I would like to get married someday. I've read that Feng Shui can help to increase that possibility. Could you tell me some simple things that I could do to enhance the relationship area of my life.

Put affirmations of what type of mate you would like in a red envelope in the relationship corner. Write how thankful you are that you have found the mate you wanted. Put a picture of yourself and the type of man you want in the same corner. Also, put a red heart in this corner. Treat as many relationship corners as possible. Also add flowers or plants.

This house in which we live has always had problems with the plumbing. No matter who we've called in to repair the problem, it always comes back. Plumbers have found no reason for the leaks. We have one in the bathroom at the side of the tub nearest the shower which is particularly baffling. Mirrors, plants and crystals haven't seemed to help. We've changed the flapper ball in the toilet tank more times than I can count. The water is forever deciding to fill the tank when the unit hasn't been flushed. Pipes have been changed. I've tried purifying the best I know how. Please, if you can help, I'd really appreciate any suggestions. It's been this way for twenty years.

You should hang something red over all drains and toilets in the house. Add a fountain or a bird bath to both the front and rear of the house.

Our home faces south and is shaped with the middle part set back or missing. Is there something that can be done to bring this together to give the feel of a complete rectangle?

Add a lattice work with gate across opening creating a square house.

The back wall of our store is slanted and the wealth corner has a slanted back door.

Put two small mirror squares on the floor in back corners facing up. Do not use back door.

Link for  Mirror Squares::  http://www.artofplacement.com/feng%20shui%20mirrors.htm 

The main part of my house is painted yellow (my favorite color), I think this is not too good but I can't repaint at the moment. My house number is 44, I was born on 4/14/60 at 4:00 AM exactly -- all those fours. My front door faces the back glass doors. I have put a large silk tree in front of the back door and have set up a plant and photos in my relationship corner -- but still no luck. Please advise as to what else to do. My son left home. I cannot seem to establish a relationship or hold a job.

Put a mirror facing the front door above your glass doors. Hang a mobile between the opposing doors. Put your son's picture with yours in the relationship corner. Write positive affirmations about the relationship and put it in the relationship corner. Put job affirmations in your wealth corner as if you already have a job, thanking the universe for it.

What is the significance of numbers in Feng Shui? Are some good and some bad? What about directions? My front door faces west -- is this good or bad?

Numbers are very significant. 8 is my favorite number meaning prosperity. I like south-facing front doors. Your astrology may mean you should have a west facing door. I would have to look at the site and see your astrology before giving a definite answer.

Link for Numbers & Their Meanings article: http://www.artofplacement.com/feng%20shui%20how%20to%20use%20numbers.htm 



In my bed room I have the bed facing the closet and all the closet doors have sliding mirror and also there is a large mirror at the head of the bed. From reading, I know this is bad Feng Shui. I would appreciated any advice you could give me. Since the bed is rather large for the room, it is quite hard to rearrange the position of the bed.

The ideal cure for this ailment would be to replace the mirror doors with wood. If this is not possible, hang a red ribbon over the cut in the mirror (this is where the two sliding doors meet).

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