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March 2000


How do I place the Ba-Qua on my apartment floor plan?  

You set the Ba-Qua from the front door. Our Ba-Qua Wallet Card makes it easy. See it at our web page ( or call us direct (1-(928) 284-3358) to order .

 Our bed is up against the West wall. Our heads facing West, supposedly, is not good. What can I do to remedy this?

 Place a Sun and a Half Moon on the wall where the bed is located.   The Sun and Half Moon is available in our Feng Shui Basic Cures Kit 

I just recently bought a Victorian house that sites East-West with the seating area in the East. What colors should I pant this house, outside? 

Blue and White. 

I am looking for a new home and would like advice on what to look for and what to avoid. 

Buy a house that is square or rectangular. The address should not be a “4” or a “7.”    Click on this link to find out more about the meanings of numbers and how to fix them,

I haven’t been dating anyone. I am alone most of the time. How can I improve my personal relationships? 

Hang a Pink heart in your Relationship corner. Call us for details about our new “Attracting Love” package or see its contents at our web page ( 

My house is constructed with many exposed beams running under the ceiling from North to South. The real supporting beam (joist) is encased in a wood façade to make it look bigger. Do these still need to be neutralized? 


We live in a double-wide mobile home with low ceilings. We don’t get along very well. He is always sick, and I have a hard time with employment. 

Place plants (real or fake) in all of your corners. “Attracting Romance” package will help you get along better. Find it on our web page ( call us to order (1-(928) 284-3358).

We live in a small cul-de-sac, and our house is situated on the far left-hand side. The lot is pie-shaped with the back yard higher than the front.  

Hang a mirror outside facing away from the front door. 

I’m living in a one-room flat. The room is a square. Where should I hang the mirror so that it doesn’t cut my bed? 

Hang a mirror on the wall to the side of the bed where it doesn’t line up with the bed. 

What problems does sleeping under a ceiling fan cause, and what results are achieved by applying Red dots to the fan? 

Ceiling fans spinning in a counter-clockwise manner without Red dots will take your health and end relationships.

My house is a horseshoe-shape with a front courtyard open to the sky, but a 6-foot wall closing it off from the street. Should I deal only with the space within the walls of the house or include a porch and outside courtyard? 

Use only the inside of the house. 

I would like to create a water garden at home with water fountains and plants, etc. What is the best way to create the best atmosphere? 

Water gardens are great – shine a light on the water for it to work its best.  See our site for tabletop water fountains

I have a large door-less bathroom in the Wealth corner of my master bedroom. There is a triangular Jacuzzi right in the corner. Please advise me how to cure this situation. 

Hang a Red tassel over the Jacuzzi. Take a look at our “Attracting Prosperity” kit that’s now available ( or call us  (1-(928) 284-3358) to order.

 I have used the Ba-Qua with the house direction pointing North; that is, North is the Career section, and South is the section for Fame. Does it matter which Hemisphere you live in? 

It is reversed in the Southern Hemisphere. Use the Ba-Qua from your front entrance, not North or South. 

My son is away at school and miserable. He feels estranged and alone. He is shy enough that he probably wouldn’t do anything to his room (which he shares) to make it better. What can I do here on the home front to make his assimilation in the school community faster and easier?

 Send him a picture of home. Place his pictures with a Pink heart over his pictures in the Relationship corner. 

I’ve just moved into a new home where the bathroom is in the North corner of the house. It’s been mentioned that its Northerly position causes the money to “flush away,” which is just how things have been. 

Keep your bathroom door closed and the toilet lid down where not in use. Hang a Red tassel over your toilet. 

I bought a beautiful 8-sided mirror and don’t know the best place of the house for it to be.

 Place it facing the front door.

 Why do some followers place a mirror above the store? Why are mirrors important?

 Yes, they are important. Place mirror reflecting your burners and money will increase.

How can I make our house a prosperous home?

Put a bowl with coins in it in your Money corner. Put your money affirmations in a Red envelope and place there, also. Our “Attracting Prosperity” kit can be seen on our web page ( or you can call us (1-877372-8737) to order toll free.

 It is alright to write more than one affirmation in the same life area? 

You may place as many affirmations as possible in your corners.

 Even though my husband and I earn enough to live comfortably, it seems we have difficulty in putting away some savings on the side. There’s always something that comes up to buy or fix. What can I do?

 Take and place 10% of the money that you make in three weeks into your Money corner. Then it will be easy to save. See helpful kits to attract prosperity in our lives on our web page or call 1-(928) 284-3358 to order toll free.

 How do you take charge of your life by using Feng Shui? 

On our website we have an article on this subject.  Use Sarah Rossback’s book, “Feng Shui Interior Design.” You will do fine. Your can order her book – and others – from our web site.

 I am new to Feng Shui and find it fascinating. On one site it stated that a 3-legged toad should be placed by the front door for wealth. Where do I find a 3-legged toad? 

Use a frog with a coin in its mouth.

 How do I place the Ba-Qua grid onto my floor plan if I have a 2-story house? 

Do both floors lined up from the front door. Use our handy Feng Shui Wallet card ( to line up each floor separately.

 I would like to increase the peaceful feeling and prosperity in my work place. The store is four walls squared with 800 sq. feet of space. The East wall is my alter, and on the South wall is the checkout counter. The door is at the West with a big window, and two jewelry display cases sit at the North.

 Hang a crystal in the window. Place plants in the room. Our crystal balls are perfect for this placement. Call us  to order (1-(928) 284-3358) or order direct  from our page at

 How can we increase love and prosperity in our lives?

 Place pictures of you and your loved ones in your Relationship corner. Our new page at offers several “kits” for help in attracting romance and prosperity and balance in our lives. 

I want to put a Feng Shui garden in my yard and need to know where to get information about creating one. 

Call your local bookstore and order a Feng Shui book on gardens.

 Can one Obelisk be used as effectively as three? 

One can be used very effectively. 

I would like to know how to improve our social life. Our Helpful Friends corner is situation in our bedroom. 

Put pictures of groups of people having fun together in your Relationship corner.

 I bought some flutes and hung them in pairs along each area of exposed beams – 5 pairs. I have no corded Red connectors or tassels. Do they hang down or across the bean for positioning?

 Hang them at 45-degree angles.

 My mother-in-law told me that the location of the stove shouldn’t be on the Right side of the door -- every time you cook you’ll be scooping food or money outside the door. What is the remedy for this?

 Place a screen between door and stove, like a 3-fold Oriental one.

 I understand that “8” is the best number for house addresses, but how does one add them up to arrive at this number? For instance a “217” adds up to “10.” What would one add to fix this? 

To fix a “10,” add a “6” and a “1” to make “8.”   Click on this link to find out more about the meanings of numbers and how to fix them,

 The front door of our home is rarely, if ever, used. Everyone uses the back door for the entrance, including guests. For me to set the correct life stations, do I look at my home from the structural “front door” or do I used “our main entrance,” which is at the back of the house?

 Use the back door.

 I would like to know what I should do to attract more money and good luck to me?

 Put a bowl with coins in it in your Money corner. Check out our special kits for attracting positive results in your life at

 My sister-in-law said a Feng Shui consultant told her to move her fountain from the Wealth corner because you put water only in a “bad place” to make it good; if you put water in a “good place,” it will make it bad. What is the correct way?

 Your Money corner is a good place to put your fountain. 

What can I add to my room what can give me energy and hope?

 Add plants and a Rising Sun

Where should a full-length mirror go in the bedroom? 

Behind the door is good. 

We want to place a large mirror on the wall directly opposite the bed. I was told this is bad Feng Shui. Is there something I can do to use this mirror in that room?

 Hang a mirror – any size – on the wall facing the large mirror.

When we place something in the Southwest corner, does this literally mean facing Southwest, or is it related to the placement of the entrance doorway? I was led to believe that where the doorway is directs the four different directions. Is that correct?

 Yes, that is correct. 

My front door is in the East Southeast portion of my house. It opens to the West. It needs to be painted. What color would you suggest? 

Chinese Red. 

A Feng Shui consultant has advised my neighbor to place a Ba-Qua mirror facing our house. I am not very pleased about this as I am aware this is Yang and will likely reflect Sha (negative) Chi back. These people do not know me, and I feel instinctually correct. Am I right to be concerned?

 Hang chimes from your eves facing the Ba-Qua mirror. Their mirror and your chimes will heal both of you. Live in harmony from now on. We have  Ba-Qua mirrors available at Call us  to order at 1-(928) 284-3358.

 What can I do in my room to improve my love life?

 Write affirmations on relationship and put them in a Red envelope in your Relationship corner. This should improve your love life. Also, see our “Attracting Love” kit on our site at 

In the Southern Hemisphere does the compass change? Does North become South and South become North? 

Yes, it is the reverse of the Northern Hemisphere.

 Our medical office is a self-standing building, perpendicular to the street; the front door faces West toward a very large office building that towers over us. We have had a decline in patient visits, new patients, and fees collected. We should we do to attract new patients?

Your best numerical address for prosperity should add up to “8.” Use clear nail polish to add a number or more to make the sum of “8.” Also, bring in plants and play music in your business – classical is the best.   Click on this link to find out more about the meanings of numbers and how to fix them,

Is it true that a fountain in front of our house would invite good fortune? Is it true that the water has to flow towards our home?  

A fountain in the front and one exactly opposite in the back yard would greatly enhance your life. All fountains enhance – select one from our collection at

 For the last few years I have had one bad job after another. My new job started before Christmas is insurance sales, but I am not moving ahead there, either. A friend told me how Feng Shui has helped him, and I would like to start in it to help my life straighten out. Can you help? 

Put coins in a bowl in your Money corner. Get your money goals in a Red enveloped and also place that in your Money corner. (See “Attracting Prosperity” kit on our site at 

Our front door faces the back wall of a house with a window. I have place a tree to block the window. Is there more I can do to create a healthy, happy home?

 Hang chimes from your eves. Make sure the walkway and porch are clean and neat. Make sure your entrance is well lit.

 Our house is in a cul-de-sac – we’re at the end – and I’ve been told that bad energy will come into our house. We’ve had a quite a lot of sickness in the family since we’ve been here. Is this because of the situation of our house and, if so, is there anything we can do to help it?

 Plant trees in the front to protect the house. Hang chimes from the eves in front to break up the Sha (negative energy). Hang a Ba-Qua mirror over the outside of the front door. 

Can Feng Shui help my 9-year old daughter stop wetting her bed at night?

 Yes. Write an affirmation that “she is not wetting the bed anymore,” and work on her self-esteem.

 My youngest son was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder – chemical imbalance – he is in his early twenties. What can I do to help with his health and total recovery? What can I do in my apartment or his to remedy this?

 Take pictures of your son and write how well-balanced he is on the picture. Don’t let him eat sugar because it sets off the problem. Work on yourself to become as balanced and calm as you can – that will help your son. Don’t yell at him under any circumstances. Good health food is better than drugs. Love helps. You can visit our web page to see an assortment of helpful items (, particularly the “Balancer.”




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