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We have reviewed hundreds of thousands of listings on the internet and have selected a handful of sites to acknowledge.
(You can recommend a site by sending and email to Awards@ArtOfPlacement.com)

Feng Shui Awards

The following Web Sites have Received the
Art of Placement "Feng Shui Chi Award"
for contributing to the education and expansion
of Feng Shui"

Web Site Awards listed Alphabetically. 
Click on the name to see their review. 

  3 wishes 9 Star Fresh Start w/ Feng Shui AAA FS & Yoga
Abundant Feng Shui Alexis Summerfield Alive w/ Feng Shui Ancient Heal Arts Anita Rosenberg
Atlantis Energy Balance & Harmony Balanced Environments Bartlett Designs Benko Feng Shui
Billowing Design Cheryl Rogersmeurer Black Sect Feng Shui Born to Feng Shui Capture the Qi
Catherine Hiker Feng Shui Color Priestess Creative Vision Dana Kohut Darkmoon circle Feng Shui
Design Harmony Discover Wellness for life Dragon Devas Elemental Design Group Elyse Santoro Feng Shui
Empress Feng Shui Enchanted Home Energy Mover Feng Shui 2 go Feng Shui & Real Estate
Christine Wojnar Feng Shui Arizona Feng Shui Artistry Feng Shui by Design Feng Shui concepts
Feng Shui Connecticut Feng Shui connections Feng Shui Creations Feng Shui Design Feng Shui Design Ohio
Feng Shui Design Concepts Feng Shui Design & Solutions Feng Shui Etc. Feng Shui Eyes Feng Shui Flower
Feng Shui for all Feng Shui Geomancy Feng Shui Help Feng Shui Homes Feng Shui Institute
Feng Shui Interior Design Feng Shui Interiors Feng Shui Intuitive Feng Shui Jo's way Feng Shui Judith Ryan
Feng Shui Me Feng Shui Palace Feng Shui Planet Feng Shui Principles Feng Shui Pro Consult
Feng Shui Professional Feng Shui Publications Feng Shui Real-Estate Feng Shui Seed Feng Shui Services
Feng Shui Specialists Feng Shui Spirit of the Place Feng Shui Studio Feng Shui Vancouver Feng Shui w/ Joy
Feng Shui Z FS FS Architecture FS Boston FS Co
FS Connections FS Dragon Enterprises FS International FS Services FS Tao
FS Visions FS w/ Carole Hyder FS w/ Renuka FS your life Full Bloom Feng Shui
Full Circle Architects Gaia Lifeworks Happy Chi Solutions Harmonic pathways Harmony & Balance
Harmony Balance Harmony Gardens Harmony Life Healers of the word Healing by Design
Healing Design Feng Shui Heart of Harmony Holly Ziegler Feng Shui Home Peace by Sacred Spaces Inner Dynamics
Inside Out Feng Shui Inspire Your Space Julie Yip Feng Shui Karen Wilson Interiors Katherine Metz Feng Shui
Life Potentials Lighthouse Feng Shui Linda Lenore Living in Balance Living w/ Intention
Lori Bogren Feng Shui Lotus Blossom Feng Shui Minnie Kansman Ms Real Estate Diva Nancy Santo-Pietro
Nashville Essential  Feng Shui New Feng Shui Design Nikkea Devida Feng Shui Nine Harmonies School Noble House
Nwyure Panergetics Perspective Place Right Power of Feng Shui
Radiant Chi Red Dragon Dynamics Red Rabbit Feng Shui Reiss Peak Feng Shui Roberta Feng Shui
Sacred Currents Feng Shui Sacred Space Environments Sacred Surroundings San Diego Feng Shui Sandman Interiors
Santa Rosa Essential Self & Space Shambhalla Feng Shui Share the Care Simply Organized
Space Alignment Space Harmony Spirit of Feng Shui Stacey Daveport Starchild Institute
Starpathz Suzan Hilton Feng Shui Tchi Consulting Tess Whitehurst The Art of Order
The Colorado Alliance The Dynion Mwyn Feng Shui The Feng Shui Academe The Feng Shui Connection The Feng Shui Lady
The Haven on Earth The Healing Pathway The Lotus Institute The West Coast Academy Thunder Healing Metaphysical
Tranquil Spaces Design Try Feng Shui Visionary Feng Shui Wellness Expressions West Coast Technologies
Western Feng Shui Wind and Water Designs Wind & Water Spirituality Windy Hill Assoc Wings of Chi
Feng Shui Long Island        

Consider the possibility that your 3 wishes could be granted, not by rubbing a bottle, but by placing it in the perfect position in your home or office.  Alice Wechsler can help you design your entire home or office to help grant your wishes, whether it’s a promotion, peace or mind or a more positive demeanor, through the powerful energy flow promoted by Feng Shui.

9 Star site is designed to highlight the sale of the “Feng Shui:  Creating Environments For Success and Well-Being” DVD.  Affordably priced at fewer than fifteen dollars, this DVD outlines the basics of Feng Shui and educates the general public the philosophies and practical uses of Feng Shui.  The DVD is an easy to understand tool for the common person to learn about the principles of Feng Shui.

A Fresh Start with Feng Shui:  If you are selling your house and want to make the most of your open house or viewing, look to Carol Johnsen.  Ms. Johnsen specializes in creating inviting environments to help enhance the sale of the home.  She will use Feng Shui to make the home more inviting to potential buyers.

AAA Feng Shui:  A neat site in which Joy Abrams provides consultations, personalized feng shui readings and she also offers a range of books, tapes and videos. She is also the author of "The Joy of Feng Shui"

Classes, workshops and seminars compliment the consulting services that Abundant Feng Shui Creations offers.  Available for commercial, residential and real estate consultations, the Feng Shui practitioner, Kathy Mann, will work to clear the space of negative energies in order to promote health and prosperity in the home or office areas.

Alexis Summerfield cherishes her experience with Professor Lin Yun, who introduced the ancient art of Feng Shui to the western world. She believes one can find happiness and comfort beyond the material world.  She provides a complete range of Feng Shui services. She gives lectures on feng shui for people seeking attainment of higher self in personal, professional and business lives.
Personal empowerment is the focus of this Alive with Feng Shui site owned by practitioner Christina Jantzen.  Her experience in Feng Shui along with her interior design experience will ensure your home or office space is situated in a way to improve life and meet personal and professional goals.  She offers affordable consultation services in the San Francisco Bay area or telephone consultations for those outside the area.

Jeanne Olson has provided a site to give information on Feng Shui.  Her Ancient Healings Arts informative site provides data on how Feng Shui can be used in the home to accomplish goals and enhance the lifestyle of those who are living in it.  It provides the structure for enhancing the areas that are desired for improvement and how to accomplish that.

Anita Rosenberg is a Hollywood based artist and Feng Shui professional.  Anita has recently applied her artistic furniture design and lifelong interest in spiritual healing into the study of Feng Shui.  She is a graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui.  Anita specializes in Artistic Feng Shui, which focuses on the balance of all things.

Atlantis Energy:  Health, happiness and prosperity are the focus of the services Lois Jean Lang provides.  She provides classes and consultations to ensure that the vision for your life becomes a reality with the use of Feng Shui.  In addition to her personal services, she also provides products for sale for holistic healing and education.

Balance & Harmony:  Newly Relocated from Salina, Kansas to Cornelius, NC, Melinda Smith is bringing Balance and Harmony to the south.  Her services span from feng shui consultations for home or office, home inventory, to event and party planning for families and corporations alike.  Let Melinda help balance your life and create harmony in your home.
Balanced Environments:  Cathyrn Golden specializes in Creative Feng Shui & Organizing Solutions and offers Feng Shui consultations on site and by phone.  She also offers clutter analysis and clearing.  Cathyrn also is an educator and provides workshops on Feng Shui

Bartlett Designs specializes in personal and business consultations, utilizing the power of feng shui to improve the balance in energies, improving the quality of people's lives. They also offer good quality feng shui related products.  Stanley has an excellent way of explaining things, his explanations and knowledge of feng shui are too obvious to be questioned. "Feng Shui teaches us that less is more and getting rid of the old makes room for the new."

Benko Feng Shui is named after it’s founder, Laura Benko. “Laura's approach of synthesizing intuition, design, creativity and Feng Shui knowledge has enabled her clients to experience their natural potential in a balanced and supportive environment.”  Laura is available for private appointments, as well as offering her insight through her classes and lectures.

Billowing Design uses an East meets West philosophy to redecorate the interiors of homes or offices.  They combine the use of traditional interior design with Feng Shui for a harmonious and pleasing area that will help the inhabitants achieve their dreams and goals and to enrich their lives.  Ann Billow is a Feng Shui master with over ten years experience in Feng Shui.

Cheryl Rogersmeurer is available for consultations on the Black Hat Sect Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese Art of Placement.  Cheryl is active in improving her client’s social and professional lives. For advice from Cheryl on how to change your life by adjusting your living or business environments, call her to schedule and appointment.

Linda Block, a practitioner of Black Sect Feng Shui, created Sacred Spaces to highlight information on Feng Shui as well as to give general information on Feng Shui.  Ms. Block provides photography and consultation services for Feng Shui in both commercial and residential areas.  She also provides various products that can be used to enhance the home using Feng Shui.

Phree Bartley created Born to Feng Shui in an attempt to enhance the lives of people with the use of Feng Shui.  Consultations are available for on site recommendations of space placement.  There are also informative articles and links that will assist the beginner in understanding the basics of Feng Shui.

“Marise Hamm is the founder of Capture the Qi, an enterprise committed to creating vital and harmonious environments for life and work. She integrates Feng Shui techniques with conscious design using non-toxic materials, producing surroundings that are beautiful, healthy and productive.”  Capture the Qi is available for feng shui consultations and design services intended to be culturally appropriate and custom for each client.

Catherine Hilker takes her view of Feng Shui a step further, integrating it's teachings with her client's lifestyles.   "Catherine's experience as an artist lends itself to the application of creative and imaginative solutions when applying Feng Shui and Sacred Space principles."  She has worked with Fortune 500 companies and is also available for consultations and parties.

Chicago Feng Shui owner Joan M. Kaufman ASID,IIDA,FSII, has created spaces in which Chicago’s positive energy is allowed to push through.  Her consultations analyze the relationship between her clients and their spaces and enables them to achieve their goals and dreams through the teachings of Feng Shui.

Classical Feng Shui: ML & Associates can help you gain wealth, health and harmony through their consultations and teachings of feng shui. By taking the time to teach clients the benefits of feng shui, ML & Associates are able to turn their surroundings into a positive force for harmony, health and prosperity.

Feng Shui practitioner, Melissa Stamps, the Color Priestess, provides consultations on how to transform a space by the use of color and furniture placement.  The goal is to modify the space using the elements to enhance the goals in life.  Ms. Stamps is available for private consultations for the home or office in the Northeast part of the United States.

Creative Vision: Sugeet’s unique approach to Feng Shui employs the use of correcting imbalances as opposed to cures to enrich success and well being.  His goal is to create an environment that is both powerful and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  Potential clients can receive a free, no obligation initial consultation to discuss needs and goals before committing to hiring the firm.

Dana Kohut’s experience in Feng Shui gives him a unique perspective in helping you sell your home or buy the home of your dreams.  He will be able to give tips on how to make the space more pleasing to potential buyers so the home is sold more quickly.  As a buyer, he will be able to give you the benefits of each home so your selection is the best one for your needs.

For beginners to Feng Shui, Darkmoon Circle  site is ideal.  The site explains the basics of Feng Shui and how to lay out a floor plan in order to optimize the space.  The components needed in an area are explained in detail as well as how to address problems to balance the existing layout.

“Renae Jensen is the owner of Design Harmony providing Professional Feng Shui services such as consultations, lectures, products and workshops.”  Her company Design Harmony inspires clients to reconnect with the earth and raise awareness of their environments, creating harmony through spirit and design.

Jen Leong is the owner of Discover Wellness for life.  She has over fifteen years experience in nutrition, holistic healing and Feng Shui design.  She specializes in improving health through nutritional therapy by incorporating herbal remedies, whole foods and contacts within the natural healing industry.  She also has training and experience in bringing about harmony through design in Feng Shui.

Casea Rainnes of Dragon Devas writes a monthly article for the Holistic Business Journal.  Her feng shui consultations empower people to help themselves by correcting imbalances in their environment and attracting positive changes to their lives.  The biggest lesson her clients learn is that their  environment is a direct reflection of who they are.

Elemental Design Group offers Feng Shui consultations to align your home, body or surrounding landscapes with positive energy and flowing Chi.  Basing her knowledge on how to create “Mystical Harmony” using the “blueprint of Feng Shui” Shannon Walter has transformed the lives of her clients.  She practices Black Sect Feng Shui and is a lifetime student of its principles.

Indoors or outdoors, there is no limit to the benefits of Feng Shui.  Elyse Santoro has been able to transform any unused or stagnant space to energizing, stimulating sanctuaries of positive energy.  From gazebos and laundry rooms to offices Elyse has offered her services to help her clients understand the impact of their environments on their lives.  Elyse is also available for blessing ceremonies and speaking engagements. 

Lori Grear, founder of Empress Feng Shui, is a practitioner of Feng Shui for over ten years.  She provides consulting services and products to help enrich the life of her clients.  She is available for on site consultations and also holds classes and workshops.  Her weekly column answers question on the issue of Feng Shui.  

Claire O’Connor of Enchanted Home Uses a “practical, down-to-earth and intuitive approach to the art of organizing and design psychology” via Feng Shui.  "Work with Claire to transform your environment into a vital, alive space, a place which inspires joy and grace and the fullest expression of who you are."

Energy Mover:  Sheila Wright offers her Black Sect Feng Shui Services to her clients in Canada, as well as expanding further South to those in the United States looking to balance their lives and achieve goals through the principles of Feng Shui.  Sheila has been a student and teacher of the practical arts for over twenty five years and she is available for Feng Shui consultations to empower those ready to learn how to live richer, fuller, happier lives.

New and existing spaces will benefit from the use of Feng Shui to enhance the environment.  Gunda Vitols’ Feng Shui 2 Go site has information on her consulting services and information on Feng Shui.  She is available for both residential and commercial properties.  

Feng Shui and Real Estate:  For those located in the Utah area and are looking to buy or sell a residence or commercial building, Shauna Jensen is a great resource to turn to.  As a practitioner of Feng Ssui, she adds a unique perspective to her real estate ventures and can assist buyers in finding the perfect property and sellers in making their space more appealing.

Christine Wojnar, of Bedford, Massachusetts has created a company based on Feng Shui and Space Clearing techniques to help clear one’s mind and space, reducing stress and improving energy, balance and motivation in her clients.  She offers business and residential consultations based on Feng Shui Principles as well as party planning.

Feng Shui Arizona is a site devoted to exposing the masses to Feng Shui in order to educate about the art and to assist people in improving their lives with the use of their reasonably priced services.  They offer classes and consultations for both home and business solutions in the Arizona area.

Feng Shui Artistry:  Slightly more involved than her previous expression of crayons on the wall, Caroline Patrick has evolved her love of art into creative and conscious artistry through Feng Shui.  Caroline uses color, form and intuitive symbolism in her feng shui spaces.  She is still flexing her artistic muscles as a painter, but is also a Feng Shui Consultant and practitioner.  

Feng Shui by Design can bring balancing energy-enhancing to your life by creating environments designed for personal and professional success.  Trish McCabe has also taken her teachings outside the confines of just homes and businesses and also offered her services to weddings, websites, set design and theme parks.

Feng Shui Concepts creates harmonious environments through the use of Feng Shui. Their principles uplift homes. Businesses, universities and daycares.  By creating a harmonious environment, Feng Shui Concepts can help their clients climb the corporate ladder, shed extra pounds and lift weight from their shoulders, all through the practice of Feng Shui.

Amy Mim’s Feng Shui Connecticut site is designed to assist people in creating or enhancing their living and working space with the art of Feng Shui.  She is available for consultations with builders and architects on creating spaces and with individuals on their existing home or business.  She also offers workshops to educate the public on Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Connections: Recognizing that high quality environments support high quality of life, Peg, and Barbara are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals for growth in all areas of your life through the tools of Feng Shui, the laws of energy and attraction, healing modalities, design and environmental awareness.

Feng Shui Creations is available for email, telephone and on site consultations for the home or office.  Elizabeth Johnson is a Feng Shui practitioner since 1998 and she uses her skills to assist people in achieving their goals in life through the use of space to bring forth a harmonious environment.

Pam Kai Tollefson uses Feng Shui Design to help transform a space to a pleasing and harmonious environment through the use of color and space.  She provides consulting services for business and individual purposes to aid in the enhancement of prosperity and happiness.  She also offers intensive apprenticeship programs for those interested in learning the art of Feng Shui.

Ohio’s own Barbara Keplinger, FSII has created Feng Shui Design-Ohio to share her expertise of environment, color theory, human creativity, and culture in order to create optimal balance of mind, body and spirit.  Barbara’s inviting demeanor and attention to detail make Feng Shui Design – Ohio a leader in residential and commercial Feng Shui analysis.

Logynn B. Northrhip of Feng Shui Design Concepts is a consultant, lecturer, and certified practitioner in the Tibetan teachings of Black Sect Feng Shui.  Logynn is an avid Feng Shui writer and has embarked on a journey to spread the teachings of Feng Shui to her clients through consultation and direction.

Eileen Weklar is owner of Feng Shui Designs & Solutions based in Arlington, Virginia.  She has been a practitioner of Feng Shui for over ten years and practices Black Sect Feng Shui.  A consultant, educator and speaker, she is available for both residential and commercial purposes to help those who want to add harmony to their home or office space.

With over 1500 consultations completed throughout the United States and internationally, Sue H. Ruzicka, Ed.D and Elaine Paris of Feng Shui Etc. are among the top feng shui consultants in the US.  Their services also span beyond consultations, they are also available for blessings, lecures, aid and advice for selling homes.  They can even answer your feng shui questions over the phone!

Feng Shui Eyes offers consultation, workshop and speaking engagement services to the Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland areas of the United States.  The owner, Lynne Greene, is certified in Essential Feng Shui and also many years of holistic experience to bring a unique blend of expertise to her consultations.  She is available for business and residential as well as new construction projects.

Feng Shui flower:  Sherri Bootman is certified in Essential Feng Shui which is a classical form of Feng Shui.  She is available for consultations on site to recommend changes in space placement.  Residential and commercial areas are examined and recommendations given to help the inhabitants achieve their goals.

Feng Shui for All by Tracey MacKenzie is a site designed to feature the services of this certified Feng Shui practitioner.  Ms. MacKenzie is available for corporate and personal consultations as well as classes and lectures.  Her goal is to increase awareness of the benefit of Feng Shui in life and to assist clients in attaining their personal and professional goals with the use of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Geomancy, founded by Feng Shui practitioner Pia Vilaragut, is a full service company offering a variety of consultation and educational services.  Ms. Vilaragut offers construction and real estate consultation as well as personal redesign consultation for the home or office.  For those looking for an adventure, look into the China retreats that are available also.

Feng Shui Help is a free online resource for all FengShui related advice. This site lists out the ancient Chinese art of placement, FENG SHUI. Balance Yin and Yang in the flow of Chi. Address the five elements of nature. Determine the directions that bring you luck and prosperity. Make rearrangements of furniture the Feng Shui way. Also make sure you are moving into the right property while you buy a new apartment.

Feng Shui Homes:  Stephen Benton uses his over ten years experience in Feng Shui to make homes a sensual and spiritual experience.  Learn how to modify living and working spaces in order to enhance life and meet goals for improvement.  He is available for on site consultations or for telephone consultations with the use of a floor plan.

Feng Shui Institute of America offers state of the art professional training for aspiring feng shui consultants.  The training programs help professionals the intangible relationships between a person’s behavior and his surroundings like architecture, interior design, symbols, positioning and shapes of various objects.FSIA boasts the presence of eminent personalities like Nancilee Wydra, who is the creator of Pyramid School of Feng Shui, who also has experience in interior designing.

Feng Shui Interior Design:  Personal empowerment is the focus of this Feng Shui site owned by practitioner Christina Jantzen.  Her experience in Feng Shui along with her interior design experience will ensure your home or office space is situated in a way to improve life and meet personal and professional goals.  She offers affordable consultation services in the San Francisco Bay area or telephone consultations for those outside the area.
Feng Shui Interiors: Shelley Deegan is a renowned feng shui personality. She is a permanent contributor to San Diego Business Journal through her column, How to Be More Productive at Work. She offers corporate relocation consultancy which helps business houses attract more business and be on the growth path.

Feng Shui Intuitive:  Lien Bal provides on site consultation in the Honolulu area for Feng Shui in order to help harmonize the home or office to attain the goals of the customer.  She has extensive experience in Feng Shui and offers affordable prices for those who wish to improve their lives with the use of placement.

Feng Shui Jo’s Way is a means to provide an accurate and simple way to change your living environment to balance and enhance your life.  Consultation is available for a low fee.  Jo requests a floor plan of the home in which you reside and your goals for Feng Shui.  She will provide recommendations on furniture placement to accommodate these goals.

Judith Ryan is both a Feng Shui professional and astrologer and she uses this unique blend of talents to help people achieve their goals through the use of placement and blessings.  She is available for on site consultations or can work via mail with the use of floor plans and pictures of the space.  

Feng Shui Me: Creating the ideal home or office setting is what Feng Shui practitioner Marie Elena Rigo strives to accomplish with her on site and telephone consultations.  Ms. Rigo has studied Form, Black Sect and Compass Feng Shui for a well rounded basis for recommending changes to your space to improve your life with health, wealth and harmony.  

Feng Shui Palace:  Karen Rauch Carter gave up her career as a successful designer for the sake of bringing in prosperity, fullness of life and luck to western homes the Feng Shui way.  Karen delivers the artless art of Feng Shui in simple, witty teaching style that will always have guidelines for everyone that wants to enjoy a fuller life – by attracting love, health, money, respect and total peace of mind.  Karen talks to you about the amazing world of Feng Shui through seminars, online, telephone and direct consultations and through her best selling book titled “Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life: How to Use Feng Shui to get Love, Money, Respect and Happiness” by Simon & Schuster.

Feng Shui Planet:  A Clairvoyant and teacher, Rose Lettiere has developed a unique system for promoting life enhancing positive energy flow and healing.  She gives her students the tools necessary to direct focus and develop a creative process on their own. Many refer to her as more than a Feng Shui consultant – they consider her a life coach and a friend.

Feng Shui Principles:  Jehna Han-Sutton’s approach to Feng Shui is based on her credentials in both Black Sect and Classical Compass traditions of Feng Shui.  By combining these traditions, she can take the personal or office space and design an area that will meet the goals of the client in a unique and pleasing manner.  

Feng Shui Pro Consulting:  Professional Consultation can be a sometimes very “think inside the box” process, but Martha C. Britt, FSII has changed all that.  Her services allow the client to create their paths to health and prosperity through the practices of Feng Shui.  By using this ancient Chinese teaching, Martha has expanded her client’s possibilities by investigating their hopes and dreams and creating a custom environment for them to flourish.

Feng Shui Professional:  Janet Hicks, PhD, is a Feng SHui practitioner.  She is an author, speaker and consultant specializing and home and office solutions.  She is available for classes, speaking engagements and private consultations.  There is also a library of works available for sale as well as free tips and advice on Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Publications:  Yvonne Phillips goes a step further with her knowledge of Feng Shui by not only offering her services in the form of consultations and analysis of environment, but also by selling Feng Shui products through her website.  These products are specific to creating positive flow and Yvonne even includes where to place them in your home.

Feng Shui Real-Estate:  For anyone looking for property listings, this site is a great place to visit.  The group of experts will carefully analyze the needs of the family or business to find a home or office space that is ideally suited.  The principles of Feng Shui are the focus when choosing the perfect space for residential or commercial purposes.

FengShuiSeed was founded in 1996 by Evelyn Seed to plant and nuture her clients’ homes into blossoming havens of good health and fortune.  Based in New York, NY she has made her feng shui services available to individuals looking ot increase health, improve relationships or clear persistent “brain fog.”  Evelyn and her associates are dedicated to transforming “the place you live into the place you LOVE.”

Feng Shui Services, founded by Sheila Wright, offers services to improve space to invigorate postitive flow and energy in space.  In addition to her experience in feng shui,  Sheila is also a Master Hypnotist and an Ordained Minister with the Science of Mind Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.  

Feng Shui Specialists Inc look into every minute detail of the design of a home or business and suggests changes to make so that the positive energy stream of nature can be made work for you, by bringing in abundance of love, life and business success.
Expert feng shui consultants review your environment for one hour to three hours, and makes suggestions for suitable placement of furniture, use of color, shapes, symbols etc, to create an environment that truly reflects your lifetime goals.

Classes, consultation and cures are the focus of  Feng Shui Spirit of the Place site.  Janani Lucas can customize a personalized class for at least nine students among friends and family.  To enhance the energy level of your home or office, Janani will meditate on your floor plan and customize the space to suit your needs.

Feng Shui Studio.  If empowering your life is the goal, Feng Shui Studio can help.  By using Feng Shui to arrange the living or working environment, Taylor Vance adds positive energy to the space, enabling each person to be empowered.  This will help business owners, workers and home owners to enhance their life and achieve their goals.

Feng Shui Services in Vancouver have brought ancient Chinese teachings to British Columbia.  They offer Feng Shui and Environmental Energy Balancing Consultations to both private residences and businesses.  If you are looking to balance chi or to stimulate yourself by changing your surroundings, Sheila Wright is the area’s expert in creating a a space for a blissful, balanced life.

Feng Shui w/ Joy:  Through consultations, classes, workshops and speaking events, Joy Cotton is weaving everyday western living and business with the practice and art of feng shui.  Her services are available to Residents and Businesses in Wisconsin, as well as long distance clients looking for a more positive force in their environment.

Feng Shui Z:  This comprehensive site has a lot of information on Feng Shui to help the consumer understand what it is and how it can help enhance the space in your home or office.  Brenni Larson is well versed in the Black Sect tradition and is available for classes and consultation at a reasonable price.

FS:  This informative website is designed to give general information on Feng Shui to the public.  The goal of the site is to educate people on the benefits of Feng Shui and to help coordinate the space to help achieve the goals of the person.  Using placement to help achieve positive energy will benefit the home or business.

FS architecture:   The firm specializes in consultations that reflect the application of traditional styles of feng shui including Yang Seng Feng Shui. They can assist in the redesigning if existing business or residential homes and also consult on the planning of new buildings. The site also contains a small section of information to help those who have little or no knowledge of feng shui.  Not only do they provide consultations, they also give feng shui lectures, workshops and classes. Overall the site offers a very diverse range of options, all of which are worth good consideration.

Feng Shui Boston aim is to transform lives with love. Their services are based on knowledge founded from many traditions, amounting to a solution that can enhance peoples live's in a meaningful way. They have made a positive impact on thousands of people from all different walks of lives in both business and home situations.

FS co provide consultations, seminars and feng shui related products at reasonable prices. Their consultant is internationally recognized and their teacher provides personal seminars, revealing secrets to the art which are rarely disclosed. These seminars are vital for anyone seeking to reap the serious benefits of feng shui.

Feng Shui Connections was established in 2001 by Margaret Donahue to bring Feng Shui to the New England area.  Ms. Donahue founded the site to help people achieve their dreams through the use of Feng Shui and provides local and long distance services to achieve this for home and business use.

FS Dragon Enterprises is a site dedicated to providing information on feng shui to people from all works of live and is very friendly to those who have little or no knowledge." To date, Gayle is the only 'westerner' to have been invited and welcomed into the esteemed circle of Hong Kong Feng Shui experts, her talents having been exclusively recognized in 1996 by some of Asia's leading Feng Shui Masters and GrandMasters. Her outlook is not to commercialize feng shui but to deliver it in its true form. Australia - based, she offers tailored-to-fit consultations to help those who are in need of it.

FS International: Swale Fenley has over eighteen years of experience and training in Feng Shui.  He is available for personal consultation and classes and also has taught at the University of Houston in Texas.  His goal is to educate people on the use of Feng Shui to enrich their home or office environment.

FS Services:  Feng Shui consultant Julie Oberembt has provided consultations all over America. She has studied feng shui for nearly 10 years and has gained a lot of experience through consulting and giving seminars. Julie is ever dedicated to expanding her knowledge in hope of improving more people's lives by creating peaceful and harmonious environments. 

Feng Shui Tao is a consultancy company that uses holistic energy to modify a home or business area using the tradition of Feng Shui.  The company provides consulting to individuals or corporations and is also available for parties and speaking engagements in the California area.  They are also available for long distance consultation.

Feng Shui Visions provides practical room enchancements for home and business. Based on traditional feng shui, they have tailored their services to be suitable for people of the western world. A perfect solution for even the most skeptical of people.  " Essential Feng Shui ® helps produce more results with less mystery."  If you are looking for a practical resolution then Feng Shui Visions could provide the excellent service you have been looking for.

With over ten years experience in the Black Sect tradition of Feng Shui, Carole Hyder is well versed in the art of Feng Shui.  She has provided a site to offer her consulting services as well a speaking engagements and classes for the public.  She is also an author with her published books for sale on her site.

Renuka provides consultations targeted at businesses and individuals. Renuka helps to re-adjust the energy of your space to provide greater support and balance in an individual consultation and as well as this provides consultations on business building planning and existing building enhancement. She meets consultants at their premises where she will work for a number of days or months depending on the size of the project to meet the demands of her clients and enhance their lives in a positive way.

Feng Shui Your Life:  Stacy Davenport offers blessings, telephone and onsite consultations for the home or office in order to recommend changes based on Feng Shui principles to enhance health, wealth and happiness.  She has over six years training and experience in Feng Shui and uses an East meets West philosophy to enhance the positive aspects in people’s lives.  

Full Bloom Feng Shui is a Los Angeles based company that brings freedom and abundance to one’s life through organizing indoor and outdoor space.  Helen Arabanos, the owner of Full Bloom, is a graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui in San Diego, CA.  She provides consultation services for business and personal spaces in the use of Feng Shui to enrich life.

Full Circle Architects really do offer the “Full Circle” of design and construction of residential properties in the Chicago area.  Lenore Weiss Baigelman, AIA, FSII and her husband Daniel Baigelman, AIA combine their knowledge of home architecture and the art of feng shui to offer their clients the best of both the design and energy flow of a home.

Gaia Lifeworks:  Abby Straus, M. Div founded Gaia Lifeworks after her interest in people an physical space lead Abby to Feng Shui.  Since then she has developed the interdisciplinary method, Environmental DynamicsTM that supports positive change in the lives of individuals and organizations. Abby also specializes in Energy Bodywork to heal energy patterns within your body.

Happy Chi Solutions:  Julie Anna Alvarez believes she is “here to serve, committed to helping make this world a more harmonious place one person and one space at a time.”  Happy Chi Solutions does just what the name says – works to give their clients solutions on how to make their chi happy, using the ancient traditions of Feng Shui.

Harmonic Pathways offers consultations to “Activate key areas of your life through utilizing the ancient art of feng shui.” They offer consultations to kick start all areas of life that may be leaving something lacking.  Need a boost in your love life or maybe just a jolt in your career, Harmonic Pathways can help improve your space and your life.

Harmony and Balance:  Katherine Lewis, presents this site to offer information on Feng Shui and to outline her services including workshops and products for sale.  This creator of the “Feng Shui for Dummies” DVD set was also nominated for the prestigious “Woman Who Make a Difference” award by the Los Angeles Business Journal.

Harmony Balance:  Darcy McDowell is a Feng Shui practitioner who offers consultations, in home parties and workshops.  She believes in the practical application of Feng Shui to enrich the lives of the inhabitants.  Her background in interior design combined with her Feng Shui teachings will make each living area a balanced, more harmonious space.

Harmony Gardens’ founder Shelley Sparks works to change her clients’ environments to promote a sense of balance within the space in order to enhance prosperity, health and well being.  In addition to her consultation services that are available for corporate or residential areas as well as gardens, she is available for speaking engagements.  

Harmony Life by Laurie Bornstein uses a holistic approach to Feng Shui to transform an area so positive energy surrounds it.  This is used to promote health, wealth and happiness in the home or office.  The company is available for consultations and also provides free tips to help transform a space.  Ms. Bornstein is available for classes and speaking engagements also.

Healers of the World:  Gabrielle Alizay provides a site with informative articles and advice on the art and spirituality of Feng Shui.  This free site encourages people with Feng Shui questions to email for an answer that will be published on the site.  Clients can search for answers based on already written answers of post their own questions for review.

Betsy Stang of Healing by Design, based in Bearsville NY, is a certified practitioner of The Pyramid School of Feng Shui.  Her teachings focus on a more mathematical and scientific approach to converting stagnant energy in her client’s spaces to living and working areas invigorated with positive energy and flow.

Healing Design Feng Shui:  Hope Karan Gerecht is the author of "Healing Design: Practical Feng Shui for Healthy and Gracious Living" and also provides design consultation services to create an enriched home or office environment.  Black Sect Feng Shui is used to place furniture and use colors in order to accomplish the goals of the client.  

Heart of Harmony provides consultation services for Feng Shui in person, by fax, mail or email.  They also provide products for sale to help enhance the spiritual environment of your living or working area.  Kelly Jones provides placement consultation to bring a pleasing result to your health, well being and prosperity goals.

Holly Ziegler:  With more people looking to Feng Shui before purchasing a home or office, more real estate brokers are learning this art.  Holly Ziegler provides training for individuals and businesses, combining the use of Form, Traditional Compass and Western Black Sect Feng Shui to educate people about the art of Feng Shui in the use of real estate transactions.

The names says it all! HomePeace is run by Gabrielle Alizay, and she provides consultations, including phone consultations and a number of articles. She aims to improve your life through the utlilization of feng shui, and aims to improve love life, carreer, money issues and more. Gabrielle donates 18% of all profits from her consultations to environmental and social charities. 

Joanne Wazny, founder of Inner Dynamics uses Feng Shui to improve her client’s heath, filter positive energy toward a more satisfying career, self-development, happiness and even increase their love lives!  She offers consultations to create a comfortable, uncluttered home that offers a feeling of peace, gratitude and safety.

Inside Out founder, Consy Malasoma, has turned her teachings of Feng Shui into a tool for real estate agents looking for that edge in selling a home.  Her tactics are available through her Feng Shui model and demonstrations.  She also has proven recommendations for integrating color, texture and outside landscaping of property to boost buyer interest.  Consy has been a keynote speaker on the power of Feng Shui for realtor associations

Inspire your space:  From one room transitions, to complete home or office makeovers, Heather Smith will Inspire Your Space through her in depth knowledge of the benefits of Feng Shui.  By using art and science combined with the five primary Feng Shui Principles, Heather will help utilize space to achieve goals and balance lives through her teachings of Feng Shui.

Julie Yip uses her psychic experience as well as Feng Shui to rid a home or office space of negative energies that may block success and happiness.  She is available for on site consultations at a reasonable price and long distance consultations via email or telephone using blueprints, pictures and floor plans.  

Karen Wilson Interiors represents all aspects of Interiors design planning focusing on balance of body, mind, and spirit.  Karen uses feng shui healing practices of Reiki and Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing (ARCHtm) to create places of wholeness.  The foundation of KWI is built on the belief that “As we heal ourselves, we heal the Earth” 

This site is designed to educate a consumer through the use of paid information from the teachings of Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun Rinpoche as presented by Katherine Metz.  Ms. Metz’s site is not complete but the consumer will be presented a sampling of the information to be presented and then can be chosen for purchase if interested in each section.

Not only does the Life Potentials Network infuse their client’s lives “with energy, color and spirit, it serves as a reawakening to the benefits of positive energy achieved by feng shui principles and understanding of color.  Diantha Harris offers a variety of services including feng shui classes and custom consultations.

Lighthouse Feng Shui has shed light on the Black Sect School of Feng Shui. At the heart of Feng Shui is the desire to acknowledge the power of, and to live in harmony with, the natural world.  Lighthouse Feng Shui examines not only the immediate space their clients are looking to improve, but also how the surrounding buildings and landscapes can affect chi.

Linda Lenore is acclaimed for being one of the few non Asian Feng Shui Masters int eh United States.  Her site is based on highlighting her services which includes speaking engagements, her offering of additional resource material and personal consulting.  Her Feng Shui consultation is designed to enrich the environment in corporate and residential spaces.

Living in Balance  Shauna Piscitello has integrated her experience consulting to people and businesses on ergonomics and workplace safety with the western traditional Feng Shui practice.  Living in Balance with Feng ShuiTM has transformed houses into vibrant homes and profitable workspaces.  Shauna's teachings are proven to unclutter your home and unclutter your mind.

Living with Intention:  Margo Furlong Aloof, a self proclaimed a designer, healer, organizer, energy worker, Feng Shui practitioner, is a graduate of Pyramid Feng Shui who will do whatever it takes to fulfill her clients needs.  She is available for on-site residential or commercial consultations and tailors each project to the individual space, and goals set forth by her clients.  

Lori Bogren, the owner of Skypoint, is based in the Twin Cities area and provides classes and consultation on Feng Shui for the home or office.  The site provides valuable information on Feng Shui as well as other alternative topics.  The site itself has a variety of information but includes some missing links and incomplete data.

Lotus blossom Feng shui: Combining wind and water, which the ancient Chinese taught are two vital ingredients for life, Debby Roddy provides “Feng Shui consultations in Southwest Florida to help people achieve their goals.  Her consultations are available for those building a home or workspace, or someone who simply needs to de-clutter their life.

Minnie Kansman offers interior and exterior Feng Shui solutions for the home, office or garden.  There is an initial evaluation when she analyzes the blueprints or floor plan the client provides.  Initial recommendations are based on these and additional recommendations on an on-site review.  There will be a follow up written review of the recommended changes so the client can implement them.

Ms Real Estate Diva:  Seattle's Feng Shui Diva is taking the real estate market by storm creating harmonious spaces in homes to promote positive energy and boosting their marketability.  Consultations are recommended if you are looking moving into a new home, having trouble selling your home, or even to kick your business up a notch.  

Nancy Santo-Pietro is a renowned author and Feng Shui practitioner.  Her site focuses on the use of Feng Shui to cure illnesses and promote good health with the use of positive energy and space placement around the work and home environments.  She is available for speaking engagements and private consultations.

Holly Tashian at Nashville Essential Feng Shui works with Nashville’s finest spaces, rejuvenating them with the teachings of feng shui.  Holly can help organize and rearrange your life and space through feng shui.  She also works in the real estate field, offering tips to realtors for prepping property space.

New Feng Shui Design offers Feng hui consultations.  For additional information about the services that are offered by the company, you will need to send an email using the contact link provided on the site.  The owners of the site are members of the International Feng Shui Guild.

If increasing wealth, improving health and energy and success in business is the goal, look to Nikkea Devida and her balance and performance solutions for the home or office.  She is a practitioner of Feng Shui and will work with your budget to provide workshops and private consultations in the Los Angeles area.

Classes by Carol Bridges at her Nine Harmonies School of Feng Shui are a soul searching experience. Students listen to feng shui lessons in a serene environment. They also dine on refreshing vegetarian items and go to sleep listening to the silence of a calm forest.  A few days with Carol Bridges at her school will instill in you the true spirit of harmony with nature and the process of directing positive energies to your workplace, living room and to the vehicles you travel in.

Bonnie Callahan Bonnie Callahan at the Noble House is a published author and expert at the art of Feng Shui.  The Noble House offers consultations, free lectures, workshops and other services such as space clearing and house blessings to their residential and commercial clients interested in clearing their homes and heads.

Colorado is known for its laid-back, positive atmosphere that attracts adventurous, open minded people to call it home.  The name, “Nwyure” is a term used by the Druids to represent “life force”, an essential essence of a positive life.  Nwyure is available for Feng Shui consultations and Ceremonies to create a balanced environment to balance circumstances harmoniously with their clients lives.

Can an ancient Chinese art improve performance in today’s modern workplace?  Absolutely.  Panergetics is nationally known for creating environments that will enhance employee behavior and impact customers in a manner consistent with a company’s goal all through the teachings of Feng Shui.  Parergetics Business Consultants will design a space based on your company to boost morale and profitability.

To gain a better life “perspective”  those in the know in New Jersey call on Karen Cashman of Perspectives/Karen Cashman LLC for meticulous, personalized design using the art of Feng Shui.  Karen Cashman works to achieve and expand her client’s visions of comfortable environments to impact their sense of well being.

Helen Williams takes the guesswork out of the feng shui experience.  She has made her marriage to the art of feng shui her life through Place Right, the company she founded to spread her knowledge an love of feng shui to others looking to stimulate their surroundings.

Power Feng Shui for Success works with Corporate, Residential and Commercial properties and property owners to increase luck, wellbeing and prosperity by balancing Chi and honoring the flow of energy with the principles of Feng Shui.  Alexandra offers private consultations as well as classes for her clients to learn and explore the possibilities of Feng Shui.  

Radiant Chi:  Becoming a Feng Shui practitioner was a natural step for Catherine of radiant chi. "Catherine provides expert Feng Shui consultations and blessings on-site and by phone. She works with homes as well as small and large businesses and is available to local, national and international clients. Her services can take many forms since each situation is unique"   Catherine is dedicated to provide genuine solutions that is a lot deeper than just a nice looking room.

Red Dragon Dynamics, presented by Sheryl Benson is a site profiling her services in Feng Shui consultation as well as the products she offers to help enhance the area in the home or office.  She is a Feng Shui Master and is available for private consultations for real estate, corporate and residential areas as well as speaking engagements.

Classes, home parties and consultations are among the services Feng Shui practitioner Marilyn Wallick offers from her Red Rabbit Feng Shui, Inc. business.  Ms. Wallick is dedicated to educating the public on the benefits of Feng Shui and offers a unique brand of home parties that are both fun and educational.

Feng Shui by ReissPeak was founded by certified Feng Shui expert Peter Reiss.  He provides consultations and seminars on the use of Feng Shui for the home or office.  He concentrates on how to use Feng Shui in office environments to enhance success in business and in home environments to promote love and stability in the home.

Roberta Grant is a certified Feng Shui practitioner who uses the use of space to create a harmonious atmosphere.  She is available for consultations in the Georgia area and also holds classes and seminars.  Her consultancy is available for individuals as well as businesses to achieve happiness and success in the home or office.

From Elle Magazine to your living room, Judith Wendell of Sacred Currents Feng Shui is offering a different approach to getting your life on track.  Her suggestions for improving the flow of chi in spaces and environments are grounded in her feng shui background.  Judith is available for consultations that will change the feel of your home and the wealth of your life.

Sacred Space Environments is “a consulting firm which honours the Earth and Her inhabitants, our deep inter-connectedness and the sacredness of all dwellings.”  In business for over 10 years, Colorado based Mary Boudreau, BTB, “believes nature's balance wheel and tuning fork can be found in an ancient Chinese art of placement and design - feng shui.”

Sacred Surroundings:  Cheryl R Janis provides her clients with a comprehensive analysis of their space using a “holistic, intuitive approach” to Feng Shui  Her background in design and color add an extra element of positive energy and flow in a practical and fun manner to her client’s homes.  Consultaions are available by appointment.

San Diego Feng Shui:  With over fifteen years of experience in Feng Shui, Cathleen McCandless has established a consultation company to assist individuals and businesses in the San Diego area in defining their space so it has a positive energy flow.  She is also available for long distance consultations with the help of questionnaires and floor plans via email and telephone.

Sandman Interiors, founded by Becky Sandman, combines Ms. Sandman’s extensive experience in interior design with her studies of Feng Shui.  The result is an environment that is both pleasing to the eye and harmonious.  The use of Feng Shui fills the environment with positive energy to promote prosperity, health and happiness.

Santa Rosa Essential Feng Shui presented by Betty Perkins, an author and Feng Shui practitioner, provides consultations in person.  Whether you have a commercial building and want to be more successful in business or an individual homeowner, a Feng Shui consultation is sure to help you achieve your goals.

Self & Space, Inc can help you Bring Energy In and Shine Power Out.  Their feng shui services can help you feel more comfortable in your home or more alive in your office.  Let Self & Space “Balance environmental elements, Manifest a healthy space, and add Verve” to your life.

The Shambhalla Feng Shui & Design Institute is dedicated to enriching the appearance and positive energy in interior locations with the use of Feng Shui.  They go over the client’s needs and tastes and utilize the many aspects of Feng Shui to tailor the results to the individual’s goals and dreams.  
Long time friends Sheila Warnock and Cappy Capossela and have written the book on how to create a support group for those caring for loved ones.  Through the book you will learn how to deal with your emotional issues while learning how to organize the team using their simple, easy to follow system.  If you feel like you’re having to go it alone during the stressful and painful time of losing a love one, ‘Share the Care’ is a must read.

Simply organized  run by Debbie Bowie shows people how to reduce stress and by making simple changes to organisation and arrangement of household items can impact people's lives in a positve manner. Not only do they provide feng shui consultance but also as a professional personal organizer.

Space Alignment Feng Shui Design, an architectural design consultant practice in New York City was founded by R.D. Chin in 1993 and has been offering services in invigorated architectural design ever since.  From business consultations to increase profitability and employee stimulation to apartments, R.D. Chin has transformed the modern architecture world through the ancient teachings of feng shui.

Space Harmony is a Feng Shui consulting company that strives to create health, happiness and success by using Feng Shui to change the environment.  They are available for personal, on site consultations to recommend changes.   They are also available to conduct classes and speaking engagements to educate people on the benefits of Feng Shui in their environment.

Spirit of FS:  Terumi Leinow uses multiple traditions in Feng Shui to merge her style to suit her clients.  Her use of space clearing and blessings will help people transform their home or business to an area that will bring positive energy to the space to help people achieve their goals and dreams.  

Spiritual Feng Shui:  Janet Erickson has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will refund all monies paid if the client is not completely satisfied with her Feng Shui services.  She uses a combination of spiritual healing and Feng Shui to energize the living or office space to achieve maximum results with happiness and success.

Stacy Davenport offers blessings, telephone and onsite consultations for the home or office in order to recommend changes based on Feng Shui principles to enhance health, wealth and happiness.  She has over six years training and experience in Feng Shui and uses an East meets West philosophy to enhance the positive aspects in people’s lives. 
Sandy Anastasi’s Starchild Institute is a metaphysical store offering a variety of products and services including classes on Feng Shui.  The Starchild Institute is devoted to educating the public on metaphysical topics.  The Feng Shui classes are held in person or by correspondence for maximum convenience and exposure to the art.

Starpathz offers not only Feng Shui consultations, but also allows its clients to delve into themselves and their destiny using ancient practices of Astrology and Tarot.  June Crane, founder of Starpathz speaks regularly at Feng Shui conferences and has recently relocated to California, but her advice and consultations are employed around the United States.

Susan Hilton is a former CPA who has now a Feng Shui practitioner.  Her unique blend of Feng Shui knowledge combined with her financial background gives her a perspective on how to use her knowledge to enhance wealth in the home or in business.  Her book “A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Attracting Wealth into Your Life” is available to help those who want to increase wealth.

Tchi Consulting offers services and products to help enhance the living spaces and working areas in people’s lives by using Feng Shui.  Rodika Tchi offers private consultation and is also available for workshop and speaking engagements.  She is publisher of a Feng Shui e-zine that I read worldwide by people wanting to learn about the art of Feng Shui.

Tess Whitehurst is a graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui.  Now based in los Angeles, she combines her studies and experiences in spiritual healing to her feng shui practice.  She has worked with homeowners, businesses, designers and architects in bringing the healing and harmonious practice of feng shui into their spaces.

In a matter of a two hour consultation, Debra Schwartz can organize your life through The Art of Order, the ancient teachings of Feng Shui.  Debra has also created the Bagua Collage Workshop to pass on the teachings of Bagua and the nine aspects of life.  The workshop is available for groups of 6 or more.

The Colorado Alliance for a Sustainable Future offers professional services for the Colorado area including Feng Shui consultation from practitioner Catherine Dawson.  Her over ten years of training in Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui and degrees in Sociology and Psychology gives her unique perspective in improving the work and home spaces to improve and enhance life.

This site focuses on the study of the Dynion Mwyn Feng Shui Tradition, which is a combination of several different sects of Feng Shui.  This informational site gives information and additional resources so consumers can study and learn about the melding of art and science that encompasses Feng Shui and how to use it as a way to enhance life.

Cherlene Weaver, the director of Feng Shui Academe of Seattle and Arizona offers workshops and consultations for people who have identified Feng Shui as an art and science of direct positive energy flow for the betterment of life, work, and business.
The academe also helps people to locate qualified Feng Shui Practitioners. Charlene has a unique decision as one of the few practitioners following the purest form of Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui.

The Feng Shui Connection is the "Show-Me State's premier Feng Shui consultant firm.  Donna Walker keeps her approach practical for her clients, making Feng Shui "understandable, but not simplistic."  Donna Walker’s knowledge to keep both homes and offices balanced and invigorating is available in Missouri and also via the internet.

The Feng Shui Lady website offers simple pragmatic fengshui and astrology advices. Find out whether your post box is blocking chi energy and thereby preventing good things from entering your house or the artworks hanging from the walls of your house prevent you from finding a partner.  Mary Swick concentrates her Feng Shui and astrology around reading symbols. Learning to read symbols in your life through the disciplines of Feng Shui and astrology – that is what ‘The Feng Shui Lady’ offers you.

The Haven on Earth website is currently not available but will re open again shortly.  For information on services and information on Feng Shui, you can contact the owner, Brenda Medling via email or by telephone until the site is again functional and completely back online for Feng Shui information.

Kathy Goodenbour Mursch started The Healing Pathway after beginning her own journey towards balance and peace.  This journey has lead her to Life Coaching, Feng Shui, and the Resonance System of Holographic Repatterning.  Kathy is also in the midst of writing “The Kids Guide to feng SHui as a part of her determination to help children get past the stumbling blocks of low self esteem through feng shui.

The Lotus Institute is dedicated to educating students on mind and body to enhance and enrich their life through the use of holistic means including Feng Shui.  They offer classes and private consultations to meet the goals of the student.  Lillian Bridges is an author and speaker with many years experience in her field.

The West Coast Academy of Feng Shui is dedicated to the education of students interested in learning the art of Feng Shui.  Certification classes are available as well as workshops, speaking engagements and seminars.  Consultations for the home or office are also available for people who want to transform their space.

Thunder Healing Metaphysical Shoppe offers metaphysical products and informative articles on alternative beliefs and philosophies to enrich one’s life.  The site offers information on the various forms of Feng Shui to educate the public and also offers various products for use in blessings and enhancing the home or office space.

Tranquil Spaces Design Group is a network of West Coast Feng Shui consultants.  They can bring beauty and tranquility to homes and offices in California, Washington and Oregon.  In addition to consulting and design on Feng Shui techniques, Tranquil Spaces also offers classes and seminars so the amateur can learn more about the art.

Try Feng Shui is a site devoted to educating the public about Feng Shui and how its use can help enhance the living and working spaces in the home or office.  The site is informative and also has areas to purchase additional materials and books for continued research on Feng Shui.

After honing her skills as a real estate agent for twenty years, Lois Jean Lang took her love of nature and the life changing aspects of feng shui and filtered them into Visionary Feng Shui.  Her services and advice on how to improve aspects of life through deepening the relationships between her clients and their surroundings.

Would you like to be able to stop and hear nature speak to you?  Or maybe you feel like your living space is confining and stifled and you’re looking for a change.  Before you start looking for a new home, contact Wellness Expressions by KF to have your world transformed through the art of Feng Shui.  Wellness Expressions will consult with you in your home or business or even on a guided nature walk to help you reconnect with the earth’s energy.

West Coast Technologies:  Sue Perisi provides the tools to make Feng Shui not only more understandable but also more fun.  Studying Feng Shui can be complicated and confusing to some.  Ms. Perisi takes the process of Feng Shui and makes it accessible to the ordinary person for the enrichment of life and well being.

Western Feng Shui combines the traditional eastern philosophies of Feng Shui with modern cultures to create interior design that is both pleasing to the eye and harmonious.  Becky Roberts is available for private consultations in commercial and residential areas to recommend changes to enhance the energy found in the area for increased prosperity.

Wind & Water Designs:  Margo Trofimenkoff, a practitioner of Black Sect Feng Shui, offers evaluations, consultations and classes on the art of Feng Shui.  People looking to purchase or lease real estate for home or business purposes can hire Ms. Trofimenkoff to evaluate their property before buying.  Existing owners can also hire the owner of this site to redecorate the space to optimize the balance for a more harmonious area.
Wind8Water Feng Shui helps you apply this time honored practice to achieve prosperity, abundance and harmony in your home or business. Wind8water specialise in consulting to bring harmony into your life and improve your health. Their consulting is suitable for residential and business locations and is achieved by utilising traditional feng shui.

Southern New Hampshire is home to Windy Hill Associates, offering services in feng shui consultations combined with professional experience in architecture, construction and real estate development.  By incorporating all of their knowledge, recognition of environmental responsibility and a holistic approach to real estate, Windy Hill Associates are able to  provide site evaluations, architectural services and Feng Shui.

Wings of Chi:  This site is not complete and is lacking some of the information that is promised in the menu.  However, the information that is there outlines the services and philosophy of Maureen Harmonay, the owner of Wings of Chi.  She uses Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui to analyze the space for optimum positive energy in the home or office.

Feng Shui Long Island provides a vast range of information, consultations and therapies guaranteed to suit everyones needs. They specialise in beauty and consultations for home and business. Carol provenzale has been a certified feng shui consultant on Long Island since 1997. Using the power of feng shui she hopes to enrich and balance your life, and transform your surroundings into a harmonious place in tune with nature.




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