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Everything you need to Create good "Chi" in your home or office 

There are two forces in Feng Shui, "Sha" and "Chi".  Neither is  bad for you, however too much of anything is not healthy for you.  "Sha is hard energy like the energy from a Jet Plane.  Now, that plane can be very good for you if you need to get somewhere fast, however, the "Sha" energy from a plane is hard on you and is not something you what to do all the time.  "Chi" is soft energy like the energy from a babbling brook.  This energy is very healing and makes things grow.  This is the easiest energy to be around.   In Feng Shui there are ailments and cures.  Aliments are harmful energies that cut your energy field and weaken you, like "Sha".  "Sha" does not necessarily have to be as dramatic as a jet plane.  It can be as simple as harsh words, energy from cars and structural elements from buildings.  Cures are the things you do to heal "Sha" or transmute it into "Chi".  Below are two products that come with curing tools and complete instructions  on "How To"  complete a basic Feng Shui.

feng shui half moon & sun cure

Half Moon and Sun

The Half Moon & Sun is a powerful energy tool that gives energy to the space and represents the cycle of completion.  

100% of our life force comes from the sun, whether it is directly from the sun, a reflection of the sun off of the moon or stored sunlight in food.  We have all heard the Phrase “the sunny side of the street”.  By placing a representation of the Sun and Moon in your space you will constantly be receiving sun energy. 

The cycles of the Moon and Sun move the oceans, controls the seasons and cycles of life.  Subtly, we feel these powerful cycles daily and monthly.  Every day the Sun comes up and when the Sun goes down the Moon shines and when it recedes, the Sun comes up again in the morning completing the cycle.  Every month the Moon rotates around the Sun, another cycle of completion. The Half Moon & Sun represent these powerful cycles and when place properly they will assist you in completing missing corners in your home or completing/finishing cycles in your life. 

The Half Moon & Sun framework is 10” of copper wire.  10 is a higher level of completion and new beginnings and copper is a magnifying agent.  The Moon crystal is 50mm and the Sun crystal is 30mm.  The total height of the product is approx. 10”. 

Price:  $65.95


feng shui basic cure kit
Click image to enlarge

Create Healing "Chi" in your home or office

Feng Shui - Basic Cures Kit

The Feng Shui Basic Cures Kit contains tools for creating positive flowing "Chi." The kit includes 10 cures for Feng Shui ailments. The proper placement of these cures will enhance your life force by protecting you from the cutting electromagnetic fields in your home. The cures kit comes complete with instructions for placement. Cures included: (4) red envelopes, (3) Chinese Coins, (4) Mirror squares with adhesive, (1) Half Moon & Sun, (1)Life Station Card, (1) strip of Red Dots

Price:  $24.95


Create Healing "Chi" in your home or office

Feng Shui-Basic Cures Refill Kit

If you love the Basic Cures kit,  this is where you purchase refills.  The Feng Shui Basic Cures Refill Kit includes 4 red envelopes, (4) 1" mirror squares with adhesive tape, a sheet of red dots, (3) Chinese coins and instructions on Feng Shui uses. The proper placement of these cures will enhance your life force by protecting you from the cutting electromagnetic fields in your home.  

Price: $16.00 


feng shui bagua card
Click image to enlarge

Create the Desires of Your Life

Feng Shui-Life Station Card for your wallet

The science of Feng Shui uses the Ba-qua shape and the eight stations of life: prosperity, relationships, helpful people, new knowledge, family/health, children/creativity, fame, and career. Each one of the life stations directly correlates to a location in your home.  Your home is an extension of you.  These physical locations house the energy (the electromagnetic field) that you have created for that station of your life.  What you create in your home is what you will create in your life.  What happens in your life is what you created in your home, so if you are having problems in your life you must first look to your home to solve these problems.   After locating your life stations you can create your life desires by using energy and symbolism in your life stations to first create your life desire in your home.  After you have created your life desire in your home, it will manifest in your life.  Be careful what you ask for, for as long as you believe that you will receive it, you will!  The  Feng Shui Wallet Card diagrams the eight life stations and includes instructions on locating the life station in your home and how to use these stations to create harmony and abundance in your life.  3 1/2" x 2 3/4", laminated.



feng shui mirror square Reflect "Sha" Complete Missing Energies Mirror Square Package

The Mirror Squares are used as cures for many ailments in Feng Shui.  The package includes (4) 1" square mirrors with adhesive backs for indoor use.  These mirrors may be used outdoors but will require a silicone adhesive.  A package of 4 mirrors will be sufficient to complete a missing corner of your home, reflect the sha energy of a waring  cook top and sink, reflect energy back off of  a step and cure many more ailments!

Price:  $4.95 



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