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 We seek many things in this life, love, financial independence, and a warm family.  None of these desires are unknown to those of us who live with the human condition.  However there are two non-tangible things that everyone needs, craves, and absolutely has to have.  Those are confidence and respect.  They seem like simple things to acquire and yet, many people struggle to feel accepted and as if they make a difference.   

The purpose of Feng Shui is and always has been to create the positive flow of energy necessary to achieve balance and harmony in life.  This ancient Chinese practice can be used to fulfill the desire for confidence and respect.  There are many various ways that these two emotions impact our experiences in this life and the quality of our existence.  Let's meet a few new friends and take a look at how they used Feng Shui to gain more confidence and respect in their lives.

Confidence and Respect Finds a Soul Mate

 Say hello to Julie.  Julie is an absolute marvel.  This lady worked her way through college to obtain the college degree she always wanted.  Julie then decided to use her education to improve the quality of the earth's environment.  Everyone who knows her thinks she is an amazing person and gives her the respect they feel she deserves. 

For Julie outside confidence in her abilities and respect for her achievements isn't the problem.  The problem is Julie feels that her life is a failure since she hasn't yet found true love and started a family.  Julie lacks confidence and respect in herself. 

With Feng Shui guidance, Julie began the steps necessary to improve the aspects of her life she felt were lacking. By using Feng Shui principles, Julie made over her home to inspire finding her soul mate.  Her bedroom was redone in the colors of passion, pink and red.  She used paintings and sculptures of happy couples to stimulate the positive energies in her life and home to bring her heart's desire to her. 

And most importantly, she found the love she craved and now sees herself in a whole new light.  Self confidence and respect aren't a problem for this wonderful woman anymore.

Jobs and Promotions - The Effect of Confidence

 Tim is what many would call a self made man. He didn't have many of the advantages growing up that many people take for granted.  His financial situation made it impossible to experience higher learning, so Tim learned his trade and talent on his own. 

Tim has deep confidence and respect for himself, he just has a hard time earning the same from others.  Since Tim is a very proactive person, he decided to try Feng Shui in his home to encourage respect and confidence from others. 

He focused on the wealth and fame areas of his home and added live green plants to promote growth and positive energies.  He placed a water fountain in his home to encourage the flow of good chi. Before he knew it, job offers and promotions were the name of the game.  Now when other people talk about who to call in take that job, Tim is the first name to come up.  Talk about confidence and respect.

Find Love from Your Family

 So far we have met two very different people who used Feng Shui to gain more confidence and respect in their lives in unique ways.  Now it's time to meet Anthony.  He believes that his life is right on track.  He believes completely in himself and in every decision he makes. 

The problem is that Anthony's family feels neglected and unloved.  Daily they lose respect for a person, who in every other way is worthy of confidence and respect.  It took awhile, but once his family made the problem clear, Anthony made the decision to use Feng Shui to help reunify his family and this very important aspect of his life. 

The family room was redone with pictures of each member or some kind of item that represented that member.  Since Anthony is so handy he added a small water fountain to the family room to inspire relaxation and the ability to separate work from home.  The difference these relatively small changes have made in how the family now interacts and flow of good chi has brought amazing things Anthony's way.  He finally has the respect and confidence of the most important people of all, his partner and children.

The Rewards

 In every one of these cases, Feng Shui has built confidence and respect for these people.  There is no one type of devotion and belief.  For perfect balance it is necessary to feel confidence in yourself, respect from family, and appreciation of the people you work with.  Used properly Feng Shui can help you achieve all of those things.  Your rewards are balance, peace, and harmony in every aspect of your life.  It is certainly worth the time to improve your life in such dramatic ways.

Feng Shui Will Make a Profound Difference in Your Life,
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Free Feng Shui  Tips
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