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How to Use Feng Shui Real Estate 
Practices to Sell a Home
There are all kinds of theories on how to quickly and efficiently sell a home.  Some 
people believe that drawing attention to the house with elaborate yard decorations 
is the way to go.  Others have a deep belief that burying a statue of St. Joseph in the 
front yard will help speed up the process.  Still others are relying on a tradition of 
Feng Shui, a 4000 year old Chinese philosophy that supports living in harmony with 
one’s environment and living with awareness.  Feng Shui real estate practices are 
useful in selling a home for a variety of reasons.  Decorating and designing a home
 to reflect these ancient traditions generates a feeling of good chi, or energy for anyone 
who visits and looks to buy the house.  
For those who are unfamiliar with Feng Shui, it is a philosophy whose name literally means wind and water.  The wind part relates to the theory that everything is connected
and intertwined.  Despite that the wind is invisible no one would contradict the force that 
it can yield influencing our lives and experiences.  Feng Shui real estate methods use the 
wind side to create an environment that appeals to how we form relationships with the 
place in which we live.  
The other side of Feng Shui is water.  Water is free flowing and in constant motion.  This is 
much the same as our lives.  Water and life experience are always in motion and fleeting.  
The Shui portion of Feng Shui is a reminder that every moment is fleeting and to be happy 
in the moment.  In Feng Shui real estate practices, the water element helps to create a 
harmonious balance of movement.
The best place to start using Feng Shui real estate techniques to sell a home is the main 
entrance.  Obviously the exterior entrance is the first area potential buyers will see.  One 
important thing to keep in mind during preparations is to keep the front walk clear of debris
 and in good repair.  Any dead plants or trees should be removed.  In good Feng Shui, 
dead plants don’t promote a harmonious flow of energy.  It would also be beneficial to be 
sure the doors and windows are clean and in excellent working order.  Any pond or birdbath 
used to enhance the front of the house should be kept clean with a supply of crystal clear water.  
The color red is important in Feng Shui, place a red bow on the front door.  This symbolizes 
strength and good will and will also bring a welcoming aspect for visitors.
The interior entrance inside the home is equally as important as the exterior one.  Of course 
a motivated seller will want the entrance to be welcoming to their potential buyers.  Be sure 
the entrance is well lit.  Visitors will feel welcomed and be able to clearly see and sense the 
chi in a bright environment.  Another important Feng Shui real estate practice is to keep this 
area free of clutter, shoes, and coats.  A lot of clutter will feel trapping to guests.  Live flowers 
or plants in the interior entrance will also bring an element of fresh chi to the space.  If there 
is a staircase right inside the front door, place some artwork or a lovely piece of crystal to 
the side leading into the main part of the house.  This works to redirect the positive energy 
into the rest of the house.
Clutter is one of the biggest threats to the Feng Shui real estate theories.  It is enclosing to 
positive energy and denotes an untidy, disorganized mind.  Eliminating clutter is one of the 
best ways to promote positive chi. Before inviting possible buyers into the home, be sure to 
clean up and organize any problem areas.  Hallways, bedrooms, and certain areas of the living
 room are notorious problem areas for clutter in almost every home.  The kitchen is a challenge 
as well.  Toasters, other appliances, and various stuff often are found on kitchen counters.  It is 
very important to eliminate the counters of debris and create a clean, fresh environment in the kitchen.  
Another area of the house that needs to be kept as uncluttered as possible is the closets.  It is 
pretty much guaranteed that potential buyers are going to want to see what type of closet space 
a home has to offer.  Clearing out old clothes that are no longer worn will help the closets appear 
more spacious.  Donate the clothes to a local charity.  Giving always generates good chi. The 
Feng Shui real estate philosophy will succeed better if all aspects of the house are inviting.
Finally, take a look around the entire house.  Check to see if any areas look or feel congested.  
It may be necessary to remove certain pieces of furniture to open up the room.  This is an important 
aspect of the Feng Shui real estate practice.  While the house is on the market, these unnecessary
 furniture items can easily be placed in storage.  The whole idea is to create a welcoming, open 
appearance and feel in the home.

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