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Rebecca has spent years with the same company.  She does a good job and always receives high praise from co workers and supervisors.  The problem is that no matter how hard she works, she still can't get ahead enough to achieve the financial freedom she wants. 

It seems like bills and emergencies always make sure she is just barely floating above water.  She wants to enjoy the fruits of her labor.  Rebecca loves her job and company and doesn’t want to leave, however something has to give allowing her to live relatively worry free. 

Good News, Feng Shui Can Help

There is no doubt that Rebecca isn't alone.  Millions of people struggle with this issue everyday.  Chances are you are one of them.  Despite hard work and dedication to your job, it is still hard to ensure your own financial freedom. 

The good news is Feng Shui can help.  You are probably thinking that Feng Shui is just a style of decorating.  It's really much more than that.  It is a philosophy and belief system that predates the time of Christianity.  This ancient practice employs common sense ideas that remain true for centuries.  The idea is to create an environment in which good energy or chi is able to flow around your home, work, and life. 

Start with a Clean Slate

In order to use Feng Shui correctly to promote financial freedom, you have to first look to your home and outside work space.  Both areas must be free of clutter and well organized.  If you look at it from a purely practical view, a clean environment is conducive to productivity.  There is no point in exploring Feng Shui any further if you don't have a clean slate to begin with.  Clear out the things you no longer need or use, and then organize the rest.  This step alone is well worth the time. 

  • Now let's take a look at your desk and office space.  If you are new to your job, make sure you clear away any left overs from the prior occupant.  This means everything.  You don't want another person's belongings and energy getting in the way of yours. 

  • Find a way to integrate water into the décor of your space.  Water represents cash flow.  If a small water fountain is impossible, consider a picture of a waterfall or body of water.  Make sure it is framed with wood, as wood represents abundance.  It's easy to see how that picture will help with financial freedom. 

  • While on the subject of wood, consider a wood bowl on your desk.  In Feng Shui the wooden bowl will help to hold your money flow. 

  •  It doesn’t matter if you have a full office or a cubicle.  Bring growth into your career and money situation with plants.  Plants represent growth and things that are alive.  You can be pretty sure no one is going to object to a small houseplant on your desk or shelf.  If you prefer, choose a flowering plant.  As long as no one sharing your space has allergies the blooms will promote positive feelings.  If you don't have a green thumb, don't panic.  Artificial plants and flowers are just as effective.  The only thing you will have to worry about with these is keeping them clean and dust free. 

What You See is What You Get

When using Feng Shui to assist you in achieving financial freedom, your wall space is important as well.  Don't leave undecorated space on the walls.  This doesn’t mean to cover every inch of wall space.  Just make sure there aren't dull, boring spaces that will suck the energy from your endeavor.  Pictures and paintings are often most convenient in an office environment.  Many people prefer to choose more mainstream items than obviously Feng Shui ones to avoid any unwelcome comments or questions.  The choice is really up to you. 

The use of mirrors is very helpful when it comes to Feng Shui and financial freedom.  The idea is keep the positive energy flowing constantly throughout the day - especially when the doorways across the hall from each other aren't lined up exactly.  Place a mirror so that you can see the other door and the energy remains in constant motion.  You can also use mirrors to decorate a wall for visual interest. 

A Simple Process Makes a Big Difference

No one is saying that you don't have to work for financial freedom.  Feng Shui is there to guide the positive energies and make your success much more likely.  When you consider that the practice has been around for centuries, it's clear that it does actually benefit its practitioners.  Don’t wait any longer to take the necessary steps to greater financial gain and success.  A little bit of cleaning, organizing, and redecorating with Feng Shui in mind is a simple process that could make a tremendous difference in this aspect of your life.  Financial freedom is just around the corner.

Specific Feng Shui Cures for Increasing Your Money

Feng Shui wholeness cures financial freedom

The Wholeness Formula
Jump Start Your Pathway to Wholeness, Peace and Happiness
Using 3 Feng Shui Wholeness Cures

For you to have peace in your life you must have everything you need to create peacefulness.  Your life must be whole. 

 Imagine driving down the road with a flat tire.  You can get where you want to go, but with a flat tire it can be difficult, so you stop and fix the tire.

 Creating a whole life is like stopping to fix the tire.  You would not think about driving with a flat tire, so why would you live a life that is not whole?

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 Volume 7
Feng Shui Kitchens
Create a Healthy Self Image & Prosperity

Includes 16 Cures

The kitchen is the center of your home in many ways, and its influence is far-reaching. Besides the station for food   preparation and the family’s nourishment , it may also be where you eat and talk with one another. Often a kitchen  is a de facto hearth where friends gather and relationships   are formed or deepened. Sometimes it is a hub of activity where projects are launched or completed. And it may even be a traffic control center where family members check in, messages are exchanged, bills  are paid, and mail is sorted.

How does a kitchen   collect so many responsibilities? It is actually quite the opposite. The kitchen is to the home as the sun is to the earth. It is the source of life, the source of prosperity, the source of relationships  .

First, a kitchen is about nourishment . The quantity and quality of the food  that you eat determines your health . Do you pay attention to taking care of you and your family, or is there never enough time? Do meals get the quick fix while other activities get non-negotiable attention? Or does the cook take care of everyone except him- or her-self?

Of course, a well-stocked kitchen  represents abundance, but not just physical. The kitchen is also a symbolic heart for your emotional and financial nurture. Taking care of and building your health represents looking after your life and your pocket book. The kitchen is your home’s ‘wealth  -and-well-being’ center.

The recipe for nourishment  is: eliminate sha (obstacles and opposing elements), add chi, protect good energy  and “stir with care;” that is, attend to the people who eat. Take time to carefully prepare the meals you and your family eat.

Care of this hearth symbolizes crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s of your financial plan. If your focus is creating and building wealth, this is the area of your home that you want to really put the details into.

E-book  Price $14.95   Click Here To Buy Now!



Volume 9
Feng Shui BaGua
Create the Life
You Dream of Living

Includes 3 of the Most Important Cures for Making Money

The eight-sided feng shui bagua   is the basic map for locations of energy   by type. Do you want to know what part of your home holds the prosperity energy? Refer to the bagua. If you’re always at the office and never have time for your family, take your energy map—the bagua—to the office and use it to help you track down what is in the family and children  corners of your office (possibly piles of work!).

In addition to learning  to maximize these eight energy areas in your home, you will also learn how to magnify those energy fields using talismans combined with affirmations.

Consistent attention to using the bagua on your property, in your home, and each room of your home will help you create the life of your dreams.

E-book Price $14.95   Click Here To Buy Now!







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