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Creating Harmony in Relationships
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Everyone has had times in his or her lives when they have felt incomplete or are lacking in contentment.  It may be a nagging, uncomfortable feeling or it could be something more intense, like feelings of horrible depression and anxiety.  Of course we have all met people who never seem to have any peace or harmony in their lives.  Experiencing harmony is one of the most wonderful experiences of the human condition.  Everyone needs this life aspect to be at peace and have the ability to further explore their own lives to the fullest.  If you feel as if your life is out of balance, using the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui to create harmony may be just the thing you need to enhance your life.

 Just to give you a little bit of background into Feng Shui, you first need to know that was created in China thousands of years.  The philosophy centers on the theory that in order for positive energy to flow, a home or environment needs to be arranged and cared for with careful consideration.  The use of the elements, colors, and personal items is essential to creating a harmonious space for living.

Chi Elements

Let's start with one of the most powerful elements in Feng Shui.  This element represents many different things.  It controls the constant flow of energy and is a relaxing element for focus and personal growth.  It's easy to see why it would be so important in Feng Shui and creating harmony.  With water, you are essentially telling the good chi that you wish to live your life enjoying the experience and flowing through the events that take place.  You can of course always use water fountains and pictures of waterfalls or other aquatic symbols in your decorating.  If that isn't possible or you prefer, it is also perfectly acceptable to use other items.  Crystals like aquamarine, turquoise, and chrysocolla are great examples of water stones.  You could also focus on aquatic life, like frogs, dolphins, and fish in your home to inspire harmony using Feng Shui.

 Another important element for harmony is earth.  Earth is grounding and is the symbol of all relationships.  Obviously, harmony and peace are directly related to your feelings and relationships with others.  The Earth element helps us to be receptive to all of the benefits good chi can give our lives.  One of the easiest ways to add earth to your home is with couples.  Never leave any object standing alone.  In other words, place two candles, two pillows, two of anything.  Rose quartz is good for this use as well.  If you are working on healing a relationship or promoting harmony within one, consider images of turtles or wolves.  Any animal that mates for life is a good choice.

 Sound has a tremendous influence in our lives.  We all have heard music or a person's voice which helps to calm our spirits.  On the other hand, we have also all heard a sound that disturbs us or upsets our balance.  With Feng Shui, in order to promote harmony now, it is essential to eliminate the discord of the past and certain sounds and crystals can help you do that.  For example, rose quartz encourages forgiveness and azurite represents understanding the past.  Smoky quartz is excellent for releasing negative energy.  All or some of these used in your home will help you find inner peace and further encourage harmony.

 Moving back the elements, you can't forget about wind in terms of Feng Shui and creating harmony.  Wind is always associated with fortunate blessings in the Feng Shui practice.  The theory is that wind blows new, positive energy into our lives.  With this in mind, you will want to use wind chimes and specific stones and crystals to generate positive movement of powerful chi. Emerald and citrine are great stones for this purpose.  Some people use animals like the bear or frog.  If you enjoy pleasant scents, it is perfectly acceptable to make use of aroma lamp as well.

 One of the most universal aspects of Feng Shui and creating harmony is that it can be used regardless of your personal religious faith.  Harmony is often the result of a connection to something or someone more powerful than ourselves.  The use of religious symbols or meditation crystals is a vital part of finding and creating harmony within your life.  Some people choose to place angel figurines about their home, while others concentrate on a more personal symbol of their spirit and soul.

 These are just a few of the ways you can inspire a deeper appreciation and understanding of harmony and Feng Shui.  Once you have your home prepared, it is only a matter of time before the rest of your life follows suit and you have the warmth, comfort, peace, and harmony you have always wanted in your life. 


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Free Feng Shui  Tips
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