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Fixing Your Feng Shui Ailments

There are two forces in Feng Shui, "Sha" and "Chi".  Neither is  bad for you, however too much of anything is not healthy for you.  "Sha is hard energy like the energy from a Jet Plane.  Now, that plane can be very good for you if you need to get somewhere fast, however, the "Sha" energy from a plane is hard on you and is not something you what to do all the time.  "Chi" is soft energy like the energy from a babbling brook.  This energy is very healing and makes things grow.  This is the easiest energy to be around.   In Feng Shui there are ailments and cures.  Aliments are harmful energies that cut your energy field and weaken you, like "Sha".  "Sha" does not necessarily have to be as dramatic as a jet plane.  It can be as simple as harsh words, energy from cars and structural elements from buildings.  Cures are the things you do to heal "Sha" or transmute it into "Chi". 

Feng Shui Ailments and their Cures

Learn about the most common Interior Feng Shui ailments, why they are ailments, how to identify them and how to cure them. 

For only $14.95


Find Love using 
Feng Shui

Looking to find the perfect love for your life?  Then this article is for you.  This article outlines the steps necessary to create the energy field of love in your life and manifest it.  If you follow these steps religiously your will receive the desires of your heart.  In this article your will learn:  how to Identify your relationship corner, clear the corner of the old and bring in the new, define what it is you are looking for, write clear affirmations, create and environment for acceptance, appropriately place symbols, use aromatherapy, and burn candles.  All of these elements are critical for creating what you desire instead of settling for patterns repeated from your past.  Now is the moment of power. Carpe Diem!
This article will take you step by step in creating the electromagnetic field of the love you desire in your life and how to manifest it. 

For only $24.95 you will be emailed a copy of this article. 
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How to fix the energy of your Address

Numbers & Their Meanings
How to fix the energy of your Address

This article gives you the meanings and energy vibrations of each number, teaches you how to calculate the numerical reference of your home/office and how to change the energy of your address.  It also includes how to address difficult numbers and addresses with letters in them.

For only $9.95


Activate your Feng Shui with the Final Blessing

Your Feng Shui is not complete with out a Final Blessing.  Learn how to bless your project with this article.

This article will teach you the elements of the final blessing, when and who to use them.,.

For only $14.95


"Feng Shui Caution on the use of Mirrors"
"Caution on the use of Mirrors"

If you are using mirrors in your environment this article is a must for you.  In this article you will receive a listing of what to look for in your home when using mirrors and the effects of poorly placed mirrors and how to cure them.

For only $5.95


Create the Desires of your Heart 
with  Feng Shui Life Stations 


The science of Feng Shui uses the Ba-qua shape and the eight stations of life: prosperity, relationships, helpful people, new knowledge, family/health, children/creativity, fame, and career. Each one of the life stations directly correlates to a location in your home.  Your home is an extension of you.  These physical locations house the energy (the electromagnetic field) that you have created for that station of your life.  What you create in your home is what you will create in your life.  What happens in your life is what you created in your home, so if you are having problems in your life you must first look to your home to solve these problems.   After locating your life stations you can create your life desires by using energy and symbolism in your life stations to first create your life desire in your home.  After you have created your life desire in your home, it will manifest in your life.  Be careful what you ask for, for as long as you believe that you will receive it, you will! 

By  Candace Czarny Copyright © 2000

  The  Feng Shui Wallet Card diagrams the eight life stations and includes instructions on locating the life station in your home and how to use these stations to create harmony and abundance in your life.  

3 1/2" x 2 3/4", laminated.

                                 $3.75 Click Here To Buy Now!


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  Aromatic Essential Cards 

Heal Your Inner Child

A fun and playful deck of 46 cards that heal and re-program the inner child through words and scent.  Essential oils are catalysts for awakening your emotions.  You will be inspired with conscious thought patters that create the effects of oils and heal the soul.  These inspirational reference cards area practical resource for bring essential oils into everyday life.

 Shuffle the cards and select one card for the day.  Read the conscious inspiration aloud with passion and purpose.  Turn the card over to see what oil to use for the day and how to use it. 


By  Candace Czarny Copyright © 2000-2005

  Each beautifully illustrated full-color card includes valuable information on an essential oil for the body, mind and spirit including Use Codes, Aromatic Qualities, Energy Centers, scientific name, origin, botanical family and constituents.  The cards measure 6” wide x 3.5” deep.

                         Price:  $15.95 Click Here To Buy Now!  

Interior Design & Feng Shui DVD's
Building Blocks for a Beautiful Life
Vol. 1-4

Building Blocks for a Beautiful Life is a journey through the understanding of our built environment and how it impacts our everyday lives.  The four volumes will help you to identify the energy of your environment, how it is effecting you, teach you practical applications of Feng Shui and how to incorporate this ancient science using modern interior design principles and applications. These Building Blocks are the foundation of your life.  Take charge of your environment and create the Beautiful Life you deserve. 

“Candace Czarny de-mystifies the science of Feng Shui.  This DVD contains practical, accurate, in-depth Feng Shui principles with creative and modern applications.  It provides the viewer with the understanding of the “why, when and how” of Feng Shui.  The first of it’s kind.”                Tony Cuneo – Feng Shui Master

 Candace Czarny, CFM, LEED AP, ASID is the president of Wind & Water Inc., a Certified Professional Interior Designer with over 25 years of experience in residential and commercial interiors, a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional, a Board Certified Facility Manager and a Feng Shui Expert.  She is a member of the United States Green Building Council, International Facility Managers Assoc. and  a Professional Member of the American Society of Interior Designers.  Candace holds a Bachelors Degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VA Tech). She has completed a 5 year apprenticeship with Feng Shui Master Tony Cuneo.Volume 1:  Directing Your Life
Volume 2:  Identifying Ailments
Volume 3:  Applying Cure
Volume 4:  Adding Chi

This 4 Volume 2 DVD set has a running time of 2.5 hours and sells for 
                          Price: $85.97 
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Volume 1:  Directing Your Life
Volume 2:  Identifying Ailments

This 2 Volume 1 DVD set  sells for 

                          Price: $39.95
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Volume 3:  Applying Cure
Volume 4:  Adding Chi

This 2 Volume 1 DVD set  sells for                             Price: $39.95 Click Here To Buy Now!


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Feng Shui Books 
Expand yourself your possibilities
with the written word

Sacred Sounds:
Transformation through Music and Word

By Ted Andrews

Discover Your Direct Line To The Divine.Sound has always been consider a direct link between humanity and the divine. The ancient mystery schools all taught their students the use of sound as a creative and healing force.Now, SCARED SOUNDS reveals to today's seekers how to tap into the magical and healing aspects of voice, resonance and music. On a physical level, these techniques have been used to alleviate aches and pains, lower blood pressure and balance hyperactivity in children - On a metaphysical level, they have been used to induce altered states of consciousness, open new levels of awareness, stimulate intuition and increase creativity.

"... an exciting book that brings together the resonances found in the spoken word, music and sound in order to create inner balance and healing. His extensive appreciation of the subtleties of tone give us a greater understanding of the myriad of ways we are each influenced by sound and the effect on our chakras and lives. Fascinating reading that gives you a lot to think about"---Meredith I. Young-Sowers"It's a fun handbook. Ted Andrews has done his homework. He recapitulates some of the most interesting ancient beliefs in the power of sound and music. Consideration of these mystical traditions brings greater awareness to the new emerging science of vibration and transformation.

---Don Cambell 

                          $13.50 Click Here To Buy Now!  

Feng Shui Music - Open the door 
to health, luck and happiness 

Based on the theories of YI Ching and the five Chinese tones, this Feng Shui music is designed to help people improve their life through the energy released from music. The proper cycle of arrangement of the five elements generates productive "qi" circulation in the human body and the living environment. Each element is related to one of the five tones of traditional Chinese music. The combination of corresponding elements and tones can release a powerful energy that opens the door to a new world of health, luck and happiness.


The Serpent is associated with the center in Feng Shui theory, as well as with the earth elements. Earth is related to kung of the five Chinese tones, which acts on the stomach and spleen, it is also related to the ken and kun trigrams. Ken represents mountains, and symbolizes fastness and stability; kun represents earth, and symbolizes capacity of bearing and supporting all beings. The serpent in the center is the embodiment of the earth elements; its music can help strengthen the stomach and spleen, and uplift the soul. The music, of Serpent is intended to release the energy of earth, so the composer drew the material for this album from the traditional folk music of central China. The earth of central China nurtures one of the four greatest ancient civilizations, and glorifies the opulence of the mother earth. (The gouchen is another animal symbol associated with the center in Feng Shui theory.)  

                  Price:$18.99  Click Here To Buy Now!  


The Dragon is revered as the god of the east, associated with wood in Feng Shui theory. The wood element traditionally consists of living plants and trees, which represents sprouting and the spread of growth; wood is also related to the chueh tone which acts on the liver, and zhen and the Sun of the eight trigrams. Zhen represents thunder, which connotes movement and vibration, and sun represents wind, which connotes life, sprite, and flexibility. Therefore, wood has a significant impact on the living environment. and his helpful for individual physical health. The music of this album was designed to release the energy of the wood element to adjust the Feng Shui of an environment, based on the association of the east and the chueh tone with wood. Dragon is a collection of folk songs in the dominant chueh tone of eastern China, with it's classic majesty, elegance, and courtliness.

                  Price:$18.99 Click Here To Buy Now!


The tortoise is revered as the god of the north, associated with water in Feng Shui theory; this element possesses the qualities of flexibility and resourcefulness. Water is related to yu of the five Chinese tones, which acts on the kidneys. In the eight trigrams, the kun trigram is assigned to water. The tortoise in the north is embodiment of the water element and has a remarkable ability to tame the primitive part of human nature, restrain excitable temperaments, create possibilities for wealth, and prevent fatal dryness of body and spirit caused by an excess of mental. The music of Tortoise is intended to unbind water energy, so the composer drew material from folk music of northern China, centering on the yu tone. Water is a symbol for money in Chinese culture; on this album you will bear soft and relaxing music, which sounds like gentle flowing river that brings fortune and wealth. You will also hear Mongolian folk music that describes how water nourishes the people living in the dry desert land of the north.

                 Price:$18.99 Click Here To Buy Now!


The Phoenix is revered as the god of the south, associated with fire in Feng Shui theory. Fire signifies passion and intuition, and represented by the jyy tone, which can act on the heart. The fire element is also linked with the li trigram, which signifies beauty, brilliance, and grandeur. Chinese people believe that this mythological bird of the south embodies all characteristic and function of fire. The phoenix stores energy of fire, which, when released, gives light and warmth to the world and nourishes all creatures. The music of Phoenix is designed to release fire energy to adjust the Feng Shui of the environment. The composer uses music of southern China and the exotic tribal music of southwestern China. People living in this area have very bright and lively regional traditions; fire plays an important role in their festivities. Celebratory music is played by plucking stringed instruments and striking percussion instruments. The music of these southwestern tribes is pleasurable and full of high-spirited gaiety.

                  Price:$18.99 Click Here To Buy Now!


The tiger is associated with the west, in Feng Shui, the west is associated with mental, which has the characteristics of cleanliness, integrity, and strength. Therefore, the energy of the mental elements guards against evil spirits and stagnant Chi. Mental is associated with shang of the five Chinese tones, which acts on the lungs; it also corresponds with the qian and dui trigrams. Qian represents heaven, and signifies vastness, masculinity, and strength; dui stands for joy, happiness, and satisfaction. Tiger shares these attributes, and generates powerful energy which can bring good luck to the household and make family members healthy, high-spirited, and productive. Through music based on the shang tone, the energy of mental can be released to benefit the listener. The composer uses folk music of the northwester China, where the native inhabitants are primarily nomadic Turkish-speaking Uigur people. Other ethnic group in this area include the Turkish Timur (known as Tamerlane in English) and the Tibetans. Living in this barren and desolated region, these people have to struggle to survive in the harsh environments; therefore, they possess great vigor and valor. These qualities resemble the attributes of mental and are evoked in the music of this album.

                Price:$18.99 Click Here To Buy Now!  



If you would like more helpful tips and a complete step by step, how to Feng Shui Course, check out  the 20 Minute Feng Shui Course.  

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As you use 20 Minute Feng Shui, you will find over time that the very situations and experiences that you used to find the most exhausting or disturbing will become less and less so, until you may even forget that you used to have those kinds of experiences.   If you have 20 Minutes a day to dedicate to your to your life “I guarantee Feng Shui will work in your life.”

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