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  • find out how to apply Feng Shui principles to your home and office,

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  • post your questions

  • converse with Feng Shui Professionals

  • learn how to make joy & prosperity a way of life.

There is so much information available today on Feng Shui, however, most of the tips are generic and hard to apply to your specific situation.  The information that is available gets you excited about solving the issues in your life but leaves you feeling hopeless.  Your frustration is understandable.

Making Feng Shui Work for you

I know that Feng Shui works and I am dedicated to making it work for you.  That is why I have created this Feng Shui Membership site.  Here you will be able to get answers to your specific questions, converse with Feng Shui Professionals, learn more advanced principles and even help others.  I want you to have the information you need to be successful using Feng Shui.

Ask Your Questions

The Feng Shui forum is the place where you can post your specific questions and get answers.  There is also a section called "What's wrong with this picture".  Here you can submit your picture to be posted and have everyone post there comments on how to Feng Shui your room.

 Live Tele Seminars with a Professional

Every month there is a live Professional Spotlight interview.  This is a live conference call that you can participate in.  Don't worry if you miss the call because we record it so that you can listen at your convenience.  We also supply a transcript if you prefer reading.

Get the Complete Picture

Knowing your astrology is an important part of using Feng Shui  because it will give you a complete picture of the energies affecting  your life.  Every month you will receive a detailed natal report on your astrology.  These reports are in lay person terms so you don't have to worry about knowing the technicalities of astrology.

The first month you will receive a report on your Natal Astrology with your personal aspects and a symbol key.  This will help you understand why you do the things that you do.  Every month after that you will receive a Daily Aspect Report and a Monthly Calendar.  Knowing the energies happening on a daily basis and be very useful in making  decisions about your life.  Watching your own aspects is also a great way to learn astrology

Knowledge is Power

Learning never stops.  Every bit of knowledge you gather is  building a foundation that will help you implement  Feng Shui successfully. 

"Information is abundant
Knowledge is scarce
Wisdom is priceless"

We have also included a series of articles that will help you build your knowledge base.  These are just some of the articles available in the membership site.

Cosmic Energy
The elements of Feng Shui include cosmic energies in your environment that are external from your personal energies and physical and earth energies. These cosmic energies include

Which Feng Shui School should You Use?
There are 3 basic schools of Feng Shui:  Form School, Compass School and Black Hat Feng Shui.

Everything is Energy
Everything is energy. Some energy can be seen, like the waves of heat rising from a desert high­way in August. Some energy can be heard: Listen now

Three Types of Energy
All energy comes from the same source.  Science has identified this.  They know that all atoms are made of the same material and that these atoms have

What you think
Everyone has seen or experienced someone who has a “magnetic personality”.  When they walk by everyone just turns to look.  This person has a large energy (electromagnetic) field, so large, that when you feel it (most people feel it unconsciously) you are

And each month we will be adding more information to this knowledge base.

Making Feng Shui Affordable to You

Consultations can be very expensive and even asking  a simple question cost as much as $69.00.    I want to make Feng Shui accessible to you   That is why I have priced this monthly membership at only $31.97.  That is a small price to pay for unlimited access to  answers to your most burning questions, conversing with Feng Shui Professionals,  tele-conferences , your personal astrology aspects, learning more advanced principles.  Check out the value that you receive below

Membership Monthly Value

Teleconferences per month with  Professional including transcripts and download


Unlimited questions on the forum & Submit your pictures to "What's wrong with this picture segment"

Natal Astrology Report  & Monthly Astrology Aspect Report $19.97
Total $155.86
Your Cost $31.97

That's over a$120 savings every month!  With your paid membership  you will unlimited access to all of the knowledge you need to use Feng Shui successfully in your life. 

If you are not satisfied with the information that you receive in our membership site you can cancel your next months subscription at any time.  Click the Join Now button to get started.



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Free Feng Shui  Tips
Fill in your name, email and zip code to receive our FREE Feng Shui Tips.  

Click the submit button below, go to your
mail box to confirm our email and the tips will be on their way to you



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