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Use Feng Shui to Create Peace in Your Life

 Believe it or not, there is a thing in this life more important than money and more precious than a bank account.  That thing is having peace in your life.  Before you close this page and think that learning about how to create peace in your life is a waste of time, consider what peace really means.  Being content and at peace within your own soul brings harmony to your entire existence.  It makes the hard times easier to bear and enhances every personal relationship in your life.  If you are still focused on the financial aspect, inner peace can also make you more productive and enhance your money making ability in an indirect way.

 In order to create more peace in your life and inside yourself, Feng Shui techniques are invaluable.  You don't have to know a lot to get started.  And amazingly enough, the techniques will make sense to even the most inexperienced Feng Shui novice. 

 Releasing the Blocks

Rule number one of Feng Shui is something we should all be doing anyway.  It involves creating a clean, clutter free environment.  Positive energies can't flow through your home and life with all kinds of stuff in its way.  This doesn’t mean a quick straightening up.  De-cluttering involves getting into every closet, drawer, and shelf in your home.  You want to eliminate anything you no longer need or use, and get rid of any item that is broken or in ill repair.  Don’t forget about the garage or basement either.  You will be surprised at how much more at peace you feel with a clean home and environment.  It sounds like a major hassle, but it's worth it to use Feng Shui for creating peace in your life. 

Once you have created a clean, clutter free environment, you want to eliminate any negative energy that may still be in your home.  Using melodious sound is one of the most efficient ways to do this.  While you can certainly use wind chimes to encourage positive energy, at this stage you need to do something a little different.  You could choose a bell or chimes.  Carry them with you throughout the house and ring them to discourage negative energy or qi.  Pay special attention to areas that don’t get any or enough natural sunlight.  That includes closets, under the beds, and in dark corners.

 Create Soothing Environments

Another way to discourage the presence of negative chi in your home is with the use of incense.  This is an important step in using Feng Shui to create inner peace.  Using incense in ceremonial rites is something almost every religion in the world is familiar with.  It is a great idea to focus on electrical outlets and appliances.  In order to more fully take advantage of this practice, use incense when things go wrong or you just feel as if events and situations in your life are out of sync. 

In the quest for more peace in your life, the Feng Shui practice borrowed a custom that is popular in India.  The use of fresh sea salt is an amazingly effective way to restore balance and harmony.  Without those, peace can't be achieved.  Use a measure of sea salt in your water and soap combination while cleaning the floors.  If once a day is beyond what you can do, aim for at least once a week.  It is also helpful to clean the home in this manner after a death, negative experience, or angry encounter with a loved one.  You can also place bowls of sea salt in areas that aren't necessarily cleaned on a daily basis.  Under the beds, on top of shelves or dressers, and in inaccessible spaces are places to look out for.  Change the salt as often as possible for the best results.

 Bring Life into your Home

There are few things more pleasant than water.  This element can be instrumental in encouraging peace with Feng Shui.  There are a couple places that water doesn’t belong under any circumstances.  Don't have water pictures or fixtures in your bedroom or behind the bed or your office chair.  Beyond those places, the use of water is a huge benefit.  It represents flowing energy and also is useful for washing away negative feelings and thoughts.  A small water fountain in the family room is a good option.  Of course it is perfectly acceptable to use symbols or paintings of water related items as well.

 Like water, the presence of plants is great for creating peace in your life with Feng Shui.  The color green, an actual growing thing, and the beauty of plants are perfect for inspiring inner peace and tranquility.  If you choose to use plants in your décor, you have to be sure to keep them healthy and well taken care of.  Living plants are always better, but if you don't have the time to take care of them, use artificial plants instead.  You will have to be sure you keep them clean and dust free.

 Creating more peace in your life with Feng Shui is an easy undertaking that results in tremendous benefits.  Take the time to organize your home in the Feng Shui tradition and enjoy the feeling of comfort and relaxation that results. 

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Free Feng Shui  Tips
Fill in your name, email and zip code to receive our FREE Feng Shui Tips.  

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