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 Looking to find the perfect love for your life?  Then this article is for you.  This article outlines the steps necessary to create the energy field of love in your life and manifest it.  If you follow these steps religiously your will receive the desires of your heart.  In this article your will learn:  how to Identify your relationship corner, clear the corner of the old and bring in the new, define what it is you are looking for, write clear affirmations, create and environment for acceptance, appropriately place symbols, use aromatherapy, and burn candles.  All of these elements are critical for creating what you desire instead of settling for patterns repeated from your past.  Now is the moment of power. Carpe Diem!

Finding love thru Feng Shui

This article will take you step by step in creating the electromagnetic field of the love you desire in your life and how to manifest it. 

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