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Removing the ailments in your Environment

There are two forces in Feng Shui, "Sha" and "Chi". 

Neither is bad for you, however too much of anything is 

not healthy for you.  "Sha is hard energy like the 

energy from a Jet Plane. 
Now, that plane can be very 

good for you if you need to get somewhere fast, 

however, when you arrive at you location you will

 typically have jet lag.  This jet lag is the experience

 of "Sha" energy.  Continued exposure to "Sha" energy is

 detrimental to you health and life experience.  

"Chi" is soft energy like the energy from a babbling 

brook.  This energy is very healing and makes things 

grow.  This is the most healing energy to be around.   

In Feng Shui there are ailments and cures.  Aliments 

are things that cut your energy field and weaken you, 

like "Sha".  "Sha" does not necessarily have to be as 

dramatic as a jet plane.  It can be as simple as harsh 

words, energy from cars and structural elements from 

buildings.  Cures are the things you do to heal "Sha" 

or transmute it into "Chi".  The objective of good Feng 

Shui is to create harmonious flowing energy that 

enhances our personal energy field. Any element that is 

disruptive to, drains, or cuts our energy field can be 

"cured." Fortunately, you do not have to tear down your 

building and start over to cure and ailment. 

Dispersing Negative "Sha" using Faceted 
Crystal Balls:

The main purpose of faceted crystal balls is to transmute energy.  The balls must be faceted and the size depends upon the size of the ailment you are trying to cure.   When "Sha" or hard energy enters the ball, the facets deflect the energy breaking it up and turning it into "Chi" or soft energy.   The size of the crystal ball you choose is dependent on the size of the ailment and the amount of energy you are trying to transmute.

  • If you have a hallway energy can build up causing "Sha" to develop.  A faceted crystal ball hung in the middle of the hallway can disperse this energy.

  • Remove discord in the home by hanging a faceted crystal between doors that are misaligned in a hallway.

  • When you enter your front door, if you can see into your back yard, your money comes in and goes right out.  You can cure this by hanging a faceted crystal ball between the front door and the window or door in the back of the house.  You can also place a small mirror 1" sq. on the window frame or the door.  This will keep the energy in the house.

  • Hanging a faceted crystal over the area of the stove where the cook stands will disperse any negative chi away from the cook and allow for money to flow to you.

  • Improve the health of your business by hanging a faceted crystal in the center of the building.

  • Increase creativity by hanging a faceted crystal in the children/creativity area of your home.

  • Create clearer thinking and better decision making by hanging a faceted crystal over your desk chair.

  • Create harmony with your co-workers by placing a crystal ball on your desk between you and your co-workers.

  • Slanted ceilings are oppressive, especially if they are over your bed or dining table.  Hang a faceted crystal ball over your bed or dining area to disperse this negative "sha".

  • The sharp corners created by walls or columns send out poison arrows into your environment. Hang a crystal ball at the corner to disperse this negative "sha".

  • Stairways can create fast moving "sha".  Hang a faceted crystal ball at the top of the stairs to disperse this energy.

  • To enliven your sexual intimacy and awaken your relationship hang a faceted crystal ball over the head of your bed.  This will also create a calm in sleeping.

  • Windows are important in bringing in the natural energy from the sun, however, "Sha" enters your home through your windows. To disperse this "Sha"  hang a faceted crystals  in each window.

Transmute "Sha" into life giving "Chi" or reflect, attract, complete, expand or duplicate using mirrors.  

Mirrors are one of the most utilized cures for Feng Shui ailments because they are so versatile.   A mirror as small as 1"square can be used for most cures.

Reflecting Energy:

  • When you have "Sha" coming at your home you can use a mirror to reflect the energy away.  Below are examples of this is  energy,  

  • The energy from your car as you pull into your driveway or garage is intense "Sha" energy.  The energy from your car is typically directed straight at your home.  Place a small 1" square mirror on your house or garage door directly opposite the place that the lights from the car hit your home.  This mirror will reflect the energy away from your home.  

  •  "Sha" can also be the cutting energy from the corner of a neighbor’s home.  Place a mirror on your home directly across from this cutting energy to reflect the energy away.   A  ba-qua mirror that transmutes "sha" into "chi" is the best mirror to use for this cure.  

  •  If you have any power lines near your home, place a mirror on you roof to reflect the energy from the power lines away.   ba-qua mirror that transmutes "sha" into "chi" is the best mirror to use for this cure.

  •     If you have a cemetery, church or business near your home place a mirror on your home facing this energy to reflect it away.   A  ba-qua mirror that transmutes "sha" into "chi" is the best mirror to use for this cure.

  •   If you have problems with a nasty neighbor or co-worker place a mirror facing your neighbor.  ba-qua mirror that transmutes "sha" into "chi" is the best mirror to use for this cure.

  •  If in your kitchen, your stove is opposite your sink, there will be war in the household.  Place a small 1" square mirror on the door of the stove reflecting the energy of the sink.

  •  If you have any rooms in your home that have a step or two down to enter them, place a small 1" Square mirror opposite the stair to cure this ailment.

  •   Slanted ceilings are oppressive, especially if they are over your bed or dining table.   Place small 1" square mirrors in the corners of the room reflecting the oppressive energy up.

Attracting Energy:

  • You can attract positive "Chi" to your home using mirrors.  If you have a nice body of water or element of "Chi" near your home, use a mirror inside to so that the body of water can be seen in the mirror.

Duplicating energy:

  • Mirrors can be used to duplicate energy.  In the orient the rice cooker is considered prosperity.  The rice cooker translates in America to the stove.  If you place one mirror to the left, right or back of the stove so that you can see that you have duplicated the burners on your stove, you will have duplicated your prosperity. 

Completing energy:

  • Mirrors can also be used to complete missing corners of your home if you have "U" or "L" shaped homes (or not rectangular).  Find the spot where you are missing your corner.  Place a substantial object there (tree, bolder, etc.).  This will help to ground this corner so that you can reclaim this missing aspect of your life.  Now, place a mirror on that object facing each corner of your home and a mirror reflecting back to the object.  This will create an electromagnetic field or an imaginary wall.  The 1" square mirrors are best for this cure.

Transform Energy:

  • The Ba-Qua Mirror is an eight sided mirror.  Each side represents an aspect or lifestation.  The Wind & Water Ba-Qua Mirror is unique  in that is has been programmed by a Feng Shui Master with ancient    symbols to bring harmony and abundance to all of your life situations and protection to your home by pulling in all positive good luck "Chi" and reflecting the "Sha" or negative "Chi" away. When you open your front door it creates a vortex drawing in all of the "Sha" energy from outside into your home.  When this mirror is placed outside your front door the "Sha" energy is transmuted into "Chi" before it enters your home.  This is the only Ba-Qua mirror in the marketplace that will do this.  This mirror is best used outside your front door but can be used any where negative "sha" energy attacks you.

Complete the Missing and Spinning Energy created by Angled Walls:

  • Many architects and designers today are creating architectural wonders.  However, they are also created disasters for their inhabitants.  One particular situation is the angled wall.  When a wall is angled the causes two thing to happen.  First, it causes the energy of the room to move into a spin.  This typically is not felt on a conscious level, however, it will cause you to be off balance and people in general will not stay in that room very long.  Second,  this angled wall cuts in to an aspect of your life cutting you off from a whole existence.  To cure these ailments, place a half moon and sun on this angled wall.  The half moon and sun represent completion and will cure these problems.

Keep the positive "Chi" your have created 
in your home:

  • Energy leaves your home through the drains in your sinks, toilets and shower/tub drains in your bathrooms, the sinks and dishwasher in your kitchen and in the sink and washing machine in your laundry room.  When not in use keep your drains closed.  Also, place a Red Dot above each drain.  The color red attracts energy and will hold the positive "chi" in the house.

Remove the weight of the world 
from your shoulders:

  • Ceiling beams are another architectural element that has been very popular with architects and designers.  They might be attractive but they put a strain on your stress levels.  The beams carry the weight of the structure.  Even if they are decorative your subconscious recognizes them as structural.   To cure these beams take a pair of natural flutes with red tassels and cording and hang them on the beam and complete a hanging ritual.

Balance the energy in any space:

  • The Peace Pyramid generates an all-purpose balancing energy for a small area.  It brings simplicity and beauty to any environment.  To bring peace to a larger area, suspend it from the ceiling over your work area, bed, hallway, etc.  
  • The Stained Glass Ying & Yang will create an electromagnetic field of balance in any of your life stations.

Protect yourself from the harmful ailments 
outside your home:

  • You can Feng Shui your home and even your office, but you can't Feng Shui the grocery store, bank or gas station.  The Activator Disk, when worn on your left hand side will enlarge your electromagnetic field.  This enlarged field will protect you from the harmful ailments in your external environment.

This is another person's experience with 
Feng Shui:

"I can't believe how fast it worked. I read that you should never have a mirror facing your bed because it will interrupt your sleep. If you do cover it. Well, I covered it last night and sleep through the night for the first time in two years. Is this just mind over matter or just a fact about mirrors? I'm totally amazed."   Norfolk, VA

Feng Shui will significantly improve your 
quality of life.

Now that you have learned how to cure the ailments in your environment, let me tell you how to add "Life Giving" "Chi" into your home.




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