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1st "GOLD" LEED Certification for "Green Design"
in the State of Arizona: 
Institute of EcoTourism

Wind & Water, Inc. and Candace Czarny take an active role in the LEED certification of the Institute of EcoTourism as the LEED Project Manager and Interior Designer.  Wind & Water, Inc. is a member of the

 United States Green Building Council (USGBC).  The USGBC  is the nation's foremost coalition of leaders from a building industry working to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live and work.  Ms. Czarny is a LEED accredited professional.  Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the process used to certify  the standard and level of Green buildings.  The LEED Green building Rating system is a comprehensive, voluntary, design and assessment tool that helps architecture, engineering and construction professionals improve building efficiency and measure the sustainability of a project.  Understanding LEED is an important step for reducing environmental impacts and achieving superior economic performance.  Wind & Water, Inc. and Ms Czarny was the LEED Project Manager and responsible for the Institute of EcoTourism LEED submittals and  Certification.  The Institute of EcoTourism received a LEED V.2 "GOLD" rating.
This is a significant  milestone for the Institute of EcoTourism and the State of Arizona.  This project is the first project in Arizona to achieve a LEED Gold Rating, the first project to achieve certification under Version 2.1, and the first privately funded project.  As of June 17, 2004 there are 1,342 registered LEED project in the United States and only 107 have achieved certification.  The Institute of EcoTourism was the 100th project to achieve certification. feng shui reception

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*  Bell Rock Inn-Sedona, AZ
*  Institute of EcoTourism
    Sedona, AZ
*  Los Abrigados Resort
    Sedona, AZ
*  Sedona Spa-Sedona, AZ
*  Carriage House-Sedona, AZ
*  Horton House-Payson, AZ
*  Khol's Ranch-Payson, AZ
*  Varsity Clubs of America
    Tucson, AZ
*  Old Market Place-Sedona, AZ
*  All Seasons Corp. Marketing
    Facility-Sedona, AZ
*  Half MoonCay-Holland 
    America, Caribbean
*  Coco Cay-Royal Caribbean
    Cruise Lines
*  Brickell Townhome Assoc.
    Miami, Florida
*  Sedona Racquet Club & Spa
    Renovation, Sedona, AZ
*  The Ridge Racquet Club-
    Sedona, AZ
*  Denny's Diner
    Cottonwood, AZ
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