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4-13-09 Powerforms Tips: Center Amidst The Storm

Look outwards, and you will find much that pulls you off your center-- or you can learn how to find your safe centered place within that sustains you. Problems distract your attention, so that you forget your wisdom within. Here is a way to bring your energy back to center for peace of mind, calmness of mood, and access to spiritual wisdom. . .
Hold one of your oval Powerforms in your hands, with your fingertips underneath, and your thumbs on top, as if you were holding a tray. Place your thumb tips on the two forms in the center of the two circles. For details, see Figure 1 in the Cell Balancer book, Figure 2 in the Neutral Space book, or the Polarity Zones in the Portal book. These thumb placement areas energetically unite your left and right brain, balance your left and right sides of your body, and basically bring your attention back to your core.
These finger positions will help you release from the outer distractions of the world, so that you can re-make your world with your own decisive, centered choices. These methods help you empower yourself by remaining conscious and present. This is not denial or avoidance. Rather, it is a way to be present with all your strength and wisdom available to you. Here is how to utilize this technique for even greater effectiveness:
As you hold the finger positions, notice your energy returning to your body, and Notice Your Breathing. This unites your conscious and sub-conscious mind, so that you can choose your state of consciousness. Breathe easily and mindfully. If your breathing is tight, be kind to yourself, and let your breathing become easier at its own pace.
As you hold the finger positions, gently sweep your awareness up and down your body. This includes all of your body in your awareness, so that all your aspects are participating with you, and not holding hidden tension that would undermine you. If you notice tension, bless it. It will shift as you practice these methods.
As you hold the finger positions, and notice your energy balancing in your body, look around you, and see the world with this fresh awareness. You will notice details you had not noticed before, and will become aware of sounds and energies in your environment. Notice them, and gently explore them, as if you were seeing them for the first time.
Deeper self healing: As you hold the finger positions, and let your energy return to you, let yourself experience a situation that concerns you. However, now you are gently examining it in a new way, because you are centered, mindful, and connected to your inner resources. As you notice this situation in your life, gently let your attention sweep up and down your body. This is a new way to explore a situation, because it is without worry, and open to new possibilities. As your attention slowly sweeps up and down your body, the deeper tension may vibrate your body as the tension works its way out of your body. It may seem to be releasing out of your feet.
Deeper self healing 2: As you hold the finger positions, notice where there is still any tension in your body. Imagine the tension areas moving towards your hands. The tension energy will flow through the Powerform, and become transmuted into a smoother energy. You may experience some mild body movements as you do this. Each time the tension transmutes, you are free to explore the next layer of tension. Take your time, and notice how you can learn how to have new responses to situations. Do not judge yourself for having tensions. Just let them flow and release.
Deeper self healing with universal energy: As you hold the finger positions, notice the space on the Powerform between your thumb tips. Imagine universal energy there, and let if flow through your fingers, up your arms, and into your body. Feel the interaction between the energy in your body, and the universal energy. As the moments go by, you may have the realization that you and the universal energy are one. This gives you a new sense of your situation, and unites you with the positive possibilities that you may not have noticed before.
Affirmations: Say these either aloud or silently as you hold your thumbs on the Powerform:
“I have the wisdom I need regarding this situation: ____________.”
“I open to new opportunities in this moment”
“I remember my true universal essence.”
“My eternal self radiates through my spine.”
“My body aligns with the center of the universe.”
May your heart, mind, and soul unite to bring you heaven on earth in each moment, and may your presence be a blessing to all!


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4-6-09 Powerforms Tips: How To Cleanse And Balance A Room
Feng shui instructs you to clear the clutter in a room.
But, what about the unseen energetic clutter? What if you were able to cleanse the accumulated thoughts, emotions, and events that have taken place in a room? What if you could clear out the chaotic energies that people have unknowingly dumped there?
Stagnant energy in a room feels heavy, dull, shadowy, and lifeless. You would rather your room was a place where you could experience love, light, hope and happiness-- with a sense of bright expansive possibilities. Every day the thoughts and feelings from people in your home or office contribute to the stagnant energy situation. Your room is even affected by the energies of everyone on the planet. You can clear the energy blocks with a Powerform in hand, and some positive intention. If you like, you can use a Powerform in each hand. Let us explore room healing. . .

With Powerform in hand, imagine the center point in the room.
Look at it, and face that center point. Begin to slowly massage that center point in the room with your Powerform. You do not have to actually place your Powerform exactly in the center of the room. In fact, you can sit or stand towards the wall of the room, and do the work from there. When you move your Powerform from where you sit or stand, just imagine that it is massaging in the center of the room.
The first thing you may notice is that the room starts to feel more conscious. You may sense waves of energy beginning to flow through the room. This is a sign that the room is coming alive, on an energetic level. Note that as you work, intention is important. Remember that affirmations can be done silently, if that is appropriate. Here are some styles of room massage to explore:

1. Spread from center point: Place the Powerform at the center point of the room, and slowly move it outwards.
The outward movement is small, and you do not have to move all the way through the room. The small movement starts a trend of outward energy flow. This releases compacted energy. Repeatedly bring the Powerform back to the center point, and draw it outward, in all directions. When you are observed doing this, is will just look as if you are gently waving your plate in the room. It is a fairly subtle movement. Affirm clarity and aliveness for the room as you work.
2. Slow motion twirl: Hold the Powerform in the center point of the room. The face of the plate faces the wall, and the edge of the plate points towards the floor and ceiling. Slowly rotate the plate, in very slow motion, rotating both left hand and right hand. Move slowly and mindfully, as if in a slow motion meditation. This helps larger old patterns in the room unhook and release. Affirm freedom from limitation as you work, and alignment with positive possibilities.

3. Spiral massage-- especially good for corners: Hold the Powerform with the face of the plate facing the ceiling and floor.
As you move the plate up towards the ceiling, and back down towards the floor, trace a large spiral shape. You can use both left handed and right handed spirals. This effectively clears stagnant energies in the corner of a room. Affirm that negative energy releases as you do this.

3A. Spiral universe alignment: As in 3., trace spirals up and down. Continue the spiral up to the sky, and down to the center of the earth.
When you spiral up to the sky, imagine stagnant energy releasing completely from the room, and bring the healthy universal energy down into the room. When you spiral down into the earth, imagine stagnant energy releasing and dissolving into the center of the earth. Imagine healthy energy from nature spiraling up into the room.
4. Room pulse: Stand towards the wall, facing the center of the room. With Powerform in hand, with face of plate facing the center of the room, make a pulsing motion. Pulse gently towards the center of the room, and back again. This really enlivens the room. Affirm the room’s higher positive purpose as you do this.
Affirmations: Say these either aloud or silently as you do your room cleaning techniques:
“Negative energy releases and dissolves easily from this room.”
“This room is in alignment with divine balance and clarity.”
“Inspiring creative ideas flow easily in this room.”
“This room cultivates love, peace, prosperity, and wisdom in everyone.”

“Blessings of peace and prosperity circulate easily through this room.”
Each time you enhance the energy in a room, you make life better for all who live and work there. Room clearing is like archaeology, because you keep discovering deeper levels to work with. Let yourself explore the possibilities, and always work gently, deliberately, and mindfully. Praise the positive changes, and be patient with situations that require dedicated effort. Each day is different, and so you may need to rebalance the room more often than you had thought. Rooms are alive, and need energetic care, just as people do.

May your room be a sacred space that helps everyone in it experience heaven on earth!


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3-30-09 Powerforms Tips: Clear Tension Energy From Arms, Wrists, And Hands

When you write with a pen, type at a computer, or lift packages, you may find tension building up in your arms, wrists, and hands. This happens because you haven’t released the energy that can become trapped in the body from these activities. And the tension affects you in other ways too. . .
When the trapped energy does not release from your hands and arms, it could build up in the shoulders, neck, and head. This could affect your mood and thoughts, as well as your overall level of body comfort. Here is how you can easily clear the trapped tension-energy from your arms, wrists, and hands:
Hold one of your Powerforms in your right hand, and sweep it from your left shoulder, down your left arm, through your left wrist, and all the way out past your fingertips. Sweep past the fingertips to thoroughly release the stagnant energy. Actually imagine that the Powerform is moving directly through the flesh of your body. This helps you find and release the stagnant energy more easily. Hold the Powerform with the edge of the plate facing your arm. You may also try holding the Powerform with the face of the plate facing your arm.
As you sweep down the arm, you can explore these sweeping styles to really release the trapped energy:

- A slow series of sweeps, from the shoulders all the way down and past the fingertips. In this style of sweep, you don’t backtrack your sweeping motion-- all the sweeps go from shoulder to past the fingertips in a big smooth sweep. This is good for general clearing.
- Sweep in little back-and-forth movements, gradually working your way down the arm and out of the fingertips. This is good for finding and releasing little tension spots.
- The laser approach: Use little back-and-forth movements on areas that seem energetically stuck. This often happens at the wrists, but could occur anywhere along the arm. You will sense the energy releasing as you work. Let the layers release gradually Be patient. You may clear some energy today, and then a little more each day. Be kind to yourself.
- The complete rejuvenating sweep: After sweeping down and out the fingertips, sweep back into the fingertips, up the arm, and into the body. Imagine that you are sweeping divine universal energy into the body. Repeat this, sweeping outwards and then inwards, several times.
Now that you’ve cleansed one side of the body, please do the same for the other side of the body. Actually, it doesn’t matter which side you start with. You do want to work with both sides of the body, however, even if it seems that one side has more tension. This is because your body is a system, and balancing both left and right gives you the best results.
As you experience the sweeps, you may also find energy releasing from other parts of your body. This is normal and expected. You are releasing energy from nerves, meridians, and acupuncture points, and they connect through the entire body. You may feel your senses awakening to the tingling vitality of life energy. You may feel more connected with your emotions, thoughts, and body awareness. You can achieve a wonderful inner transformation just by clearing your energy blocks and awakening to your oneness with all of life.
If you still feel some trapped energy needing to release, try this simple experiment when you’re sitting at work: Place your Powerform either on your desk, or on your lap, and place one of your hands on it. Or, if needed, rest your wrist on the plate. This will help any energy still trapped in the body gradually release. This position can be very calming as well, because you are receiving the balancing energies of the Powerform in the energy centers and acu points in your hands and wrists.  
Affirmations: With Powerform placed between palms, with hands in prayer position, let yourself repeat these affirmations as a mini-meditation that unites you with your higher self:
“I release yesterday-- today is a fresh new day.”
“I relax into the divine power of this moment.”

“I let the blessings from my future easily flow through my body and mind.”
“I breathe into the vital energy of this moment.”
“All the parts of my body are joyfully connected.”

Now that you are letting go of stale energy, you are free to receive your good. See it, feel it, and breathe it in. Thank you for your contribution to the greater good, for when you are in the flow, you help create heaven on earth!


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3-23-09  Powerforms Tips: Relaxed Neck Techniques

Your relaxed neck creates a nice energy flow between your head-- the realm of thoughts, and your body-- the realm of sensations. When the energy is stuck in the head, the thoughts may become intense, as if your head were a pressure-cooker. When the body energy becomes stuck, the wisdom in the head can not help the body. Body-mind integration helps you feel better in body, emotions, mind, and soul.
With a Powerform in one hand, or a Powerform in each hand, sweep the energy up and down your neck. Imagine that the Powerform is actually sweeping through your neck, as well as sweeping outside of your neck. Sweep both upwards and downwards. Sweep the energy all the way out the top of the head, and all the way out of the feet.
Sweep slowly and gently through the bones of the neck. Sweep through the muscles and nerves. You don’t need a deep knowledge of anatomy to do this. Just feel into the bones, muscles, and nerves, and gently sweep through them. If you find stuck energy, work slowly and mindfully there, as you gently sweep through the blocks. Congratulate yourself each time you release a little tension, because energy blocks release bit by bit, and not all at once.
If the sweeping seems too stimulating, then sweep very gently and slowly, so that you soothe your neck. Maintain a caring and loving attitude, as if you were working with your best friend-- your own self. If you have been judging yourself harshly, please explore a kind and helpful attitude when you speak to yourself as you do your neck sweeping.
Pulsing is different from sweeping: Hold the Powerform facing your neck, and gently pulse it towards the neck, and then away from the neck, pulsing forwards and backwards. Pulse slowly and mindfully to help dislodge stuck energy. When you pulse, actually imagine that as you approach the neck, the Powerform goes inside of the body, so that you can cleanse the energy there.
Effective ways to help your neck with sweeping and pulsing:

1. Pulse and sweep in front of your neck, to work with the front opening of the throat chakra.
2. Pulse and sweep at the back of the neck, to work with the back opening of the throat chakra. Be aware that this location is where you find energy belonging to other people-- think of the phrase: he/she is a pain in the neck.
3. Pulse and sweep along the side of your neck. This generally unrecognized area helps clear the energy flow to your ears, shoulders, arms and sides of the body. You will notice amazing releases when you clear this area.
You can do these neck clearing techniques for yourself, or for a friend, family member, or co-worker. They can be sitting or lying down while you work. Hint: When you are working, imagine that their body is made of energy, so that you can sweep outside of their body, or inside of their body. Just imagine that you are sweeping the Powerform inside of their body, and you will begin to sense the energy blocks that are there. As you sweep through them, you will sense the blocks gradually dissolving.
If you sense any tension or resistance as the energy releases, then work much more slowly. Take your time, and help the energies gradually release out of the body. Move the Powerforms in slow motion. To stabilize the work, you can place the Powerform directly on the neck after the clearing work. Let the person place their hands on the Powerform, to hold it in place on their neck as their energy stabilizes.
You may wish to repeat the affirmations listed below as you sweep and pulse, either out loud or silently. The affirmations integrate into the body-mind-soul as you work, and actually make the work more effective. Explore saying the affirmations as I, and as You-- for example, I breathe, compared to You breathe. Each way of starting the affirmation has its own unique benefit, and each is valuable.
Affirmations: With Powerform placed between palms, with hands in prayer position, let yourself repeat these affirmations as a mini-meditation that unites you with your higher self. Or you can repeat these as you are sweeping and pulsing:
“I breathe in safety and balance in each moment.”
“I relax as I let my emotions flow through me easily.”
“I let past tensions release away and dissolve like a cloud.”
“I recognize how grateful I am.”

“I am alive, I am breathing, I am safe, I am loved, and life is good.”
Now that you have a nice energy flow through your neck, you can enjoy the balanced sparkling feeling when your body and head are working together more easily. May your balanced presence bring peace and good energy to everyone you meet today!

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2-23-09 Happy Tummy

How do worried thoughts affect how your body feels? There is a feedback loop between your mind and your emotions, and it is in your abdomen. When you worry, the thoughts are especially felt in the solar plexus. This is the area from the navel up to the lower tip of the breastbone, and it is a powerful receiving station for your thoughts-- and thoughts belonging to other people as well.
When your solar plexus receives the worries, it generates strong emotions. These build up in the solar plexus area, and transmit chaotic energies through the body, and back to the mind. This is the reason I call it a feedback loop. The thoughts generate feelings, which generate more thoughts, accelerating in a tense loop of awareness. Here is a simple way that you can shift this negative loop, and regain your sense of proportion and balance, along with your higher self connection.
Place your Powerform on your solar plexus. You can use any of the Powerforms to balance yourself, but the Neutral Space Plate is best suited to this balancing technique. It does work through clothing, because it works on the energetic level, and so it doesn’t need to touch the skin. Let the Powerform do its work on your subtle energy for several minutes. Generally you feel more stable within minutes, although, of course, results vary according to your situation.
Note: You may get results placing the Plate on your navel, though most people center the Powerform on their solar plexus, just above the navel area.
For best results, create a complete energy circuit by placing one or both hands on the Powerform. This creates a balancing battery of energy between your body, the Powerform, and your hands. As you let your energy stabilize, you can notice the subtle shifts in your awareness. It becomes easier to notice your body, your breathing, the details of your environment in the room, and even your thoughts. You are now becoming more aware of your thoughts, and this mindful state is important to your equilibrium. As you become more balanced in your tummy, your thoughts become smoother, and you can choose new, effective thoughts more easily.
Optional balancing: As you become calmer, you may now be ready to really release the upset that concerned you. Here is how: With your Powerform on your solar plexus, gently think about the matter of concern. At first, this may bring stress to the surface, and you may feel it more strongly for a moment. However, now you are in a place of empowerment, because as the tension surfaces, your Powerform is smoothing your solar plexus energy. You may feel nervous energy shaking through your body as you do this. Know that you are ok, and just let the energy vibrate through your body.
As you notice the matter that had concerned you, you notice that you can look at it more calmly, and you notice that your body is more calm as well. To complete this process, continue holding your Powerform on your solar plexus as you say the following affirmations, either aloud or silently to yourself.
Affirmations, with Powerform placed on solar plexus:
“I am more resourceful than I had realized.”
“There is more support for me than I had realized.”
“My empowered self lovingly shares calmness with me now.”
“I feel time expand, and I think clearly and easily now.”

“I am more safe and blessed than I had realized.”
When you have proven how easily you can access your happy tummy awareness, you will enjoy sharing the method with family, friends, and co-workers so they can have a happy tummy too.

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2-16-09  Seat Of Excellence

You’ve heard about the feng shui placement of your chair, and how this may affect your success and well-being, but have you considered the energy of your chair itself?
Do you believe, as many do, that a chair is just an inanimate object? Actually, your chair, like everything else in your world, is alive with consciousness, and is sending and receiving energy all the time. Your chair is receiving your emotions and thoughts-- including your conscious and sub-conscious thoughts and emotions. And these energies accumulate in the chair. Which means that your chair, like a crystal, then shares these accumulated energies with you, for better or worse. But, do you want to risk receiving potentially negative energies while you sit at your workplace or home office?
What if your chair had acquired negative energy, either from others who may use your chair occasionally, or from your own sub-conscious thoughts and emotions? There are several easy Powerforms solutions to this situation. You can use one or more of your Powerforms for these techniques. If you wish to clear your chair from a distance, for example if you are preparing for your day, and you want to raise the vibration of your chair at work, you can do these methods with Powerforms in hand, and you simply visualize your chair. Follow the methods to cleanse your visualized chair, and the results are almost as good as if you were with your chair in person.
The most important part of the chair, energetically, is the area where you sit. This consists of the area from the seat of the chair, extending upwards from the seat about 36 inches, or 90 centimeters. This is the space where your body would ordinarily be, and this is the area you want to cleanse first. Here is the aura cleansing method for your chair:
1. Stand next to your chair, or visualize standing next to your chair.
2. Using either a Powerform in one hand, or a Powerform in each hand, slowly and deliberately sweep up and down from the seat to at least 36 inches, or 90 centimeters above the seat. Sweep slowly up and down. You can sweep all the way up towards the ceiling if you like, for even more complete results.
3. Although the Powerforms can automatically transmute energy, the results are even more effective if you intend that the negative energy accumulated in and around the chair is being transmuted, or dissolved. You can test your results by sweeping, then sitting in the chair to notice how it feels. It may feel more calm, or clear, or just more clean and alive. Of course, it won’t feel dramatic-- just more generally peaceful and clean.
4. You can also clear the physical chair itself. . . Sweep your Powerforms through the chair, as if you were sweeping through the atoms of the chair. You may sense dense stagnant energy releasing. Sweep it out of the room, and into the universe, where it can release completely. This helps your chair experience its best self, as if your chair had become more alive and conscious. And you will benefit from this enhanced consciousness of your chair.
5. You may enjoy sweeping positive intention through your chair, such as sweeping the intention of happiness, well-being, abundance, creativity, love, or serenity through your chair. Explore sweeping these blessings through your chair, so that your enhanced chair can support your optimal well-being. After all, you spend so much time working in your chair, you might as well have an energetically supportive environment to sit in, in which you can easily align with your higher self and your infinite potential.  

Sit comfortably with your Powerform between your palms, in prayer position, and feel these affirmations resonating within your body and mind as you sit and breathe:
“This is my seat of excellence.”
“My head is aligned with universal knowledge, creativity, and wisdom.”
“My body is aligned with universal strength, protection, and well-being.”
“As I sit here, my body and mind express the highest universal truth in each moment.”

Now that you are in your seat of excellence, you efficiently create splendid ideas, creative solutions, positive experiences for people, and a better world for everyone

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2-8-09 Thumbs Up For Inner Transformation

Your thumbs are connected to your inner self and linked to your brain, and your thumbs are powerful tools for discovering your deep center. When a person is uncentered, they “twiddle” their thumbs aimlessly. When your thumbs are placed tip-to-tip, you become more focused and balanced. Here is how to access your centered mind, and align with your centered self, with a super-charged thumb centering experience. . .
Place one of your thumb tips on the center shape on one side of a Powerform plate, and place your other thumb tip on the opposite side, also on the center shape of the Powerform. The two thumbs are aligned with each other, with the Powerform in-between. It is similar to prayer position, except only your thumb tips are touching the Powerform. All the energies in the Powerform are now available to you, via your centered thumbs.
When you have a situation that troubles you, and you need to find the center of the cyclone, so to speak, your thumbs will help you. The Powerform will help you go to a deep centered place where you can find your higher self, feel your truth, and stabilize amidst the cyclones of daily life. This is because the calm energy in your Powerform-balanced thumbs goes right into your mind and body, so that you can get a new outlook on any situation in your life.
To really benefit from this method, think of any situation in your life while you do this technique. Bring your attention to the space between your thumbs, and you’ll notice your reactions becoming smoother. Now notice your mind. Your balanced energy is starting to stabilize your mind so that you can address anything happening with renewed clarity and insights. You may even find that it becomes seemingly difficult to remember what the problem was all about. This is actually a good thing, because you are now putting the situation in correct proportion.
Now bring your attention within yourself, and imagine your divine center within you. You are still holding your thumbs on the Powerform, and ready to reacquaint yourself with your true self-- your higher self. Speak with your higher self, and have a little meditation between your personality and your higher self. Ask your higher self any questions you may have, and let your inner wisdom share with you.

Sit comfortably, thumbs on your Powerform, and feel these affirmations resonating within your body and mind:
“My energy vibrations return to center.”
“I am permitted to look at this situation in a completely new way.”
“My center is at peace, no matter what is going on around me.”
“My deep self knows more than I had realized.”

Now that you’ve put your thumb on how to get centered amidst chaos, you can enjoy the creative possibilities of deep centering whenever the need arises.

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2/3/09  Powerforms Tips: Super Focus With Finger Power

You have the power to re-circulate your body energy through your fingertips, and this focuses your attention. You are familiar with the finger position, or mudra, in which you touch your index finger tip in one hand to your thumb tip in that same hand. You’ve seen this position in statues, in pictures of meditating saints, and you’ve probably utilized it yourself. When you meditate or concentrate your attention with this finger position, your energy re-circulates in your body so that your attention is protected from outer chaos. Here is how the Powerforms can help you focus or meditate even more efficiently. . .
Hold a smaller Powerform, such as the Activator Disk, or the Star Shield, between your thumb tip and your index finger tip. You can rest that hand in your lap, if you like. The Powerform will help the energy re-circulating through your hand flow easily. The Powerform will help transmute chaotic energy quickly as it flows through the Powerform. Your focus deepens, because the Powerform helps you find your true energy more easily. This becomes especially important when the energy around you is busy or chaotic. This wouldn’t be so necessary if you were surrounded by nature, yet even then this technique would be valuable, because amidst the silence of nature, your spiritual discoveries can have special power.
As the energy re-circulates, let any body tension flow through your hand, and through the Powerform, so that the tension can transmute into positive energy. With your attention, track the re-circulating energy in your body, and notice that it is flowing more easily and thoroughly now. Energy tracking is important, because it links your body and mind, and this leads you to an important discovery: Your mind and body are both expressions of the same thing-- your true Self. United body-mind focus helps you function more efficiently, of course, and focus actually has a spiritual purpose as well. Focus unites body, mind, and soul into a unified whole, and this helps you manifest your Higher Self in your life.
Explore your finger focus now with each of your fingers. Here’s how. . . You have experienced the connection between your thumb and your index finger. Now, explore the connection between your thumb and your middle finger, your thumb and your ring finger, and your thumb and your little finger. Each connection unites different meridians, or energy pathways, and each provides a special flavor of focus energy. Let yourself discover how each finger position feels, so that you can provide yourself with a full focus treatment anytime.
For a deeper focusing experience, you can hold a small Powerform in each hand, so that you can experience wonderful streams of energy flowing in your body and mind. It’s ok to use the same type of Powerform in each hand, such as an Activator in each hand, or you can use different plates, such as an Activator in one hand, and a Star Shield in the other hand. It’s also ok to use combinations of finger connections: For example, thumb to index finger in the left hand, and thumb to ring finger in the right hand. Explore the many combinations, and let yourself discover how easy it is to release chaos, and bring your attention back to a centered, focused, empowered place. This is true inner transformation.


Sit comfortably, hands in prayer position, with your Powerform between your palms, and feel these affirmations resonating within your body and mind:
“I let myself focus with grace and ease.”
“I am allowed to feel focused and expansive at the same time.”
“I let myself focus while I am in my creative flow.”
“I am alive, I am free, and I am focused.”

Welcome to your ability to know the infinite possibilities in a grounded, focused way. Welcome to your moment of power. Welcome to your focused, expansive infinite self.

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1/25/08 Healing the Energies From Yesterday

What you feel today contains residual energy from yesterday. Events, emotions, thoughts, and energies from people and situations may still be affecting you. If you could shift and transmute these energies, you could more easily utilize the wisdom of your higher self today. Just as feng shui unclutters your house, you can energetically learn to unclutter your personal energies. Today we’ll explore clearing the cluttered energy from yesterday, and from last week as well. . .
You can access your influences from yesterday by imagining a horizontal line that represents time-- your timeline. Imagine your timeline divided in little sections, like a ruler. You could divide it into day, weeks, months, or years. Trust your imagination, and imagine a point on your timeline that represents Today, and just to the left of that area on the timeline is the section that represents Yesterday. Let’s work with clearing the energy from the day before-- the last 24 hours.
Hold your Portal, or any other Powerform plate in your hand, and gently sweep it through the Yesterday section of your timeline.  Gently move the plate back and forth on the timeline, and you will sense little blocks of energy surfacing and releasing. These are the cluttered emotions, thoughts, and upsets that accumulate in your timeline. Of course, if you had any particular incidents of concern during that time, you can sweep through those incidents in your timeline, and release those energies. Though it may seem that you are imagining this, realize that energy really does accumulate-- in your timeline, in your house, in your body, and in every aspect of your life.

Now tune into your timeline and notice the section representing the previous 7 days. Sweep your Powerform gently through this part of your timeline, and notice that the energy blocks become smoother and lighter as you sweep through the timeline. And as you do this, you will likely feel smoother and lighter yourself.
Now you are ready to sweep blessings into your timeline.Use your Powerform to sweep universal blessings into the previous 7 days in your timeline. Trust your imagination as you do this, for you are learning how to utilize your imagination as an empowering, integral part of your life. Imagine the blessings as sparkling light, as waves of love, or in any way that feels real to you.
To complete, sweep through your past 7 days, and into the present, and into your future timeline.</b> Sweep back and forth: Past, present, future, and back again. Back and forth. When you become familiar with this practice, you can really feel your timeline as a living conscious presence. You are interacting with your world, and becoming empowered, as you were always meant to-- as a conscious co-creator with the universal intelligence.
Sit comfortably, hands in prayer position, with your Powerform between your palms, and feel these affirmations resonating within your body and mind:
“Divine blessings extend into my past, present, and future.”
“My energy is where it belongs-- focused easily in the present moment.”
“My body, mind, and soul are integrated now in present time.”
“I am divinely permitted to erase my past, and to create my optimum reality."
Welcome to your bright and majestically centered present moment. May your radiant energies bring peace and empowerment to all!


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1/18/09  Powerforms Tips: Center-Point Stress Relief

If you’re feeling frazzled lately, you’re not alone. When your emotions are going every which way, and your mind is preoccupied with so many matters, then your body will feel burdened by the pressure. This is happening to millions of people on the planet, and yet each of us can best address our own pressure by learning how to unite our emotions, mind, and body within our center. . .

Hold one of your Powerforms between your palms, prayer-style. You could position your hands in front of your heart, or rest your hands in your lap. This unites your left and right body energies, so that the energies actually flow to one of your main center-points: The amazing zone between your palms. As the Powerforms plate helps dissolve chaotic energy, it also helps your left and right sides unite peacefully.

Now you’re ready to release some of your concerns. As you sit with your Powerform between your palms, let one of your current issues come to your awareness. Let the energy of that concern flow out your arms, and into the center-point space between your palms. Don’t try to find a solution. Just be with this energy experience, so that the confused energy can transform itself. You may experience little jolts of energy or emotion as the energy vibrations of the problems smooth and transform themselves.

Now bring the centered energy between your palms up into your arms and into your spine-- another of your center-points. The Powerforms plate will help you receive this centered energy easily, for as your palms become centered, they receive universal energy directly from the universe. As the centered energy returns to your spine, you feel renewed, refreshed, and ready to experience life, each wonderful moment by moment.

Affirmations for centering Sit comfortably, hands in prayer position, with your Powerform between your palms, and feel these affirmations resonating within your body and mind: “It is safe for me to be present in this blessed present moment.” “I breathe safely and easily in this present moment.” “My mental energies return to my inner center-point now.” “My emotional energies return to my inner center-point now.”

Welcome to your center-point, your place of inner transformation. May your inner peace and wisdom bring you and yours blessings in wonderful ways!

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1/11/09  Wash Your Mental Windshield For Clarity

You¹ve been busy today, and you need to clear your head. Time for
some aura cleansing so you can access your true self-- your Higher Self--
more easily. Your third eye in your forehead is your mental link to deeper
knowing. However, when you are preoccupied with details from your day, with
energy from other people, and noise and bustle from the world, your third
eye becomes confused-- and so do you. A quick solution. . .

Hold your Activator Disk in one hand, and place it out in front of your
forehead. Now slowly bring it towards your forehead, actually touching
the forehead. Then slowly draw it away from you. This is one pulse. Do slow
pulsing towards and away from your third eye. Each time you do this, you may
notice a small shudder running through your body, because you are releasing
stuck energy that is releasing. As you continue with this, you start
noticing remaining energy blocks. As you pulse your Activator, imagine it
gently moving through the blocks, dissolving them

Now integrate your third eye, by pulsing your Neutral Space Plate in the
same way. Gently pulse your Neutral Space Place towards and away from
your third eye. This calms, strengthens, and integrates your third eye, and
helps your forebrain experience the smooth balanced energy you have been

Programming for excellence

Now lightly hold your Neutral Space Plate on your forehead. This
stabilizes your brain and third eye so that you can integrate your pulsing
work. As you integrate, affirm balance, well-being, and abundance for
yourself. . .

I breathe in abundance with every breath.

I breathe in wellness with every breath.

I am in alignment with my divine higher self with every breath.

To conclude your practice, hold one of your Powerforms between your
palms, prayer position style, and let your life-energy flow through your
arms, through your Powerform, and back into your body. Notice how your
balanced third eye energy is now in sync with your body, your body is in
sync with your mind, and you are in sync with the universe.

Welcome to this delightful moment of clarity and empowerment. May
your aligned presence be a blessing for all you meet!

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Let¹s start the year with a nice grounded feeling. You¹re connected with the ground-- the center of the earth-- all the time. Yet, your ground connection quality becomes blocked through lack of attention, preoccupied thoughts, poor food, conflicting emotions, and other causes. Powerforms can help you clear the grounding blocks and regain your stability. The Powerforms are interactive-- they unite your real world of the physical plane with the subtle plane of your mind and soul. This step-by-step technique combines gentle hand motions with your imagination:

As you hold one of your Powerforms, and make a slow sweeping motion from the center of the earth all the way up to the surface of the earth, and into your body. Then, slowly sweep back down again to the center of the earth. You¹re actually holding the Powerform in your hand, and you¹re actually sweeping it, yet you¹re using imagination to access the center of the earth, and to imagine the Powerform sweeping through your body.

As you sweep your grounding connection, notice any subtle awareness of blocks, and slowly sweep through these. Take extra time and sweeping motions in any stuck places between your feet and the center of the earth. You are actually clearing blocks in your grounding connection. Whether from thoughts, emotions, or past karma, you are creating a good grounding connection in the present moment. . . your moment of power.

Activating your higher potential with earth energy:

The center of the earth contains advanced universal energy, as well as earth-plane energy. Use your intention to bring the universal or divine energy upwards from the earth, through your grounding cord, and into your body. Sweep energy between your body and the cosmic earth energy to activate renewal of body, mind, and soul. The infinite potential within the planet wants to help you. You are more capable of manifesting your higher potential than you may have realized. Let the higher planetary essence energies awaken your infinite essence within.

Welcome to 2009, your year to manifest your higher potential, starting with this moment!

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