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 Feng Shui Audit of a Retail Store

By Tony Cuneo & Candace Czarny
Copyright 1998

Join the authors as they perform an exterior and interior audit of a New Age retail store. Discover the "ailments" that are present throughout the store and the "cures" that can offset the negative energies in this store and in your store.

A Peace of the Universe is a metaphysical store located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The owners Judy and Rhonda have allowed us to do a Feng Shui audit of their store and share these elements of Feng Shui with you. Every Feng Shui audit will be different. However, the basic "ailments" are usually found in most stores and the "cures" can be applied after doing a Feng Shui audit of your own store.

Feng Shui means the way of wind and water, the natural forces of the universe. These forces affect everything in our world. The ancient Chinese believed in and lived their lives by these natural forces. The Europeans call this science geomancy. The Hawaiians and the Native Americans practice their own forms of this science.

The science of Feng Shui uses the eight-sided BaQua shape and the corresponding eight stations of life: prosperity, relationships, helpful people, knowledge, family, children. fame., and career. Each one of the life stations correlates to a location in your home and business. These physical locations house energy that you have created for that station of your life.

For A Peace of the Universe, we completed both an exterior and interior Feng Shui audit of the retail facility.

Exterior Audit

In beginning an audit, always start outside. Review the location of your buildings in reference to: the entrance of the parking lot and the location of the road, power lines, schools. churches, buildings; fountains, and any element that might have an electromagnetic field that can cut or enhance the energy of your store. Any cutting field should be cured.

A Peace of the Universe is located in a strip mall type of shopping center. The main entrance into the shopping center places this store in the ideal location for prosperity, the wealth corner. The architecture of the complex is also ideal because there is a main fountain in the center that creates and draws energy for the complex. There is another fountain just outside the entrance to the store.

The cross members in the store front windows are the main architectural elements that must be "cured." These cross members cut and drain the energy of the employees (which could result in lost efficiency and mistakes) and customers (which will result in the energy level dropping and the customers leaving before obtaining what they came in to purchase). We can cure the cutting energy of the cross members by placing red dots at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical mullions of the windows inside the store. The color red holds the energy field in place and will not allow the field to move out into the store.

The suite number that is visible on the front door is 106. This number adds up to seven which means spiritual lessons. If we add the number one anywhere on the front, the new sum equals eight, which means prosperity.

When a customer enters the front door, the Sha energy (hard cutting energy created by wind, cars, and people) enters the store with them. This energy will disrupt the positive Chi you have created in the store. We recommend placing a BaQua Mirror inside the store, above the door facing outside (if you have a storefront: if not. place it on the door). When the door is opened, the BaQua Mirror will transmute hard Sha into positive Chi before the Sha enters the store.

Interior Review

When addressing the Feng Shui of the interior, review the facility shape, life stations, cutting edges and energies, dispersing energies, unbalanced energies. and lighting. Look for those energies that have fields that cut the electromagnetic field of the store and cure them.

Facility Shape

The ideal shape of a facility is square or rectangular. This facility is an "L" shape. Typically we would complete the missing corner of the "L" making it a square. However, we do not have access to this corner. The cure for this is to place mirror squares opposite one another in locations Ml, M2, M3, and M4. These mirror squares will divide the facility making two complete rectangles.

When you enter any facility, always move in a clockwise direction. Healthy cells move in a clockwise direction and pathology moves in a counterclockwise direction. Make sure that the layout of your store encourages this direction of movement.

Life Station Review

There are two New Knowledge corners. NKI, the first new knowledge corner, is where the books are located: very good Feng Shui. The speaker in this corner adds to the positive Chi. Any added energy other than fans add good Chi. NK2 is in the office. NK2 is a dual corner. It is the New Knowledge corner in the store at the Wealth corner for the office. This would be an excellent location for a bulletin board to place affirmations regarding the wealth and new knowledge

HF1 is the Health and Family location for the store. It is a good location for pictures and affirmations for employees and the health of the store.

W1 and W2 are the Wealth locations for the store. This is where three Chinese coins (preferably in the dish of a plant) and financial affirmations should be located. These affirmations can be placed above the dropped ceiling so as not to interfere with the product display. There is a silk plant located on top of a shelf in the W2 location, a good addition to the Chi.

Fl is the Fame location for the store. This is where all certificates and awards should be displayed. Also, any desires for fame for the store should be affirmed and placed in a red envelope here behind pictures, awards, or above the ceiling panels.

RI is the Relationship corner for the store. The bottled water located here for customers adds energy to the relationship corner. Affirmations regarding relationship between employees and customers should be placed in this location. Also, adding red anywhere in this corner will attract customers can be obvious and used in a display hidden behind product or pictures.

CHI is the location for Children in the store. This would be a good location for displays of children's books and products.

HP1 is the Helpful People location in the store. There is a television here which adds to the Chi of this corner. Affirmations regarding the assistance you desire from others should be placed here.

CR1 is the Career location for the store. Affirmations for the Career of the store should be placed here.

Write all affirmations in the present tense, put in red envelopes. and place in the appropriate locations. Refer to the article "Take Charge of your Life using Feng Shui " on this Web Site.

The more Life Stations you address, the more desirable the Chi of the store will be. For every life station area you address, you will double the Chi for that life station. We recommend you address as many life stations as possible.

The counter where the cash register is located serves as a desk and can be addressed just as the life stations of the building. As you stand behind the counter, the far left hand corner of the display case (W3) is another Wealth corner. The far right hand corner of the display case (R2) is another Relationship corner. Place affirmations regarding wealth and relationships in these areas, for example, inside the display case under decorative material. Expand on this principle in addressing your life stations. We also recommend moving the cash register to the wealth corner of the display counter. This would enhance profitability.

Remember that you can never too many plants. Plants (real or silk) add good Chi to any life station.

Cutting Edges

Cutting edges from display cabinets, columns, and protruding corners will cut and drain the energy of your employees and customers. In Diagram 2 notice how the energy of corner Cl directly intersects the position of the cash register, cutting the energy of both the employee makings the sale and the customer. The energy from corners C2 and C3 directly cut energy of everyone walking in the front door of the store. This cuts and drains energy of valued customers. The energies from C4 and C5 are cutting the fields of the customers as they shop. These are just a few examples of cutting edges in the store. Ideally every protruding corn should be cured." This includes corners from walls, cabinets, and columns. The more corners you treat, the more desirable the energy will be in the store. The "cures" are again very simple. Get out those red dots and place them on the corners. They need not be visible; you can place them near the floor or under a shelf covering or product.

Other cutting edges that are often overlooked are those created from dropped ceilings. This store has two them: Dl and D2. Dl is producing a tremendously negative effect on the employees. D2 is hurting audio sales. The weight and cutting energy from the dropped ceiling forces the customer out of this area. This store's sales of music tapes, which are located before the dropped ceiling, are good. However, the sales of information tapes, which are located below the dropped ceiling, are very low. These cutting fields are also very easy to cure. Although the best cures are done by a Feng Shui Master, this store owner can do a cure on her own by using two flutes. While pointing the flutes at the ceiling, the store owner should blow through them and then place them at either end of a dropped ceiling, pointing up and inward towards each other at a forty-five degree angle. Sound goes on forever and the upward energy from the flutes will hold the weight of the dropped ceiling.

Disbursing Energies

There are two fans in A Peace of the Universe. Fans disperse energy. We recommend using the fans only when necessary. Fans will get the energy moving in the store and move your customers right out the front door. Also, if a blade of the fan points in the direction of the door when it is off, it will send the Chi of the store out the front door.

The water bubbler next to the front door is very good. It draws energy into the store and helps to negate the cutting edge of the column.

Stairways can be a very hazardous element. When walking down stairs, the electromagnetic field of a person moves out in front of the body, causing falls. This can be cured by placing a plant on either side of the stairs at the end. This store has been very creative using garland on the banisters.

The location of the front door is very good because the Chi that comes in the front door is stopped by the solid wall opposite it and the Chi stays in the store. A door or window opposite the front door causes Chi to come in and go directly out.

Unbalanced Energies

There are rooms off area Al, so it is considered a hallway and has several ailments" to be cured". Since hallways are long narrow spaces, Chi can be turned into Sha. The "cure" for this is to hang a half moon and sun or chimes in the center of the hallway. This will catch any Sha and transform it back into Chi.

The entrance to each room off area Al is considered a doorway. The doorways off the hallway are unbalanced because they are on only one side. This will unbalance the energy of the whole store. To "cure this ailment" place mirror squares on the wall opposite the doorways.


This store contains both fluorescent and incandescent lighting. We recommend replacing these bulbs with full spectrum lighting. This type of bulb is the closest match to natural sunlight. We believe that we receive eighty percent of our energy from the sun and twenty percent of our energy from stored sunlight in food. The full spectrum lighting will energize your customers and your employees. Full spectrum light bulbs (fluorescent and incandescent) are initially more expensive than regular light bulbs. However, their life expectancy makes them cost effective. These bulbs can be changed out on a replacement basis.

All of these recommended changes will have positive effects on customers, employees, and the profitability of the store. The more "cures" you put into effect, the more Chi will be available and the better the results will be. Feng Shui is an accurate science, but it does not take a degree to practice it - just a commitment to yourself to do it and watch your life change. Blessings and prosperity to you!


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