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FAQ's about Powerforms


Frequently Asked Questions re:  Powerforms™ subtle energy tools

Inventor/ Transformational Teacher Joel Bruce Wallach

© July 2000


“We can align with our Higher Self… contribute love, balance, wisdom, and positive energy to everyone in our life…

Let’s harmonize and transform our world… liberate our potential with Powerforms™”


Q. What are Powerforms?

A. Powerforms are subtle-energy tools that help us align with our Higher Self. Powerforms help us release chaotic energy that is not in alignment with our essence. This energy is re-patterned into more harmonious energy that is in alignment with our true self.

We can hold Powerforms in our hands, place them in our pocket, place them near us, put them on our body, or move them through the aura. If we place them on a picture-easel on our desk, they create a field of high-quality conscious energy.


The result: As we become more harmonized and aligned with our potential, we can contribute love, balance, wisdom, and positive energy to everyone in our life.


Q. How do the Powerforms affect my life, and those in my life?

A. Were we to clairvoyantly observe our energy field, we might discover blockages that filter our deeper awareness. These blockages prevent us from knowing our potential, and create subtle irritation in our bodies, emotions, and minds. The Powerforms help dissolve blockages of energy so that our potential can manifest more easily. Of course, the source of our potential is not from the Powerforms themselves – rather the source is divine, and exists within us all.


As we manifest our potential, we are able to contribute to life in a more clear-headed, positive way. Powerforms help us experience greater insight, deeper harmony, and this enhances our every thought, feeling, and action. We contribute higher quality to everyone in our world from a deep wellspring of love and harmony. All this doesn’t happen in an instant. Our development is gradual, and occurs on a daily basis.


When we realize that our evolution is unfolding daily, we can relax and “enjoy the ride” more easily. Powerforms help us release energy blockages and transmute distorted energies, so that we can use our valuable time bringing positive energy, positive ideas, and positive actions to our world.


Q. How do I know which Powerforms device to use? What are the essential differences between the Powerforms?


A.1: • The Activator Disk awakening to life…

The Activator awakens our chakras and meridians with our own positive chi (or prana, or life-energy). It filters non-harmonic life-force energies, and re-patterns unbalanced chi into refined chi. The Activator assists us to attune with our own positive energy – each Activator user discovers their own unique essential vibrations. We can place the Activator on our chakras, or place it anywhere on our body. We can sit upon the Activator to activate flowing energy in the spine, and we can carry it in our pocket.


When conscious intent is used with the Activator, it assists in all projects requiring activation. When combined with the Balancer and Portal, and with stones and crystals, the Activator is a catalyst – the spark that “ignites” any process.


A.2: • The Balancer Plate harmony with the earth plane…

The Balancer brings our yin and yang into balance. It resolves inner conflict by unifying our yin and yang – alchemically creating our own balanced expression of yin/yang union. Each of us can discover our own personal inner-peace vibration. The Balancer, especially when used at the soles of the feet and palms of the hands, unifies the mind and body. Excessive mental chatter is quieted, and we feel safer in our physical body.


The Balancer can be placed anywhere on the body – it can be held in our hand and gently moved through the aura or through the room to clear energy blockages – and it can be held in our hands to center our energy as we meditate, pray, focus, or simply relax.

When intent is used with the Balancer, it assists all projects requiring grounding, centering, harmony, and peace.


A.3: • The Portal Plateopening to our potential & our infinite self…

The Portal filters earthly delusions so that we can be and express our infinite soul-self more easily. The Portal is mainly used with intent – it works with us to help us attune, manifest, and be our highest truth. When the earthly limitations are bypassed, our mind and spirit can soar freely, as we discover, create, and allow our essence to manifest itself and all it seeks to express.


The Portal works in teamship with the Activator (the catalyst) and Balancer (stabilizing and unifying). Examples: Sit on the Balancer and/or Activator, while doing positive-intent meditations with the Portal. Or, we place each of the three devices on a small picture-tripod in a triangular arrangement – with ourselves sitting in the center of this arrangement. This creates a large field with which our own positive intent can interact.


We may place the Portal in front of ourselves to interact with it – we need not be in physical contact with it. The Portal’s field is fairly large, and it can be on a table before us, or on a small tripod picture frame facing us. The column energy field that extends from both faces of the Portal is the real power of the Portal. It is this exquisitely tuned energy field that we interact with when we use our positive intention. Affirmations, visualizations, and blessings, all interact with the Portal field.


• Here is a four-step process we can use to create “homeopathic” spiritual-healing energies with the Portal:

1.) Using our imagination, we imagine lifting a little bit of “stuck energy” from the body and we place it in the Portal energy column.

2.) Move the stuck energy up and down the column until the energy purifies.

3.) Return the purified energy to the body. We move it up and down our body until we feel a breath release – the breathing becomes deeper. This signifies that integration has occurred.

4.) Continue steps a, b, & c – the energy refines & heals at a deeper level.


Q. How do Powerforms work?

A. The Powerforms are able to enhance our own unique “energy signature”, so that each of us has our own personal experience when we work with the Powerforms. Each of us has the potential to explore our own special soul-resonance. As we increase the rapport we each have with our own soul, it becomes easier to recognize the positive soul essence of others. The Powerforms are likely to facilitate world peace through resonance with a deeper truth that embraces both our individuality and our shared spiritual oneness.


The Powerforms work via resonance. Each Powerforms device is a series of tuned antennas, combined with various proprietary materials and elements. The tuning process is laborious, but well worth the time involved. Shape, size, positioning, materials, and layering are all involved. Each device is interacting with energy in many dimensions, and so it is necessary to fine-tune the ways in which energy flows through the device: up and down, side to side, front to back, low to high frequencies, etc.


The antennas have a natural affinity with positive universal energy. Each device “steps down” universal energy so that it is available to us. In addition, the devices “step up” chaotic energy, so the energy becomes purified. This allows us to let go of negative energy more easily.


Q. How did the Powerforms devices come to be created?

A. Throughout the 70’s I experimented with yoga, meditation, and pyramids. By 1985 I realized that the energy tools available were limited to the basic formats of simple pyramids and crystals. I evolved the Powerforms energy-tool concept in the same way that I developed my private practice as a Soul Integration™ practitioner and teacher. By spending hours daily in meditation with the universe, I was able to develop rapport with energy itself. This universal energy is within, and can be accessed within us all.


I continue to invent in this manner today – working with the consciousness of energy and vibration. It is somewhat like a non-verbal internal conversation. It embodies the combined experience of creating architecture, music, dance, and energy-balancing treatments, – although it is not any of these things. Though it involves a form of rigorous energetic testing on the inner plane, it may or may not be considered a scientific process, depending on whether your definition of science is purely materialistic, or includes higher consciousness as well. This is the best way I can explain it.


The original devices I created were tuned pyramidal structures in 1985. By 1988 the first disk devices were created, but they were not ready for production until 1991. Most of my work in the forseeable future will involve disks and energy plates. The Powerforms company was created in 1991 to make my inventions available to all of us who are ready for manifesting greater depth, higher consciousness, and deeper meaning in our lives.


Q. How have you been able to create well-tuned subtle energy devices?

A. Because the devices are resonating with non-physical universal energies, it is necessary to be able to track the energy’s activity as it flows through the device. My decades of experience as an energy practitioner and teacher of spiritual activation have been invaluable in helping me with this task. Also, my years of study in art and music have proved useful in attuning my consciousness to subtle energy. This may involve listening to the harmonics, seeing their energy radiance, and, most importantly, feeling the subtle energy shifts as the devices are tuned. Through this combined method of feeling, seeing, and hearing the energies, adjustments may be made in the Powerform prototype until it is perfected and made available to the world.


Q. Why “Powerforms”? Don’t we have too much emphasis on “power” in the world?

A. We lack real power in the world. People have felt dis-empowered because the energy blockages within us interfere with our ability to acknowledge and utilize our inner infinite spiritual capacity. Historical examples of harsh use of power do not reflect true power, which is formed from the components of love, wisdom, and (healthy) will-power. The “power” in Powerforms refers to balanced healthy power, which is available to us all when we access our potential.


Powerforms also refers to the various antennas and the way in which they are arranged and layered in the energy devices. The antenna shapes (or “forms”), when well-tuned and correctly layered, allow our inner spiritual power to emerge, for the betterment of all.


Q. What are the Powerforms made of?

A. The disks are layers of silica fiber (which is actually glass), yet very tough and somewhat flexible. The metal copper is used, although other metals may be used in the future. Recently a form of silica which is proprietary to Powerforms has been added to the Activator disk. This addition is not visible, and only a small but effective amount is used. This form of silica adds a quality to the disks which makes them somewhat similar to quartz crystals. In the future this may be added to the other disks as well. Other elements from the earth may be explored in the future also.


Q. Are the Powerforms made with magnets or magnetic material?

A. No magnetic materials are used in the Powerforms. Although experts are able to do good healing work with magnets, I have personally found magnets to be too strong and too blunt in their energetic properties for the subtle results I prefer. In addition, some have found that magnets produce an over-charged effect when over-used or mis-used. We can use our intuition, our “gut-feeling”, a pendulum, or kinesiology when determining which energy devices to use and how to use them for our situation.


Q. How are the Powerforms different from crystals, tachyons, and purple plates?

A. Crystals, especially those grown naturally in the earth, each have their own personality. This is both beneficial, and a limitation. If we find an excellent crystal, we can work with it as a part of our “healing team”. However, that crystal is distinct from all other crystals. By contrast, each Powerform of a particular type (such as all Activator Disks) are basically the same.


Many find that the Powerforms have quite a “personality”. This is because their many well-tuned components activate our own higher energy. Thus, when we work with the Powerforms, we are working with the deeper aspects of our own personality and soul. We may find that as we work with our Powerforms, the devices function at a deeper level with our soul. The greater rapport we develop with the Powerforms is really a deeper connection with our own spiritual essence – our infinite potential. 


The Powerforms are particularly well suited to being combined with crystals. Crystals may be placed on the Powerforms, as described in the Activator and Balancer instruction books. This results in a hybrid crystal-disk device. The Powerforms cleanse, tune, and “evolve” crystal energy well.


Tachyons are powerful devices which have benefited many people. Many have achieved good results by placing them on the Powerforms. Use your intuition when combining powerful devices and avoid over-charge. Experiment for short periods of time. Combining devices is like combining personalities in a room. Although the Powerforms are tuned to work with each other, combining tachyons adds a level of power that may be appropriate for some purposes, and too harsh for others. There is no “rule”. Rather, your feelings and intuition are the key. People trained in pendulums, kinesiology, or dowsing may help you determine how to safely use energy devices.


Purple plates are used by many healing students and practitioners for cleansing and activating food, objects, and the body itself. It is possible that they may be combined with crystals, tachyons, and Powerforms devices. Any time you are combining devices, use your intuition, and notice how you feel. Avoid over-charge, and avoid creating chaotic energy fields. Trust your inner feelings and the “small still voice within” as you work.


Q. Are the Powerforms inventions that are “channeled”?

A. Channeling implies opening to a source of information outside of the self. I do not believe this to be the highest way to work. Rather, we all have the capacity to draw upon the universal knowingness within us. The universe is truly within us all. Through communication with the inner intelligence, it is possible to work both creatively and methodically to develop inventions, concepts, and realities.


Q. Are the Powerforms developed in a “flash of insight”?

A. The long process of development is a combination of (as Edison might have put it) 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Even Tesla, who is reputed to have invented in his head, and later made his prototypes on the basis of his mental images, spent long hours perfecting his creations.


Q. Do the geometric forms on the surface of the Powerforms symbolize anything?

A. The forms are one of the components that affect the functioning of the Powerforms, however they do not “symbolize” anything. Rather, the forms have functions which are more like a set of integrated components. Just as a finely crafted tool has components which work together in a smooth way to generate various results, the Powerforms contain many functional tools that work together to interact with energy and create positive transformation.


Q. I think I’ve seen similar forms in ancient hieroglyphics, ancient art, etc. Are you using ancient forms?

A. I prefer to create on the basis of the needs of the Powerforms device. It is possible that timeless wisdom, which exists throughout time and space, causes certain inventor’s works to share some superficial similarity, however.

Were I to examine certain ancient forms, I would probably re-tune them to the needs of modern times. In addition, I scan everything used in the Powerforms for “appropriateness”, and am unlikely to use any “found” forms as is. It is actually easier to create new forms, because it is easier to tune them for a new device, for the highest good.


Q. I think I’ve seen geometric arrangements in my dreams. Is this possible?

A. It is entirely possible. Many people have said that they have seen something similar to the Powerforms in their dreams. However, they were not seeing the actual Powerforms. Rather, they were seeing, most likely, the universal energy of consciousness refracted through their own awareness. This can be a beautiful meditative experience.


Q. What are the virtues of “powerful devices” versus “subtle devices”?

A. Devices intended to be strong in their effects may seem to “do the job”, however they may over-charge the user. In addition, I have a concern that devices that are too strong may blunt the subtle sensitivities of the user, in the same way that music that is too loud has an “effect”, but dulls the awareness of the listener.

In the long term, I feel that subtle devices are safer and help us cultivate our awareness with more finesse and depth.


The Powerforms may generally be categorized as subtle devices, as they are intended to help us become more aware of our potential. They are not intended to have an intense effect. However, some people do find that they benefit best from using Powerforms for shorter periods of time. Though the Powerforms are subtle, sensitive people may become activated in a way that they might regard as powerful.

Do not be “heroic” when using any energy device. That which feels too mild for one person may be too strong for another person. We can use common sense and notice how we feel when we work with any device.


Q. How do I know how long to use the Powerforms devices? Is a short period better? Can I use them all day?

A. Each of us is unique. We all need to learn how to trust our inner awareness so that we can notice how we feel when we use energy devices. Try holding one of the Powerforms devices for ten minutes and notice what happens. It may seem very subtle, or very distinct in its effects. The Powerforms help us attune to deeper aspects of our divine essence self. Many people have found that when they bring “intent” to their Powerforms activities, the results are more defined. This is because the Powerforms work best when combined with positive intent. We may find, in time, that positive intent is appropriately combined with all activities in our life.


Q. How do I know if I am using the Powerforms correctly? Couldn’t you give more exact protocol for usage in the instructions?

A. Powerforms energy tools create a conduit between the universe, our own awareness, and the vibrations of the energy tool itself. Thus the results are a co-creation. Each moment that we work with energy tools is unique, and can not be exactly anticipated. Usage is more an art than a science. Specific rules may interfere with our ability to learn to trust our intuition.


Don’t worry – we can’t “make a mistake”. Let’s allow ourselves to relax and explore when we use energy tools (while utilizing common sense, of course). Discover the wisdom within. Be creative… Slow down… Notice the subtle nuances of the experience. We can talk with our higher self, and even explore communicating with the “higher self” of the Powerforms themselves. For that matter, let’s try blessing and recognizing the intelligence within everything in our lives. Experience the joy of discovery in each moment – the recognition of consciousness within all.


Q. Has the inventor placed his or anyone’s energy in the device, such as some ancient shaman’s were known to do?

A. On the contrary, I have gone out of my way to make a neutral device that has none of my energy, and no energy of any person or being. It is important to me that this be a personal device for each user. I have tuned it as best as I can so that each of us is able to have our own positive personal experience with the highest and best energies in the universe – in the way that we each prefer to experience them.


The Powerforms work as filters that remove chaotic energies, allowing us to tune more easily into the positive realities we choose to align with. We can experience our own higher self in greater depth when we use Powerforms devices. As we explore with the Powerforms, we find greater alignment with our own unique soul energy.


Q. Why do you suggest that I interact with the device? Wouldn’t it be easier if I just let the device do all the work?

A. The Powerforms devices can be experienced in “passive mode” – in other words, we don’t “have” to interact with them. However, to get the best from any subtle energy device, please realize that “passive mode” only gives us a fraction of the value that is possible. At the highest level, subtle energy tools help us attune to the deeper positive essence of our self and of our world. Please discover what is possible. This liberates us to know ourselves and to do even greater good in the world.


We live in a “free-will universe”. This means that a device can’t “second guess” what we want. The purpose of a free-will universe is to help us learn to activate our “creation capacity”. Were external forces to do everything for us, our own creative forces would atrophy and weaken. I encourage everyone to consciously interact with the Powerforms – in so doing, we discover much about our inner gifts, and can access our potential to help everyone in our life.


Q. When I use the Activator Disk, at times, I feel relaxed. Sometimes when I use the Balancer Plate I feel energized. How can this be? Am I having the wrong response?

A. We are each having the right response in each moment. Sometimes, when the Activator Disk smoothes the life energy within our body, aura, and chakras, we may respond in our own unique way: Some of us may feel energized from the energy flow, and some may feel relaxed.

When we experience the generally centering/calming effects of the Balancer, we can relax more deeply in our body. As we experience the deep well of energy in our body, we may feel energized! This is not paradoxical – it is just one of the wonderful experiences that we can have as we explore the world of energy.


At times we may feel one response today, and a different response tomorrow. Rather than regarding Powerforms as “buttons” that make us go “on and off”, let’s consider that Powerforms are doorways to deeper aspects of ourselves. We exist on many subtle inner levels. Let’s explore and discover. The many levels of self may seem confusing at first, but we always have our common sense and intuition to make sense of any experience we have.


If an experience seems to be “too much”, we can easily place the energy devices away from our body for a while so we can “digest” our energy experiences. Slow abdominal breathing to center ourselves is a time-honored practice.


Consider that our multi-faceted nature is something to enjoy, celebrate, and explore. How much more enjoyable it is to be a wondrous living energy-being than an android that can be turned on and off!


Q. Are the Powerforms a substitute for spiritual development?

A. Spiritual development requires our awareness. Subtle energy devices can create an environment in which we can experience attunement with deeper realities, with God, with nature, and with the heart of humanity. Powerforms can create an energy environment in which it is easier to access our spiritual potential… However, devices can not substitute for our awareness.


The story of Atlantis (whether it really existed or not) describes a culture that substituted technological advancement for spiritual and moral development. We can learn from this, and choose to use energy tools to safely support our spiritual evolution. If we believe that energy tools are “the sole cause” of our spiritual growth, we have given our power away to a force outside ourselves. To regain our power, we align with the true purpose of Powerforms usage: To help us cultivate our deeper awareness, so that we can access our potential for the highest good.


Awareness is the key. Awareness opens the doorway to discovering inner peace, a wellspring of creativity, and alignment with our soul’s love and wisdom. As long as we cultivate awareness, Powerforms can be a safe, appropriate method of discovering our potential and contributing positive energy to everyone on the planet.


Q. Can the Powerforms heal physical diseases?

A. Powerforms, by themselves, do not create healing. Powerforms help create harmony – greater unity with our higher self, with nature, and with the divine. According to holistic theory, harmony is a state in which we are aligned – our body, emotions, thoughts, and soul work together. We feel attuned with the planet and with people, and are confident that we have a useful place in the world. We feel a spiritual connection with the universe and with everything in it.

Powerforms energy tools help chaotic energy in our bodies and auras re-pattern into smooth harmonious energy.


Powerforms are a useful adjunct to our healthy lifestyle – involving nutrition, exercise, meditation/contemplation, right livelihood, right thought/ action, and right use of will, etc. No external authority can tell us precisely just what right action, etc. means for us – only our Inner Self (comprising our Higher Self, the “still small voice”, and our inner feelings) can discover our truth. The discovery of our inner truth is an ever evolving process that unfolds and evolves daily throughout our lives.


Holistic theory suggests that when we experience harmony, we can experience well-being on all levels. However, the wellness results from the harmony – and not directly from the energy devices themselves.


Our every thought, feeling, and action, contributes, to some degree, to our state of being. We may choose to utilize energy devices to help contribute to our wellness, but we do not “give our power away” to energy devices. Energy devices are here to assist us in our wellness, but energy devices are not the source of our wellness.


Q. People who have used the Powerforms during meditation have reported that the devices seem to “filter” out the chaos of the “group mind”. How does this work, and what are the benefits of filtering?

A. Many of our beliefs have been acquired through resonance with the group mind of the planet. This is the combined thought-energy of everyone on the earth, including those now living, those from the past, and earthbound spirits as well. Many of these thought-patterns are not aligned with our highest truth. As we work with the Powerforms we may find an inner silence, inner clarity, or smooth inner texture within us. We are experiencing our own energy, free of the noise of the mass consciousness.


There are an infinite number of higher positive realities. They co-exist with our present reality. We can more easily resonate with these higher positive realities as we release the negative aspects of the mass consciousness from our energy fields.


As we cultivate our individual path, we discover that we are able to contribute to the evolution of the planet more effectively – at times contributing to group efforts, at times working as individuals. Aligning with our unique essence is not in conflict with planetary awareness – our unique essence exists for a reason. Our uniqueness is key to contributing to the group consciousness for the highest good. Powerforms help us release limiting energy patterns, so that we can align with our unique path and bring positive energy and transformation to everyone in our life.


Q. Are the Powerforms scientifically tested, or is all the evidence for their benefits anecdotal?

A. I have always trusted my intuition when working with energy devices, and I trust that Powerforms users are working in a similarly intuitive way. When in doubt, I am more inclined to ask healers and sensitives about their experiences. My concern with scientific testing is that it is limited to the range of the test. For instance, many people have reported that when they place the Balancer on a television set, or on a computer, they feel their aura and body energy becoming smoother, as if the Balancer cancelled out some of the chaotic frequencies that radiate from electronic appliances. However, if we test the Balancer to see if it cancels electro-magnetic radiation, we find that it does not. What does this mean?


It would seem that on some octave of the frequency range, the Balancer is able to create harmony. Evidently this beneficial range is not in the radioactive range. However, many sensitive people can feel the difference. If any of us are interested in conducting scientific tests, we may feel free to do so, bearing in mind that any test only shows phenomena within a limited range.


I did see one test utilizing equipment used by electro-acupuncturists. It showed that the Balancer helped people get more balanced readings on the electro-acupuncture analyzer. In other words, when the meridian was too strong, it became milder, and when it was too low in energy, it was boosted. As impressive as this may sound to some, I feel that there are many ways to bring the meridians into balance. In my opinion there are deeper uses for the Balancer. It would be limiting to regard the Balancer as merely a meridian balancing device. I encourage you to discover how you benefit from the Powerforms. Share any methods for Powerforms usage with your friends, family, and clients.


Q. Aren’t all the Powerforms results, even if they may be real, all in the mind? Couldn’t the mind utilize its power to accomplish any of the claimed benefits?

Is the “placebo effect” able to account for all the results that people get with subtle energy devices?

A. These are wonderful questions because they introduce us to the topic of consciousness. There is consciousness within ourselves, within all matter, and within all space. Everything, in other words, is consciousness. And, that consciousness is potentially infinite. This being so, it would seem that our minds could accomplish anything. Of course, the mind can. However, on the physical plane, there are apparent limits to our consciousness. For instance, our minds work more effectively when we eat healthy food. Nutritious food brings our bodies to a higher rate of vibration, so that every aspect of our selves can resonate with higher truth more easily. Harmonious surroundings, as taught in the ancient art of Feng Shui, literally re-shape our consciousness by helping us access our potential more easily.


And yet, the question continues to arise, couldn’t we use our minds to over-ride the effects of poor nutrition and negative surroundings? Well, to an extent, we could. Of course, why would we want to make it difficult for ourselves? If it is easier to work and play in harmonious pleasant surrounds, fueled by vibrant nutritious food, would we not prefer this?

I believe the “debate” between those who claim they can do everything with their minds, versus those who feel that food, surroundings, and energy tools are required is easily resolved:


Although we theoretically could “do everything with our mindpower”, we have even more mindpower available when we utilize nutritious food, pleasant surroundings, and allow ourselves to benefit from Powerforms subtle energy devices. Consider that everything has an element of “mind-stuff” within it. This means that nutritious food has more intelligence in it than junk food. This means that harmonious surroundings tune our consciousness so that it can work even more efficiently. And Powerforms represent a unique form of physical matter that is composed both of physical matter and cosmic consciousness.


Powerforms have been called “personal feng-shui devices” because they provide for our body and aura some of the benefits a feng-shui practitioner can provide for our environment. Powerforms are themselves highly intelligent, because they resonate with the universe in a harmonious way. Of course, they don’t do our thinking for us. The Powerforms do create an environment in which the inner wisdom of our soul, mind, emotions and body can function even more effectively.


If some of us still insist that we can do everything with our mind, which mind is being referring to? Is it intelligent to eat junk food, claiming that we can transmute it with our mind? Is it intelligent to live in chaos, claiming that feng-shui is unnecessary for the functioning of our consciousness?

Our surroundings in which we exist this moment are filled with consciousness. If we really care about developing our mind, let’s feel free to benefit from nutritious food, harmonious surroundings, and Powerforms. All these beneficial elements in our life allow us to more easily maximize our inner resources for the benefit of our family, friends, colleagues, and the world.


Q. I don’t need Powerforms to attune to God, or connect with my intuition. What, then, is the value of such devices?

A. We don’t “need” Powerforms, in the same sense that we do need water and air. Yet, when we utilize Powerforms we may find that our bodies and minds are in greater harmony. We may find that our energy flows more smoothly. We may find greater unity between body, mind, and soul. This increases the possibility that we may have experiences that are deeper and more profound.


The value of Powerforms is their capacity to increase the Quality of our experiences, and thus the quality of our life. When we have less chaotic energy interfering with our perception, we can connect with God and with our intuition that much more easily. And this is a good thing.


Q. How can two people, each using the same Powerforms device, utilizing the same technique, each get different results?

A. Powerforms subtle energy devices create an environment in which our individual energy system can function more efficiently. Of course, our individual aura-field is unique. Perhaps, to use an example with the Activator Disk, we find that after using it for an hour we feel gently energized. However, our friend feels over-energized after using the Activator for an hour. And yet another friend finds that they become somewhat spacey. Consider the energetic situation in each case:


Our two friends, both the one that felt over-energized, and the one that felt spacey, have exceeded the optimum time period for Powerforms usage. They can place the Activator away from their body until they need it again. Our two friends, each having their unique response, can observe their responses, and adjust their Powerforms usage according to their needs. Of course, on a different day, their responses may be different.


We each have our own unique energy needs. Even energy tools which manufacturers claim are appropriate for “any amount” of usage, are capable of overloading my system with over-use. Of course there is no rule regarding energy device usage which will apply to everyone. For that reason, I trust my feelings and inner wisdom more that manufacturer’s claims.


I always encourage everyone to use their intuition, their gut sense, and their common sense when using crystals, plates, disks, tachyons, and any other device. Think about it: if someone tells us to eat apples every minute of the day, our common sense tells us that this is excessive. However, that doesn’t mean that apples should be avoided. Let’s allow our inner wisdom help us make decisions. Whether we call this inner wisdom a hunch, common sense, the small still voice within, God, the inner light, or any other name, we do have a way of knowing when it is appropriate to use a device, and when we have had enough for the day.


As I write this, I’m sitting on a device called the Portal Plate, which is helping me access intuition more easily. The source of the intuition isn’t the Portal. The source is divine infinite consciousness – which is within us all. For the moment, the Portal Plate helps my body hold a higher, harmonious vibration, and I am grateful and delighted that it is available to assist me in sharing my experiences with you.

On other occasions I have sat upon an Activator Disk as I write. To refresh my energy while I work, I gently fan my chakras with an Activator, Balancer, or Portal every so often to clear stale energy and repattern it into positive energy. And on other occasions, I do not utilize any devices. There is no fixed rule, except one: We have the intuitive capacity to know deep within ourselves what is best for us at any moment.


Q. My friends have vivid inner experiences with the Powerforms, and I just feel somewhat relaxed, or on occasions, just a little more energy flow. Am I missing something, or are my friends overly dramatic in their descriptions?

A. As we work with Powerforms, our energy blockages gradually re-pattern into harmonious energy. This increases our ability to perceive our inner energetic and spiritual essence with greater clarity and depth. However, we have been subjected to a lifetime of materialistic teachings that do not recognize the reality of energy – it may take some time for us to “permit” ourselves to acknowledge our subtle inner energy realms.


Without judging our experiences, or lack of them, we can honor our experience as valid and good. When we bless our experience, and allow ourselves to notice the subtle energies that we are able to sense, we become more easily able to discover the subtle energy world. It becomes easier, once we allow ourselves to trust our inner sensings. We can take it one easy step at a time.


If we become aware of something subtle, we can notice the “texture” of the energy. We can notice any feelings and thoughts that emerge, however subtle they may be. We may become aware of the subtle color – the vibrations – of our inner world. As we explore and honor our experiences, we discover just how easily we can work and play with our inner awareness.


A “fringe benefit” of subtle inner awareness is that it is very much like meditation – it brings us to a place of inner richness, depth, and calm. This quality radiantly shines from our body and soul. The radiance brings the gifts of our Higher Self – love, harmony, and wisdom, to everyone we meet in our daily life.


Q. My friends still insist that they don’t want to become “dependant” on spiritual tools. They say they want to develop their natural mental and spiritual powers. How do I respond to them?

A. Let’s agree with our friends, because it is good to develop our spiritual awareness. Powerforms are a healthy adjunct to the development of our awareness. Our friends may still believe that the physical world is inherently different from the world of spirit. But this spiritual/physical conflict doesn’t exist… its all One. Powerforms are in a special category of higher consciousness tools. We might call them physical, or we might call them spiritual. Don’t worry, and don’t argue with people.


When our friends say that they can do everything with their mindpower, let’s agree with them. They are right… mind is infinitely powerful. Of course, when our friends travel from Florida to Oregon maybe they’ll walk instead of taking a plane – just to show that they’re not dependant on machines! But seriously, do recognize that everyone has their own path. If you are attracted to the Powerforms, do so in a non-dogmatic way. Bless everyone, and honor the truth and wisdom within all.


Q. Why do the Powerforms models change from time to time? Are the older models still useful? Must I switch to the new models?

A. The Powerforms improve periodically because I continue to explore ways to make them more effective. However, it would be silly to discard a perfectly good Powerforms device that still works. We can keep older models in our collection. Notice that there are subtle differences between the older and newer models. Some people find that their older models are more suited to some applications. Naturally I’m excited and delighted about the newer models, but let’s trust our inner wisdom. Don’t be a slave to the consumer culture. Ask the higher self when making a purchase of Powerforms or anything else. Our inner wisdom will help us make the distinction between “needs” and “wants”.


Q. Do I need to read and practice all of the instructions that come with the Powerforms? Can I safely change or modify the methods? What if I practice the methods “incorrectly”?

A. Relax – its nearly impossible to do it “incorrectly”. These are subtle energy tools – not rocket ships. The instructions are general suggestions to help us begin our explorations. When we work with Powerforms energy tools we’re also learning to trust our inner feelings and intuition. Let’s take our time. Some of us are naturally able to sense subtle energy, and for some of us it feels so subtle at first that we wonder if we’re just making it all up.

We don’t have to read all the instructions. We can just explore one or two methods and find out what happens. Of course, if energy exploration is a new concept, our first discoveries may feel very subtle – and so it helps if we are patient with ourselves.


As we explore the methods, we can feel free to change the methods to suit our style of exploring energy. We may choose to emphasize one part of the exercise over another. Or, we may find new applications that aren’t mentioned in the instructions. The more we explore, the easier it becomes.


Working with energy is more “art” than “science”, although that doesn’t mean that a lackadaisical attitude will get results. Working with energy involves a balanced state some have called “the zone” – a state in which we are alert, creative, relaxed, and open to both our rational mind and our intuition. Sound like a lot? Let’s take our time… The Powerforms will help us learn.


We can even ask the Powerforms questions. This may sound silly, but when we talk to the Powerforms, we’re just talking to our own higher intelligence. The Powerforms refine our own thought energy so that we can contact our own higher self more easily.


Q. What happens if I combine the various Powerforms?

A. Generally, we explore the Powerforms one by one, so that we can become familiar with each of their characteristic energies. When we are ready to combine them, we explore various Powerforms combinations – in the spirit of discovery and play. We can hold two different Powerforms in our hands, and notice how the energy flow shifts in our body and mind. We can place two or more Powerforms on our body, and quietly explore the internal shifts. We can hold them in our hands and gently move them through our auras and through the room.


As we notice the subtle experiences available to us, we become aware of the ways that the Powerforms interact with each other and with our own energy. Some of us prefer to utilize the Powerforms one at a time, and some like the feeling of combinations. As we learn to trust our intuition and the wisdom of our inner feelings, we discover that we truly know what feels best for our highest good.


Q. Does my use of Powerforms subtle energy tools affect my affiliation with my religion, and does it affect my spiritual beliefs?

A. The religious, spiritual, or mystic impulse exists within us all, although we each have our own way of experiencing our oneness with the Creative Intelligence of the universe. Powerforms assist our connection with the divine by helping us re-pattern energy blockages and become aligned with our higher truth. Our path to God (or whatever Name we call the Divine), is enhanced by the use of Powerforms.


A Sacred Space in which we can know the divine as both an inner and outer presence is made possible by becoming more aligned. The divine may thus be experienced within our hearts and minds, and within our everyday surroundings as well. We might compare energy alignment with a well-tuned instrument. When we are “well-tuned” we are able to resonate with the “divine music” of spiritual truth in the way that is appropriate for us. To list just a few examples of traditional religions:

Christians can resonate with God and Jesus the Christ; Moslems with Allah and Mohammed the Messenger; Hindus with Brahma and the Hindu Pantheon, etc.


The ways to the infinite are beyond counting, and may have as many unique expressions as there are people. For example, a Goddess/Nature Worshipper may resonate with Gaia the Earth-Mother and her Elements: water, earth, fire, and air. A Scientist may resonate with the infinite digits of Pi and the Mystery of this series of Numbers.


May each of us attune to the highest truth in our chosen spiritual path. We might find that the Powerforms can help us make the divine connection in the way that is most meaningful for us – an experience we can feel in our heart, mind, body, and soul. I wish everyone blessings and success on our many spiritual journeys. May we be empowered to resonate with the Divine in the way that brings us delight in our hearts and satisfaction in our soul. 


Q. Can I use the Powerforms in a moving car?

A. The Powerforms company does not recommend this. However, many users have enjoyed using energy devices in their cars, and it is assumed that they are familiar with the effects of energy devices and trust their feelings and intuition. Although the Powerforms company can not make recommendations, users have reported that they can intuitively sense when a device feels appropriate to use at any given moment of the day.


Q. What if the finish on the Powerforms becomes tarnished? Will the device still work correctly?

A. In some climates, the Powerforms can tarnish. Also, when the devices are placed on the body, some people’s body chemistry seems to tarnish the Powerforms. Although this might cause the devices to look duller, they still function perfectly. One situation over which we do have some control: If we take the Powerforms disks or plates into the bath with us to harmonize the water, run them under cold water for a moment afterwards, and quickly towel dry them.


Q. What does it mean if I feel tired or spacey after clearing my stale / old energy patterns with the Powerforms? Why wouldn’t I feel immediately clear and energized? Is there any protocol to follow?

A. We may not realize how many old energy patterns we have accumulated in our body, aura, and chakras. Upon the release of these patterns, we may feel lighter. However, we have become used to these old patterns, even though they may have been false or negative. Our ego may have relied upon these false patterns and regarded them as real or even comforting. The release may cause us to feel lighter, uncentered, or simply different than usual. If this occurs, there are some steps we can take to feel safe and integrated:


Talk to the inner self. Speak gently and kindly, as if comforting a child. Give the inner awakening self “permission” to release old limiting patterns. Also, give the self “permission” to awaken to new positive patterns. At first our true power and vitality may feel different than the stale energies we had become used to. Our awakening soul energies may have a tingly or buoyant quality that seems unfamiliar. Of course, in time we shall regard our vital soul energies as completely natural.


• Affirmations to gently repeat to ourselves when we are experiencing transformation:

- As I release my blockages, I become more safe and centered.

- It is fun to release limiting patterns. I embrace new positive patterns.

- As I open to my inner potential, I feel safe and serene.

- As my energy expands, I become more stable and centered.

- As I release old patterns, I feel an inner smile emerging.

- As I release old limitations, I open to more love.

- As I release constricted energy, I allow my inner warmth to comfortably flow.


As the old constricting energy patterns release, our aura may expand. This is a good, healthy energy response. However, our ego may feel that we are becoming “too light” or, if the ego feels it is losing its little limited domain, it may give us the thought that we are “disappearing”. Actually, it is the old limitations that are disappearing. Here is a way to “place our attention” so that we can remain centered and grounded as we clear our old patterns:


We are aware of our slow, steady abdominal breath. Let the lower abdomen expand as we inhale, and relax as we exhale. Notice the muscles of the body expanding and contracting as we breathe. This centers our attention on something stable: our physical body. As our ego realizes that our body continues to exist and breathe, it will accept and even enjoy our consciousness evolution.


As we release energy blockages, our aura will tend to expand. We have likely been using the old energy blockages as a “grounding mechanism”. As the blockages release, we bring our attention to the spine. The spine is the center, or core of the body. Imagine that we are breathing into and out of our spine. As we notice the stable deep physical feeling of the spine, our attention remains in the core of the body, and this counter-balances the expanding aura. We may well find that bringing our attention deeper and deeper into our core is one of the most comforting experiences we have ever had.


Gentle exercise helps our body develop confidence when we are experiencing transformation. This may be as simple as going for a walk, doing some yoga postures, some tai-chi movements, or some chi-gong exercises.


When we need some assistance in grounding the awakened energies, we place the Balancer on the floor under our feet, with the gentle (Yin) side facing up. If we like, we can place two Balancers on the floor, one under each foot. We can do this while we are sitting, standing, or even lying down. The Balancers drain excess energy out of the feet, so we can feel more tranquil and balanced.


Q. Can holistic practitioners use Powerforms in their work? Can any therapeutic modality benefit from Powerforms?

A.1: Although it is possible to do an entire session exclusively using Powerforms tools and techniques, more likely we would combine just some Powerforms methods with our chosen modality. We may discover some useful ideas by exploring the methods used by practitioners of various modalities, even if those modalities are different from the one we practice. We may have noticed that more and more practitioners are freeing themselves from limitations about what constitutes a session… Helping people is more important than being stuck in a limited definition of what a session “should” be. Here are a few examples on how to utilize the Powerforms:


A.2: • Room Cleansing (for all practitioners):

Hold one or more Powerforms disks or plates. With our hands, we trace circles and spirals in the area where we are going to hold the session. We pay special attention to the areas of the room where we will be sitting/ standing with our client. If we notice stale energy build-up from previous sessions, sweep that energy away, spiraling the energy outwards and into the infinite. We use our imagination to help us do this. If possible, repeat this after the session. We may also choose to use the Powerforms to sweep and spiral positive universal energy into the room.


A.3: • Fine Tuning The Treatment Room (for all practitioners):

While circling and spiraling the Powerforms in the room, add some positive-intent energy to the Powerforms: Tune the Powerforms to a particular feeling or vibration, such as clarity, peace, love, or any positive energy. Imagine this positive energy radiating from the Powerforms. As we circle and spiral the devices through the room, this positive vibration will be imprinted into the room by the Powerforms. This re-shapes the room’s vibration, creating a safe sacred-space suitable for transformation and integration.


A.4: • After-Session Practitioner Cleansing (for all practitioners):

To release any distorted or chaotic energy we may have picked up during the session, we hold one of the Powerforms in our hand, and use the edge of the disk or plate to make “feathering” motions along the arm. To clear the left arm, for example, hold the Powerform in the right hand. Feather from the shoulder down the arm, and past the fingertips. Swirl the stale energy outwards from the body and into the universe, where it dissolves. Do the same for both arms and hands. If we like, we can swirl universal energy into our hands and arms. Just reverse the direction. We use the Powerforms to sweep universal energy into our hands. Using a swirling motion, direct it up the arms and into the body.


A.5: • After-Session Body/chakra Cleansing (for all practitioners):

Holding one or more Powerforms, swirl the stale energy outwards from the chakras – swirl it away from the body, dissolving the energy in the universe. To rebuild our energy, swirl from the universe, towards the chakras. Swirl in both directions if preferred: clockwise and counterclockwise. To fine-tune this experience, consciously choose the energies that are directed from the universe towards the chakras: we can invoke any colors, vibrations, or positive qualities that we would like.


To release stale energy off the surface of the body, use a feathering motion along the surface of the body. Use the edge of the disk or plate. Periodically swirl the energy away from the body and into the universe.


After releasing energy, we may like to hold one of the Powerforms between the palms of the hands, which unifies the brain and centers our attention. If desired, toning an extended vowel tone, either aloud or silently, can enhance this centering experience.


A.6: • Hypnotherapy & Guided Meditations:

Powerforms placed under the soles of the client’s feet can help them feel more relaxed and centered. When Powerforms are held in the client’s hands, arm and body tension releases more easily.


During hypnotic induction, we can sweep Powerforms very slowly and gently through the client’s aura to smooth the energy field.

We can also create a more balanced therapeutic environment by creating a Powerforms grid in the treatment area. Place three or four Powerforms disks and plates around the treatment area. Use small easels to hold the Powerforms. We can arrange them in the corners of the room, or create a smaller grid within the room. Periodically sweep positive energy (using our intent and imagination) through the grid to keep it clean. Also, positive intent can be swept through the grid to create a sacred space.


A.7: • Massage, Bodywork, Chiropractic:

Powerforms can be swept along the meridians (just sweep along the limbs and up and down the back) either before, during, or at the conclusion of the session. This keeps the energy clear so that the client can receive the benefits of the bodywork more easily.

We can place the Powerforms under the client’s back, or under the limbs so that their energy is more clear and stable as we work.

If we are doing chair-work, such as many massage practitioners are doing in offices these days, we can put Powerforms under the client’s feet so that stale energy in the client’s body discharges more quickly.


At the beginning and/ or conclusion of a bodywork session, gently sweep Powerforms through the client’s aura to sweep, smooth, and cleanse the field. At the start of a session, this prepares the client to receive the bodywork, and makes our work easier. After the session, aura sweeping clears etheric debris out of the aura so that the client feels cleaner and more centered.

We can freely utilize positive intent and affirmations as we work with the Powerforms (aloud or silently, as needs dictate). Powerforms do not substitute for good therapeutic practice – they are a useful adjunct that harmonizes the energy so that everything we do is even more effective.


A.8: • Counseling:

We can help clients be in Present Time by placing Powerforms under their feet so they can comfortably discharge pent up energy from their bodies. Powerforms held in the client’s hands also help release and re-pattern pent up energy.


We can help our clients release the energetic “charge” of stuck emotions by using Powerforms disks and plates to sweep energy blockages out of the aura. Use a spiraling motion to gently spiral the block out of the aura. Then use the Powerforms to smooth the aura. When the energetic blockages are lighter the client can explore issues more easily and realistically, and can access positive options more easily.


If we are able to identify the chakra area where the client is holding stuck energy, we can use Powerforms to spiral the blockage out of the chakra, and sweep it into the universe. We always feel free to combine our own and the client’s powers of imagination when we work with energy. Imagination is an important key to accessing the world of energy. However, Powerforms do not replace the imagination – feel free to combine useful methods and modalities whenever intuition dictates that it is useful and appropriate.


A.9: • Spiritual & Psychic Counseling:

Create a grid of Powerforms to tune the energy of the room.

We may choose to create a small grid around the client so that they are in a clearer energy space and thus easier to read.

We may also choose to create a small grid around ourselves so that we are less effected by “psychic noise” and able to attune to spiritual wisdom more easily.

By placing crystals on the Powerforms, especially in a grid format, we can fine-tune the room as needed.


Many spiritual counselors place Powerforms under their feet, or they sit on the Powerforms to keep their body attuned as they work.

A number of practitioners have reported that when clients hold the Powerforms their “psychic static” is transmuted – the “not self” becomes lighter and less “heavy”. Clients are able to benefit from the information shared in the session more easily, and they are easier to “read” as well. (If Powerforms are used by more than one person, please clear them under cool running water for about 15-30 seconds, then thoroughly towel dry).


A.10: • Reike, Aura Balancing, Chakra Therapy, etc.

When we practice energy work we are making considerable use of intent and imagination. The Powerforms can work with us by helping smooth, harmonize, and stabilize any energy that we are working with. Positive energy permeates more deeply into the earth plane so that it is more available. Negative energy becomes lighter, being “stepped up” into the realm of light.

Reike practitioners have reported that the Reike energy directed through the Powerforms becomes even more effective – probably because the Powerforms create a vibrational meeting-ground between earth and universal energy.


Energy practitioners working with energy other than Reike can utilize the same principle: define the color, texture, and intent of the energy that we are working with for a particular situation. Imagine that energy flowing through the Powerforms. The energy will become even more effective.


When we are working with the dimensions of time and space, such as clearing energy of past lives, we can use the Powerforms to release stuck energies. It is easier than we might think: Just imagine the timeline, and find the point in the timeline when the client’s problem seems to have a lot of “stuck energy”. Imagine their aura at that point in the timeline. Use the Powerforms disks and plates to sweep, cleanse, and re-build the aura at that point in the timeline.


It will seem, at times, that we are just “making it up”. However, the universe is truly made of energy, and conscious intent is the way we access the energy of the universe. This is why the many methods of energy-work are real and effective.


Once we realize that we can use the Powerforms to transform anything that needs assistance, we can easily work on any layer of the aura and chakras, any point in the timeline, and any issue in the client’s life. Everything is energy, and Powerforms work to harmonize, balance, and enhance energy. There is no limit to our explorations – just use the guidance of common sense, our higher self, the client’s higher self, and universal (Divine) wisdom.


Q. I know people who are using low voltage with the Powerforms. What are the benefits of this, and are there any cautions to be observed?

A. (Powerforms does not endorse the use of voltage with the Powerforms subtle energy devices, and describes the following for educational purposes for researchers only):


Most of the time, the use of voltage with the Powerforms is not used or needed. Some experimenters believe that for deeper transformational results, low voltages (1.5 – 6 volts) may be used. Experimenters have obtained, at low cost, an AC to DC voltage converter from an electronics shop, such as Radio Shack. They have utilized converters that have variable voltage: from 1.5 – 12. These are generally sold to owners of tape recorders who wish to be able to plug their portable recorder into the wall rather than use batteries. The voltage converter plugs into the wall, and has a cord which is intended to be plugged into the recorder.


Directions according to experimenters: Cut off the plug that would lead to the recorder. This leaves two wires. Strip 1 inch of rubber off of each of the wires. Separate the wires so that they can be connected to two disks, such as, for example, the Activator and the Balancer.

Caution: make certain the two disks don’t touch, as they might short out. It is not necessary to solder the wire to the disks. Just place each wire through one of the holes in each of the disks. Experiment with placing the yin or the yang side of the disks facing up. There is no “correct” placement. Use intuition and/ or kinesiology. Some experts have stated that according to the laws of electricity this shouldn’t work, yet some experimenters insist that it works very well for their purposes.


Various people with inner sight and healing ability believe they have observed the following benefits when low voltage is used with the Powerforms:


When the electrified Powerforms are placed on the floor, the house becomes calmer and smoother, as if the old imprints of previous tenants are transmuted.

Caution: When this method is over-used, the environment may feel too sleepy. Do not let the two disks touch.

Researchers have recommended: Experiment for an hour or two at a time. Discover what feels right in the environment.


When low-voltage disks are placed on the body, imprints of ancestors become lighter, and life energy flows more easily and strongly through the body. This works effectively through clothes.


Three Methods described by researchers:

1.) Place one disk under the base of the spine, and the other disk under the neck or back of head. a small pillow may support the head, with the disk either under the pillow, or touching the head).

2.) Place one disk at the front of the body on a chakra, and the other disk at the spine, directly facing the first disk.

3.) Place each of the disks under the feet, or place the palms on the two disks.


Caution: When this method is over-used, the body may feel over-charged, or cleansing symptoms (uncomfortable release of toxins) may occur. Do not let the two disks touch.

Researchers have recommended: Experiment for 5-20 minutes at a time, until the researcher feels confident about their response to the low-voltage Powerforms.


When crystals are placed on the electrified Powerforms, the crystals seem, when viewed clairvoyantly, to return to the time when they were created. This allows them to re-pattern in greater alignment with their higher potential. In addition, the center of the crystals seems to have an energetic quality that is “liquid-like” rather than solid.


Caution: Test this for 5-30 minutes at first. Realize that crystals are powerful devices, and electrified crystals will be radiating energy into the environment. Monitor how the environment feels during the experiment.


Researchers have recommended: Invite some friends to scan the crystals before and after. Discover the changes, if any, in the crystals. Some researchers “ask” the crystals themselves how they experience themselves after being cleansed and balanced.


General info suggested by researchers:

In many cases, researchers have combined the use of positive intent with their experiments. Imagination and positive intent are believed by many to be important adjuncts to all vibrational experimentation. Attempts to have “no intent” may be limited, as some intent is always likely to be present.


Therefore, always invoke the “highest good for all” in any experiment, and remain attuned to the wisdom of the Higher Self, and one’s common sense.



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