Feng Shui Bedroom Musts

Feng Shui bedroom musts!  I often get the question "Where to start when I want to feng shui my home?"   If you try and do it all at once you might become overwhelmed and not finish.  It can be a bit overwhelming so I tell everyone just take it one step at a [...]

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Cleanse Balance Rooms

How to Cleanse & Balance a Room Cleanse and Balance your rooms.  Feng Shui instructs you to clear the clutter in a room. But, what about the unseen energetic clutter? What if you were able to cleanse the accumulated thoughts, emotions, and events that have taken place in a room? What if you could [...]

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Seat of Excellence

Seat of Excellence Find your seat of excellence.  You’ve heard about the feng shui placement of your chair, and how this may affect your success and well-being, but have you considered the energy of your chair itself? Do you believe, as many do, that a chair is just an inanimate object? Actually, your chair, like everything else [...]

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