15 Outside Feng Shui Ailments

outside feng shui Outside Feng Shui is critical to creating Feng Shui Wealth, which has many meanings.  Each person is unique in how they define this.  To some wealth is lots of money.  To others wealth is abundant loving friends and family.  Whatever it is to you, these outside feng shui wealth tips will help you get you where you want to go!

First it is a must to assess your outside environment.  This is the most overlooked part of a feng shui.  Most people think of feng shui as just what happens inside your home.  The inside of your home affects how you personally attract, grow and change you.  The feng shui outside of your home is about what is coming at you in the world.    Outside Feng Shui ailments in your external environment can be the cause of chaos in your life, the feeling of being attacked, the loss of jobs, money and relationships, poor reputation and health.  These outside feng shui ailments can just make life feel like a struggle.

If you have completed a total interior feng shui of your home and feng shui has not worked for you, most likely it is your outside feng shui that is the problem. The best defense is a good offense.

15 things to look for in your Outside Feng Shui

Part 1

1.       Does your neighbor’s house and roof have poison arrows that are pointing at your home?  Poison arrows have hard cutting “Sha” energy that drains your “Chi” and draining your ability to create feng shui wealth.  This is called #14 Who’s Throwing Daggers?  Sha “energy” is part of our world naturally. It can be found in the shapes of mountains, animal paths, streams and rivers. Buildings and Mountains can have pointed edges that send out sha. A mountain path, a stream or a river will send energy in a specific direction, accumulating sha as it travels. Where animal paths and roads cross, sha is more intense.

2.       Ailment #7 Street Attacks, Cul-de-sacs are known for divorce.  Just ask any real estate agent.  Houses on cul-de-sacs sell more often than any other house.  OR do you live on a “T” street?  If you do this could be the cause of personal attacks.  It can also make you life feel like you are going in circles and be the cause of health issues.   Do you feel attacked? Do co-workers, bosses and people in general seem to be working against you? Are you tired? Do you argue at home?  Sha travels the rivers and roads of your neighborhood. It is the energy “energy” from cars and wind. If you feng shui your whole house but don’t protect your home from sha, you could be wasting your time.  The sha from a “T” street or cul-de-sac  “cul-de-sac”  is so damaging that it can create illness, divorce or financial loss in your life. This is one cure you don’t want to miss.  (ONLY available in Volume 1 “The Eight Must Do’s for Your Success.)

3.       Ailment#22 who’s Stealing Your Money?  Does a river—or road—come by your house and then bend away, carrying all of your “energy” and money with it? Maybe you didn’t know that’s where your desired “wealth” was going, so this is a good time to check!  If you live in a home that has a river or road that heads toward your house and bends away (a wide “U” shape), you’re in trouble! As it passes, its  “energy”  will gather your money and energy and carry it along with it.  This cure will show you how to hold on to what you have.

4.       Ailment #21 Who’s Watching Your Back?  Do you have a road behind your house?    Do you feel unsupported in life? Do you feel alone, like no one is watching your back? Do things seem to come at you or attack you out of nowhere?

5.       Ailment #18 Soaring Tension?  Do you have power lines above or near your home?    Do you feel frazzled? Do you always have more to do than is possible to accomplish? Do you feel as if you are on the hot seat or always on edge?  Are there power lines running over your house, across your property, or nearby? High-tension power lines give off extremely disruptive “energy” . Many people have linked them to childhood leukemia. But since we now know even a bedside electric clock affects human energy, a power line, even of normal neighborhood size, can wreak havoc for some people.

6.       Is your neighbor’s garage or front door opposite yours?  This is called #15 Is Your Neighbor Influencing Your Success?  Energy travels in and out of your home through your front door and it does the same in your neighbors’ homes.  If so, there is an “energy” exchange between your house and theirs at all times. The energy from their home (and all that happens in it) enters into yours. And when their door facing your house is open, as garage “doors” often are, it is sucking energy like a hungry dragon from you and your household.

7.       Ailment #17 Are You Below Grade? Is your home below grade?   Have you ever heard someone say, “I feel buried!” or “I’m swamped!”? By now you can suspect they are telling the truth, more literally than they realize.  If you’re always trying to “dig your way out” of circumstances, this cure might be for you.

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Look for Part two and the next 8 ailments of Outside Feng Shui in next week’s blog.