How to Cleanse & Balance a Room

Cleanse a roomCleanse and Balance your rooms.  Feng Shui instructs you to clear the clutter in a room. But, what about the unseen energetic clutter? What if you were able to cleanse the accumulated thoughts, emotions, and events that have taken place in a room? What if you could clear out the chaotic energies that people have unknowingly dumped there?

Stagnant energy in a room feels heavy, dull, shadowy, and lifeless. You would rather your room was a place where you could experience love, light, hope and happiness– with a sense of bright expansive possibilities. Every day the thoughts and feelings from people in your home or office contribute to the stagnant
energy situation. Your room is even affected by the energies of everyone on the planet. You can clear the energy blocks with a Powerform in hand, and some
positive intention. If you like, you can use a Powerform in each hand. Let us explore room healing. . .

With Powerform in hand, imagine the center point in the room. Look at it, and face that center point. Begin to slowly massage that center point in the room
with your Powerform. You do not have to actually place your Powerform exactly in the center of the room. In fact, you can sit or stand towards the wall of the room, and do the work from there. When you move your Powerform from where you sit or stand, just imagine that it is massaging in the center of the room.
The first thing you may notice is that the room starts to feel more conscious. You may sense waves of energy beginning to flow through the room.  This is a sign that the room is coming alive, on an energetic level. Note that as you work, intention is important. Remember that affirmations can be done silently, if that is appropriate. Here are some styles of room massage to explore:

1. Spread from center point: Place the Powerform at the center point of the room, and slowly move it outwards. The outward movement is small, and you do not have to move all the way through the room. The small movement starts a trend of outward energy flow. This releases compacted energy. Repeatedly bring the Powerform back to the center point, and draw it outward, in all directions.  When you are observed doing this, is will just look as if you are gently waving your plate in the room. It is a fairly subtle movement. Affirm clarity and aliveness for the room as you work.

2. Slow motion twirl: Hold the Powerform in the center point of the room.  The face of the plate faces the wall, and the edge of the plate points towards the floor and ceiling. Slowly rotate the plate, in very slow motion, rotating both left hand and right hand. Move slowly and mindfully, as if in a slow motion meditation.  This helps larger old patterns in the room unhook and release. Affirm freedom from limitation as you work, and alignment with positive possibilities.

3. Spiral massage– especially good for corners: Hold the Powerform with the face of the plate facing the ceiling and floor. As you move the plate up towards the ceiling, and back down towards the floor, trace a large spiral shape.  You can use both left handed and right handed spirals. This effectively clears stagnant energies in the corner of a room. Affirm that negative energy releases as you do this.

3A. Spiral universe alignment: As in 3., trace spirals up and down. Continue the spiral up to the sky, and down to the center of the earth. When you spiral up to the sky, imagine stagnant energy releasing completely from the room, and bring the healthy universal energy down into the room. When you spiral down into  the earth, imagine stagnant energy releasing and dissolving into the center of the earth. Imagine healthy energy from nature spiraling up into the room.

4. Room pulse: Stand towards the wall, facing the center of the room. With Powerform in hand, with face of plate facing the center of the room, make a pulsing motion. Pulse gently towards the center of the room, and back again. This really enlivens the room. Affirm the room’s higher positive purpose as you do this.


Say these either aloud or silently as you do your room cleaning techniques:

“Negative energy releases and dissolves easily from this room.”
“This room is in alignment with divine balance and clarity.”
“Inspiring creative ideas flow easily in this room.”
“This room cultivates love, peace, prosperity, and wisdom in everyone.”
“Blessings of peace and prosperity circulate easily through this room.”

Each time you enhance the energy in a room, you make life better for all who live and work there. Room clearing is like archaeology, because you keep discovering deeper levels to work with. Let yourself explore the possibilities, and always work gently, deliberately, and mindfully. Praise the positive changes, and be patient with situations that require dedicated effort. Each day is different, and so you may need to rebalance the room more often than you had thought. Rooms are alive, and need energetic care, just as people do.  May your room be a sacred space that helps everyone in it experience heaven on earth!

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