5 Tips to Creating Space that Nurtures You

Feed Your Soul

creating spaceCreating Space, Learn how  to feed your soul will change your life.  Let your space regenerate you. Make you home a soft place to land and you will create a space to manifest your desires!

Change can be difficult.  No matter how hard we try sometimes it just feels impossible!  This is why feng shui is so powerful.  When you change your space the energy that you live in begins to change you, how you think and how you feel. Shifting and changing the space you live in is the easiest way to change your life.

The energy shift is so subtle that you don’t even notice it and don’t see how it works. One day you all of a sudden realize that your life is different and you probably won’t even think about the feng shui changes that you made that changed your life.   In some cases people find a direct correlation between the feng shui cures that they implement but often they don’t.  That is all they know it that their life is better.

So how do you create a space to nurture your soul?  Her are 5 tips to get started:

  1.  You have heard this before but it is so important that  to beat the drum again!  Get rid of stuff that you are not using or think that one day you MIGHT use.  Look when you walk in a room and you see that pile of magazines or newspapers that you will read or reference someday (by the time you get to them the information will be outdated and with the amount of information on line today you can google it if you want the information!)  Get Rid of them!  Or those close in the closet that you have fond memories wearing (because you looked great in them or had a great time at that period of time in your life) they are all about your past, it’s time to move into your present and future and create new memories!   Look….clutter in you home creates clutter in your mind and life.  Everyday our brain (the hard drive of our life) uses more storage.  Now granted they say we only use 10% of our brain but  that 10% fills up fast!  Every-time you walk into a cluttered room or closet your mind reprimands you for the clutter and you go through this wasted dialog and argument of why you need to keep it.  Clutter limits the opportunities that you allow to come into your life.  You must make room for something new to come in.  Your closet is a perfect example of making room in your life for a relationship.  How could you possibly bring an intimate relationship into your life if there is no room in the closet for their stuff?   I keep a re-purposing bag in my closet.  Every time I bring something new in something old must go in the bag for Goodwill.  OK…I hope you get the point here.  Let’s move on.
  2. When creating space the goal is to bring the items(totems) into your space that makes you feel relaxed, nurtured & loved.  These things will be different for everyone.  It may be a water fountain, a figurine or statue that represent a specific type of energy, a picture of a beautiful vacation memory or a soft comfy blanket that you cuddle up with on the sofa.  Any items that make you feel good
  3. Next use sent in your home.  Today there are many that you can purchase at the local grocery store.  My favorite is orange.  It makes everyone feel good.  Check out the essential oils deck if you want to selected and combine specific oils for specific feeling and goals.
  4. Sound is a very important vibration in our environment and plays a very important role in reducing stress and creating an environment that nurtures you.  All day long we are bombarded with sound, road noise, Television, phones, equipment and people!  Our nurturing  environment needs to create  space that allows our own vibration to hummmm !  Quite can create a void that allows the download of the day and music, chanting, crystal bowls or bells can harmonize our vibration.  Find the one that brings you to center and leaves you feeling grounded, centered and at peace.
  5. Do these 4 things every day.  You do not have to spend a lot of time with this.  Just being with a few minutes everyday.  Once you begin, you will feel the difference and then it will become something that you look forward to daily.

Creating  space that nurtures your soul will not only make you feel good it will create a foundation for manifesting what you truly want in life.