Door & Window Feng Shui In Bed Positioning

door window feng shuiDoor Window Feng Shui rules are very essential when arranging a bedroom. The windows and doors ensure the free flow of chi energy in your home. The windows in a room creates a pathway that supports the inward and outward flow of the chi current in a room. This pathway shows how a bed positioned directly under a window can cause imperfect night rest. The flow of greater force of energy can hinder a perfect sleep.

How To Reduce the Effects of Chi Energy

Door Window Feng shui ensures a perfect sleep and protects your resources. Avoid mixing your bed and window together. Don’t position your bed directly underneath or in front of your window. This can affect your personal health.

If you have no other option than to position your bed directly underneath or in front of the window, you need to guide and block your window. You can guide your window with heavy and thick Draperies. You should also avoid any light in the room. The only time you can unblock the thick draperies is during the day. This will allow the inward flow of positive chi energy.

These methods only helps to reduce the negative effects of placing your bed under the window. This problem can be completely solved by placing your bed against a thick and solid wall. This will serve as a strong support to ensure a splendid night rest.

The Practical Advantages of Door Window Feng  Shui

This is an example of the energy protected by the door & window feng shui rules. Imagine a scenario where you are exposed to intruders and animals when sleeping at night. This is caused by opening your windows and protecting yourself with just a vulnerable window screen.

Sickness can be caused when you are exposed to cold winter air. If your window is partially closed and faulty, you can be exposed to sickness. This can be avoided through Door Window Feng Shui.  Finding the right placement before positioning your bed directly under your window is the solution. This will guarantee a perfect night rest which is important for building the chi of health and prosperity.