Feng Shui Bedroom mustsFeng Shui bedroom musts!  I often get the question “Where to start when I want to feng shui my home?”   If you try and do it all at once you might become overwhelmed and not finish.  It can be a bit overwhelming so I tell everyone just take it one step at a time. Begin with your bedroom.

It’s the most important room in your home for feng shui because you spend about 1/3 of your life there so the feng shui of this room has the most influence on you and your goals.  The Feng Shui Bedroom Page is about everything you want to know about how to feng shui your bedroom.

A  few of the feng shui bedroom musts you will want to look at are:

  • Bed Placement –  The placement of your bed is important because you want to have restful sleep.  If you bed is under attack your sleep will be restless.
  • Windows – Windows allow energy into and out of the home. They also allow sha or hard destructive energy into the home.
  • Mattress – Your mattress can also affect your rest.  A mattress can impact your electromagnetic field.
  • Mirrors – Mirrors can cut or reflect energy so you want to make sure about where and how to place them.
  • Bath Placement –  The relationship between the bathroom and the bed is very important.  A poor placement can disrupt sleep and cause emotional issues.
  • Colors and…  I love this subject because it adds just the right energy to your feng shui bedroom
  • Toys in the Bedroom..This subject is often overlooked and can cause relationship problems.  Find out how to help your relationships.

I have written several articles on the feng shui bedroom musts.  You will find several links to information about how to feng shui all the important elements of your feng shui bedroom musts.  Check them out!  Feng Shui Bedroom