3 Feng Shui Door Window Tips

Door window feng shuiFeng Shui Door Window are very important for the free flow of Feng Shui energy. The relationship between the feng shui door window affects the free flow of energy. In feng shui if the energy is not flowing freely it is affecting you money, prosperity, happiness and life!

Feng Shui Door Window Guidelines

1.     The first thing to take note of is the alignment of the front and back door. A good Feng Shui  door window floor plan ensures that there is a space for storing incoming beneficial energy and that this energy is protected by the back door.  If you can see out of the back of the house when you enter you spend all of the money you make.   See Feng Shui Cure #24 in Volume 3 of the Feng Shui e-course.  Spending All the Money I Make

2.     You should make sure that direct alignment of feng shui door window are avoided in any location in the house. Avoid direct alignment of kitchen – bathroom doors, bedroom – bathroom doors, front door – bedroom door etc.  Feng Shui regards placement of more than three doors with close proximity as “arguing doors”. This can be seen in cases where doors bang each other when opened. The energy resulting from their placements creates arguments and discords.  A chaotic and arguing energy is experienced when you arrange several doors too close to each other. This can result in conflict and argument in the family.  You need to create spaces around doors and windows since there is so much movement happening there.  If you can’t change the doors check out how you can cure this ailment and put an end to all of the arguments check out the cure in Vol 4 Cure #39 of the Feng Shui e-course. Getting Rid of Arguments!

3.     The front door is the mouth of your home.  This entrance sets the energy for the whole house.  If you family uses more than one door you will miss the command voice in the household – especially important if you have children,  The size of the door and the ease of entry will also dictate the strength of authority in the household.  If the door is hindered, the energy entering will be hindered.  If the doorway is crowded, again the energy will be hindered from entering.  If the door squeaks, your vice will sound like a mouse in the household.  If the door knob does not open and close easily your voice will not be clear.  If you have any of the problems your voice will not be heard in your life.  If you want people to take you seriously in life, make sure that your entry door opens easily and clearly!  In Volume 3 Cure #33 you will not only find the physical cure but the spiritual set ritual for this ailment.  Here is the link: Take Me Seriously!