Feng Shui Energy at Home

feng shui energyWhat is Feng Shui energy? Feng Shui energy or Chi energy is that universal energy that everything around us is made up of. The flow of Feng Shui energy improves healing energy at home and puts a smile on everyone’s face. Whenever you are redecorating your house or changing existing furniture, it is very important to consider and implement good Feng Shui energy. 

Feng Shui Energy – How to check the flow in your home

Imagine Chi energy as a water flowing through your home from the main door. Will it flow smoothly to all areas of your home or will it rush out through the back door in a speedy manner? Where would the water stagnate or stop?  Does it flow gracefully to all areas of your home?

Doing this exercise will help you to begin to understand energy and how its flows through your home is an indicator of how the energy flows through your life.

Feng Shui Energy – Chi vs Sha

When you have home design elements arranged in a straight line, it depicts “Sha” Feng Shui energy and this will cause energy to flow forcefully. The presence of very long straight lines contribute to very hard “Sha” energy quality and should be avoided in your home. This creates energy leakage and loss in your home especially if you have a door or very large opening at the end of the straight line.

The benefit of curved lines (Chi) over straight lines can be attributed to Feng Shui energy. This is true for both the indoor and outdoor of one’s home. Curved lines slow the flow of energy like a babbling brook.  Straight lines seed up energy like a bullet or ragging river.  The babbling brook energy, although very subtle is much more peaceful energy to live with and will create more harmony, prosperity and happiness in your life.

Feng Shui Energy – Barriers

Ask yourself if water will encounter any barrier while flowing through your home. This will enable you to figure out areas with blocked or stuck energy in your house.  An example is having a wall blocking or facing the front door.  Blocking walls can be a benefit if the energy is flowing out of your home through a window or door.  If your energy is blocked in the entry keep the entrances to the rest of the home open and clear of any blocks.  Also use color to attract the energy into the other areas of the home.

If you have Feng Shui energy being obstructed inside your home, look for the barrier such as improper furniture placement or clutter and clear it to ensure the free flow of chi energy.  When you arrange the furniture in a position that hinders the free flow and circulation of energy in the entire room the energy in your life gets stuck.  Furniture floor plans should be changed to create the flow of energy and avoid long straight layouts.

Long hallways can be cured using artwork opposite doors and mirrors on the walls.  If the hallway is wide enough use floor plants to slow the flow of energy.

Identifying feng shui energy is easier than you thought and puts you on the path to a home designed for harmony, prosperity and happiness in your life.