Joy is the Landscape

joy is the landscapeWe all love the landscape of the ocean.  We can feel the cleansing motion of the tides and it brings us great comfort and solace.  We think that if we could only capture those feeling and take them with us everywhere we go then life would be much happier.   Well you can.  Joy can be your landscape.

No matter where you go there you are.  You cannot escape your own vibration, it is you and follows you wherever you go.  If you don’t like the landscape of your life, it’s is yours and only yours to change.  You can try to blame others for your place or situation in life but this is futile and will only degrade your relationships with everyone and lead to misery.

It is only when you take complete responsibility for how you feel that you can begin to change the landscape of your life. You do not have to change the situations or circumstances.  All you have to do is change how you feel about them.  When you change how you feel the circumstances and the landscape of your life will change.

There are two things that you will have to do to change your landscape.  Change the landscape of your internal and external environments.

Your internal environment is all about the space between your ears and how you feel.  It sounds very easy to just say change how you feel.  So how do you change your feeling? When several people observe an accident they all have different observations of what happened.  Is one right and one wrong?  No, they just have different perspectives.  They were all standing in different places and they all have different filters that they see the world through.

If you change your filters you can and will change what you see.  Imagine you are wearing sunglasses at night, your vision is limited right?  If you take off the sunglasses your field of vision expands.  The sunglasses are just like the filters you see the world and your circumstances through.

It is as easy as taking of the glasses to see differently.  Of course choosing to take of the glasses is the very first step in taking responsibility for how you feel and the landscape of your life.  Once you do, then you can begin to challenge and question your perspectives.

Remember most of the way you think was programmed by your role models. In the beginning it can be a bit difficult to look at the way you think in an objective way.

You may have been told when you were a child that you were ugly so today you just know that your appearance is negative.  But have you ever challenged that perspective?

In this example, first of all beauty comes from within.  Some of the most unusual people and friends that I have known have had very unusual characteristics but are some of the most attractive people I know.  If someone has called or referred to you as ugly it is more of a reflection upon them than it is of you.

The key here is to challenge the perspective.  If you cannot be honest with yourself, consult a friend or professional who can guide you to a new perspective.

Look we all have our assets and liabilities.  The key is truly knowing them and turning your liabilities into your assets.  And it can be as simple as challenging your perspectives.

So we just looked at your internal landscape but what about those things that appear to happen to you?

You say how can I control what others do to me?  This one will be a bit more difficult for you to engage.  You have created everything in your world.  Now, I hope I have not lost here.  Just stay with me for a bit more.  Once you get this it will change your life.

You are a magnet for what you think about.  If you think your boss does not like you he probably won’t.  If you accuse your spouse of cheating they probably will or you might even become the cheater.  When you take responsibility for the things you think about the things in your external environment will change.

When you begin to see everything that happens in your world as happening for you then Joy will be your landscape.  Something very special happens when your perspective shifts from the role of victim to the perspective of empowerment.

Have you ever been delayed in getting where you wanted to go and find out later that there was a big accident where you had wanted to be?  This is an example of how things happen for us.  Even a small fender bender could have delayed you so that you would meet the person who be your next customer or would give you some guidance you are looking for.  And trust me there will be times where you can’t seem to find the reasoning for things.  Just trust and know that sometimes your experience is for the benefit of someone else.  This does not take away from you but adds to you.  When you give it always comes back to you.  The Universe is always operating in your best and highest good.

When you begin to look for the benefit in everything you will find it.  We always find what we are looking for.