Life’s Mirror

lifes mirrorLife’s Mirror, the eyes are the windows to the soul and your home is the window to your life. Your home is an extension of you.  How many times have you expected guests and made a mad dash to clean up the place to make a good impression?  Intuitively we know that our home speaks volumes about us.  If you want to get a good clear perspective of what is going on in your life Just take a walk around your home with the eyes of a stranger or a detective.  What do you see?  What would you say about the person or people who live here?  This can be a very eye opening experience.


In one of the feng shui consultations I did I told a women that she had a better relationship with horses than she did with a man.  She was stunned with my accuracy.

For me, I just read what I see in the home.  In this case her home, specifically her relationship area there were several pictures of her with horses.  Now you say that was just a good guess.  If I had seen these pictures in another area of the home and there were pictures of families or a statue of a man and a woman or just people  I would have said something different but there were pictures of her and horses.  It’s time to stop ignoring what is right in front of us.

The condition of your relationship with your partner is so clearly demonstrated by what you home looks like and what is in it.  In most cases people just ignore there surroundings and unconsciously bring things into their home that defines their lives.  Does your bedroom have a television in it.  If so the time you spend with your partner is diminished by the television.  Would your relationship be different if you left the television in the living room and used the bedroom for a different type of communication?  This seems so subtle that most people dismiss it but I suggest that you give it a try and see.  Would your attitude about your spouse be different if they were more interested in you than in the TV?  If you went to bed at night and expected to communicate with your spouse instead of watching TV would that change your relationship?  Of course it would.

Our lives are so busy it is easy to allow something as subtle as a TV in the bedroom to invade our personal space and our relationships.  It’s easier to turn on the TV than it is to actually talk about our feelings and express ourselves.  It is the subtly of our environment that we allow to define our lives.

Are you read to take back control of your relationships and your life?  Put on that Detectives hat, open your mind to what you  might see and take a good look around your home.

If you want more about feng shui and your home check out my 20 Minute Feng shui e-course.  You will be astounded by what you learn about your environment.