Main Entrance Feng Shui; 6 Simple Steps Invite Happiness & Wealth Into Your Home

Main Entrance Feng ShuiEmbrace the unlimited opportunities that main entrance feng shui brings, by setting the standard with your main entrance you will enjoy the aura of success and pride every time your key enters the door. An inviting entrance surrounded by colour, life and tree’s can make you feel content before you’ve even crossed through the threshold. Your main entrance should emanate beauty, and be clutter free.  Whether you’re looking to create good feng shui in your home or garden, it is crucial that the five elements are represented in the right proportion. Introducing feng shui doesn’t have to be a daunting task, what’s more, you should have fun playing around and creating joy in your home. We’ve listed 6 easy, affordable steps for main entrance feng shui to bring prosperity and positive universal energy into your home.

So, What’s the big deal about Chi?

Feng shui influences our positive energy levels and well being. The deep and ancient cosmic knowledge of the practice has taught us about personal expressions of energy and how to create an environment with a high potency of Chi (universal energy) in our homes. This is achieved by using the five element: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

Each element is incredibly powerful and has a specific quality of energy which can be expressed by colour, sound and direction. When they’re applied correctly in your home, these building blocks of feng shui can create vibrancy, and an auspicious quality of energy to sustain wealth and happiness within your home.

Where To Start With Feng Shui In Your Home

The main magnet in your home to attract positive energy is through your front door. To nourish your own personal energy, you’ll want to invite it through your front door using colour, shapes and materials. By far the easiest way to strengthen positive energy in your home is by choosing the right colour for your front door. If you’re in a rented property, or have a modern UPVC plastic door, don’t worry! There’s more than one way to achieve main entrance feng shui!

6 Simple Steps To Achieve Main Entrance Feng Shui

1. Allow energy to flow into your home by keeping the pathway to your front door clutter free.
2. Paint your door a Feng Shui colour. Red for prosperity, green for money & nature.
3. Create life and vitality that surrounds your front door by planting tall healthy plants.
4. Create an aura of opportunity by hanging white lighting above your porch or door.
5. Welcome in good fortune by installing a water fountain on the right side of your front entrance.
6. Place a statue by the side of your front door to bring stability and reinforce protection.