Money Corner Ailments

Money Corner AilmentsI received this question on money corner ailments from one of my readers:
“Recently I’ve started concentration on my wealth/money corner. The curious thing is I am experiencing more severe lack of funds. wondering if there some type of energy causing this.  Also wondering if this is common? Is this similar to  “It gets worse before gets better”?”
I hear this a lot so I thought I would publish the answer so everyone would be able to benefit.
When it comes to money corner ailments you are creating the energy for your future money desires.  This does not negate the energy of your past. Karma is karma and you can’t stop the energy that you have already created.  You can only change the money corner energy moving forward.
So if you have harbored less than, suffering or poor money corner energy thoughts and patterns this energy will continue to play out until you change and create new energy patterns.  If you have doubt about improving your money energy  what you create is more poverty.
How feng shui works is by creating the energy for what you want in your home so that you personally can begin to resonate with this new energy you are creating.  How long this takes is different for each and every person.  After you set the energy for what you want you must give yourself time and belief in the process for the change in your personal energy to resonate and take hold in your life.
If you constantly doubt the process you are holding on to disbelief.  Each time this old energy pattern lifts it’s ugly head you must change your thoughts and focus on and believe that the Universe/God is bringing you your hears desire.  I tell myself that “God feeds the birds”  so I know he will honor me.  Remember it  is a process of changing you.  Once you change your home and believe in the process you will begin to change.  When you change your money will change!