Seat of Excellence

Seat of ExcellenceFind your seat of excellence.  You’ve heard about the feng shui placement of your chair, and how this may affect your success and well-being, but have you considered the energy of your chair itself? Do you believe, as many do, that a chair is just an inanimate object? Actually, your chair, like everything else in your world, is alive with consciousness, and is sending and receiving energy all the time. Your chair is receiving your emotions and thoughts– including your conscious and sub-conscious thoughts and emotions. And these energies accumulate in the chair. Which means that your chair, like a crystal, then shares these accumulated energies with you, for better or worse. But, do you want to risk receiving potentially negative energies while you sit at your workplace or home office?

What if your chair had acquired negative energy, either from others who may use your chair occasionally, or from your own sub-conscious thoughts and emotions? There are several easy Powerforms solutions to this situation. You can use one or more of your Powerforms for these techniques. If you wish to clear your chair from a distance, for example if you are preparing for your day, and you want to raise the vibration of your chair at work, you can do these methods with Powerforms in hand, and you simply visualize your chair. Follow the methods tocleanse your visualized chair, and the results are almost as good as if you were with your chair in person.

The most important part of the chair, energetically, is the area where you sit. This consists of the area from the seat of the chair, extending upwards from the seat about 36 inches, or 90 centimeters. This is the space where your body would ordinarily be, and this is the area you want to cleanse first. Here is the aura cleansing method for your chair:

1. Stand next to your chair, or visualize standing next to your chair.
2. Using either a Powerform in one hand, or a Powerform in each hand, slowly and
deliberately sweep up and down from the seat to at least 36 inches, or 90
centimeters above the seat. Sweep slowly up and down. You can sweep all the way
up towards the ceiling if you like, for even more complete results.
3. Although the Powerforms can automatically transmute energy, the results are
even more effective if you intend that the negative energy accumulated in and
around the chair is being transmuted, or dissolved. You can test your results by
sweeping, then sitting in the chair to notice how it feels. It may feel more calm, or
clear, or just more clean and alive. Of course, it won’t feel dramatic– just more
generally peaceful and clean.
4. You can also clear the physical chair itself. . . Sweep your Powerforms through
the chair, as if you were sweeping through the atoms of the chair. You may sense
dense stagnant energy releasing. Sweep it out of the room, and into the universe,
where it can release completely. This helps your chair experience its best self, as if
your chair had become more alive and conscious. And you will benefit from this
enhanced consciousness of your chair.
5. You may enjoy sweeping positive intention through your chair, such as sweeping
the intention of happiness, well-being, abundance, creativity, love, or serenity
through your chair. Explore sweeping these blessings through your chair, so that
your enhanced chair can support your optimal well-being. After all, you spend so
much time working in your chair, you might as well have an energetically
supportive environment to sit in, in which you can easily align with your higher self
and your infinite potential.


Sit comfortably with your Powerform between your palms, in prayer position, and feel these affirmations resonating within your body and mind as you sit and breathe:

“This is my seat of excellence.”
“My head is aligned with universal knowledge, creativity, and wisdom.”
“My body is aligned with universal strength, protection, and well-being.”
“As I sit here, my body and mind express the highest universal truth in each moment.”

Now that you are in your seat of excellence, you efficiently create splendid ideas, creative solutions, positive experiences for people, and a better world for everyone.

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